Carbs & Rec: Moo Pies

September 25th, 2014 12:30 pm by mad mags


If you don’t own a copy of The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet, you are seriously missing out ebay turbo lister for free.

Exhibit A: this Bacon Cheeseburger from the Heartland.

Carbs & Rec - Moo Pies (0004)


“But where’s the (vegan) bacon and (nondairy) cheese?” you’re probably asking yourself aufbauspiele pc kostenlos downloaden. IT’S BUILT RIGHT INTO THE BURGER.


I just blew your mind, right adobe connect chip kostenlos.

So the base is TVP and vital wheat gluten, which I totally love. (Down with beans!) For flavoring, there’s a pretty eclectic mix of BBQ sauce, peanut butter, liquid smoke, bacon bits, nutritional yeast, maple syrup, and assorted spices herunterladen.

I tasted the batter prior to baking, and peanut butter totally dominated my taste buds – so I was surprised to find that the finished product really does have a distinct bacon and cheese flavor herunterladen.

The only thing that would be better is Smart Bacon and a Daiya cheese sauce, but at what cost? So much extra work! This bad boy manages to encapsulate both flavors in one handy lil’ moo pie herunterladen. And since there aren’t any animal products to speak of, it’s a moo pie that even a cow can love.

Carbs & Rec - Moo Pies (0008)

In this case, my Horizon dairy cow, liberated from a life of suicide food servitude via a fortuitous bag of trade show swag jobmensa lebenslauf herunterladen.


The off-topic nature of this gif? Also a moo point lego star wars building instructions for free.


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    I love those burgers!

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