Waffle Wednesday: Banana Split Waffle Sundaes!

September 10th, 2014 1:27 pm by mad mags

Waffle Wednesday - Banana Split Waffle Sundaes (0002)

Leslie Knope likes her waffles like she likes her Ben*: served in a short stack and smothered in whipped cream herunterladen.

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For this year’s MoFo, I really wanted to recreate the gorgeous tower of whipped cream that always seems to find its way onto Leslie’s waffles arlo netgear herunterladen. Unfortunately, none of the alternative food stores in my area carry the cans of SoyaToo whipped topping that would help me pull it off. (Or any vegan whipped cream, for that matter new chrome version. Boo!) Instead I opted for the next best thing – making my own using coconut cream.

Luckily, it’s as simple as chill and whip. This tutorial from Oh She Glows is pretty helpful; I noticed that, in the comments, more than one reader wondered whether a can of coconut cream would do the trick just as well as two cans of coconut milk, chilled and separated. I’m here to say…maybe.

Seeing as this was my first time making coconut whipped cream from scratch (minus that disastrous attempt a few months back), I don’t have anything to compare it to. That said, a can of coconut cream resulted in a whipped cream that was dense and fluffy – but also a wee bit grainy. Of course, this might also be the result of the four tablespoons of coconut flour I added. (As per the recipe in Betty Goes Vegan.) Either way, it didn’t entirely resemble the super-smooth, creamy topping shown in the OSG post.


J.J.: Sure, anything for my favorite customer.
Leslie: I bet you say that to all the girls.
J.J.: Oh no, no. Actually you are my favorite.
You spent over a thousand dollars last year on waffles alone.

The final verdict? With its strong coconut flavor, coconut whipped cream isn’t quite like the non-vegan stuff, but it’s pretty tasty nonetheless. I enjoyed it on my waffles – it got a little melty and mingled with the chocolate syrup in the most delicious way – but it’s even better served with coconut milk-based ice cream. (Try chocolate!) You have to use it up quickly, but that won’t be a problem – you’ll be sneaking spoonfuls right and left, I promise you.

And now for the waffles! What better way to enjoy whipped cream than on a sundae? For today’s stack, we have a batch of Banana Split Waffles from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food. The batter includes a coupla overripe bananas as well as dried cherries, which get a little gooey when baked (yay!). Rounding out the effect is chocolate syrup, though methinks these waffles would be even better with some mini-chocolate chips baked right inside.

I topped my stack with fresh banana slices, maraschino cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup

Waffle Wednesday - Banana Split Waffle Sundaes (0001)

Waffle Wednesday - Banana Split Waffle Sundaes (0003)

while Shane had a scoop of our own Chocolate Coconut Crunch Ice Cream, along with the obligatory whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Waffle Wednesday - Banana Split Waffle Sundaes (0016)

Waffle Wednesday - Banana Split Waffle Sundaes (0022)

In an attempt to pretty things up, I spooned the whipped cream using an ice cream scoop – so if it not-so-vaguely resembles vanilla ice cream, that’s why.

Not quite J.J.’s, but close enough!

* At least according to my Parks & Rec fanfic.


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4 Responses to “Waffle Wednesday: Banana Split Waffle Sundaes!”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Oh gurl. These look amazing. I’m making some MoFo waffles this week, and I can only hope they look half this good!

  2. Robin Says:

    This is the best post ever!!!! I ❤ parks and rec! And that waffle sunday looks like the BEST THING EVERRRRRRRR! I’m totally making that for someone I love next time their birthday arrives!

    If you thought the whipped cream you made was too coconutty, you might want to invest in a whipped cream maker. I have one, and it can basically whip up any liquid you have, because it uses nitrous cartridges to get it to be the right consistency.

    I’m excited to try the so delicious cool whip that’s coming out next month!

  3. Waffle Wednesday: Banana Split Waffle Sundaes! | The <spb> Says:

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  4. Kelly Garbato Says:

    @ Hannah – Can’t wait!

    @ Robin – Thanks!!! I almost mentioned the So Delicious whipped cream in this post, but then I couldn’t find a link and was afraid that I’d dreamed the whole thing. :)

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