Waffle Wednesday: Chick’ N’ Waffles Party

September 17th, 2014 12:43 pm by mad mags


It’s Wednesday, y’all! You know what that means new font!


So Imma change things up this week with a savory waffle treat herunterladen. Weirdly enough, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Leslie eat a waffle that wasn’t sweet. Usually – arguably – overly so. (Waffle sundaes, anyone?)

Instead of syrup and whipped cream, this one’s got meat and gravy netflix filme herunterladen legal.


I was torn between the Chick’ N’ Waffles Party from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food and the Baked Vegan Chicken and Easy Waffles found in Betty Goes Vegan; I decided to give the first one a spin, seeing as it’s a more complicated recipe and I was in the mood for a challenge herunterladen.

So what goes into a Chick’ N’ Waffles Party, you ask?


Along with the obvious (waffles!), there’s Breakfast Chicken-Fried Steak

Waffle Wednesday - Chick' N' Waffles Party (0007)

and White Sausage Gravy heute.de downloaden. Yum, right?

Waffle Wednesday - Chick' N' Waffles Party (0009

The chicken seitan cutlets are made by hand and then battered and fried apps für smartphones kostenlos downloaden. Shane made ’em a day beforehand so we’d be ready to go and reports that it was easy peasy. He even saved the cooking broth for a batch of rice and beans amazon music title. The coating has – wait for it! – Captain Crunch cereal, along with flour and some other spices. I saved the leftovers for snacking. For reals vypr vpnen.

Waffle Wednesday - Chick' N' Waffles Party (0013)

The gravy likewise was a snap, and even contains tiny little bits of the chicken cutlets netflix movies howmuch gb. So tasty!

If you’re feeling especially adventurous you can even assemble it all into an open-faced sammie – no judgements here. I kinda-sorta did that after all the picture-taking, on accounta it was easier to eat that way dropbox herunterladen.

Waffle Wednesday - Chick' N' Waffles Party (0019)

Waffle Wednesday - Chick' N' Waffles Party (0022)

The chickens like it too, because they live to photobomb another day.



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  2. Susan Says:

    I have this book but haven’t made this. It looks pretty good!
    I am waiting for Christmas to get season 5 of Parks and Rec on DVD (I know, Australia is so far behind) and when I do I might have a waffle-a-thon with savoury and sweet waffles while I binge watch it all.

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