Carbs & Rec: Sloppy Adam Sandlers

September 13th, 2014 1:40 pm by Kelly Garbato



Today’s featured meal may be a Tom Haverfood, but imma break with protocol and stick to non-Tom gifs for a change. Because HOLY HELL are there a ton of Haverfoods on the menu, and I want to give some of my other favorite characters a little face time. Like April and Jeremy Jamm! Just not in the same frame ’cause I adore April and would never play her like that.

So Adam Sandlers are what Tom calls sandwiches (along with sammies and sandoozles) – and what better sammie to represent Mr. Sandler than (*drumroll please*) SLOPPY JOES?!?


Yeah, that’s right. You knew the Lunchlady Land jams were coming. (AGAIN.) You know me so well, mofos.

Carbs & Rec - Sloppy Adam Sandlers (0005)

I wanted to try something new, so this Snobby Joe recipe is straight outta Veganomicon. Lentils are the base here, which I like because they don’t seem to upset my delicate tum-tum the way beans can. Very tasty, and not nearly as sloppy as my mom used to make. (OH SNAP MOM!)

Carbs & Rec - Sloppy Adam Sandlers (0001)

I paired it with a side of Roasted Cauliflower courtesy of The HappyCow Cookbook. I really wanted fries, but this was a nice, healthy, and downright delicious compromise. Probably Tom Haverford would not approve, because Pawnee.

Carbs & Rec - Sloppy Adam Sandlers (0010)

Okay, I lied. One Tom Haverford gif.


Hey, you try to resist the Haverford Charm Ray.


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