A Very Canine Christmas, Redux

December 31st, 2014 12:45 pm by mad mags

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0288 [flickr]

I had a blast spoiling the dogs last x-mas, so I decided to carry the tradition over to another year, even though they’re not exactly hurting for toys. Ditto: crates, bedding, games, clothing, costumes, or treats. (Even if they’d rather do without some of these items.) As my mom would happily point out, my dogs have more toys than she did as a kid. But seeing as I tend to send all our fosters home with a toy or two or three, we have enough turnover to justify at least a small pile of goodies under the tree.

Our current foster, Tiny Terror, threw a wrench into the plans on Christmas Day, just as I knew she would. (See: her nickname.) She tends to rush, bark, and sometimes nip at the other dogs whenever they do anything that so much as hints at signs of life: bark, whine, chase toys, run from one room to another, jump down from the couch, and/or attempt to enter or leave the house. Or make noise of any sort, whether intentionally or not. This behavior represents a huge improvement over her first days with us, when she’d try to pick fights constantly, and at random. (I use the term “fight” liberally; they resemble Peedee and Finnick’s slap and tickle fights more than anything else.)

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0104 [flickr]

As per usual, Mags is not amused.

Anyway, the gift giving went just as I predicted: Tiny Terror was completely disinterested in the shiny presents, preferring instead to bum rush the dogs who were excited about it (so basically Rennie and Peedee; Jayne and Mags are only interested in eating the paper, and Finnick just wants to be with his dad). Eventually it got so bad that I put her in the bedroom for a little time out. But by this point everyone was so exhausted that we only got to half the presents. So I guess we get to do it again…tonight? (Yay?) In any case, it won’t be the first time we’ve carried a few presents over to a second holiday.

So they got an assortment of Christmas-themed toys,

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0122 [flickr]

and of course a plethora of plush, fluffy balls for Rennie, because that is totally her thing.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0193 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0207 [flickr]

(Predictably, she went back to her ratty old leopard print ball after the novelty wore off.)

I also found her a bouncy blue rubber one with soft quills that I think she’ll warm to over time. Stuffing-free mock prey animals (geese especially) have proven a big hit with some of the fosters, so I replaced a few similar toys I’ve given away.

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0009 [flickr]

But the piece de résistance was a Snoozer orthopedic cave bed, which I scored on a Black Friday sale at Petco.

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0010 [flickr]

I actually bought two – an XL and a large – but the XL was just way too big for our needs. Plus it was crammed into a too-small box in such a way that the pole supporting its top flap got all bent out of shape.

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0011 [flickr]

The large was packaged in a similarly small box, so I guess it’s just dumb luck that that one wasn’t damaged as well. In any case, the XL is going back to Petco next week.

I had Rennie in mind when I discovered the cave bed, on account of her habit of burrowing into pillows –

2014-11-10 - Rennie Burrito - 0001 [flickr]

– so I was more than a little surprised that Peedee was the first to really take to it.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0137 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0150 [flickr]

Followed by the cat, of course. OF COURSE. (Silly cat, don’t you know that’s a dog bed?)

2014-12-25 - X-Mas Evening - 0004 [flickr]

And then the other goobers came along and laid on top of it, instead of burrowing inside. (I give up!)

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0271 [flickr]

Personally, I’m just relieved that Tiny Terror hasn’t tried to pee on it yet. She’s pretty good about using her pee pads, but you never know. (I find it so incredibly weird that some people train their dogs to go to the bathroom in the house, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. I suppose it makes sense, though, if you can’t be home all the time or, say, like in a third floor walk-up.)

As for me, in addition to my giant stack of (mostly comic) books,

My Christmas book haul.

I also received two His Dark Materials -themed gifts I’d asked for:

An 8×10 print of Lyra and the Armored Bears

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0002 [flickr]

and a necklace bearing a quote that will forever remind me of my sweet baby girl, Kaylee.

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0008 [flickr]

What can I say? Sometimes soul mates come dressed in fur.

fwiw, if I do decide to do a bookish theme next year, this necklace will get some prime real estate on ye ole tree.

My aunt Cindy sent me a care packaged stuffed with sentimental items: her old skiing mittens from the ’80s; a NY t-shirt; a Wegman’s Nature’s Marketplace tote bag (I used to work there; more useful than sentimental, but hey); some photos; this super-cute dog she made out of golf balls and googley eyes

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0004 [flickr]

and the kicker, an apron hand-painted by my late grandma Arnie.

2014-12-28 - X-Mas Gifts - 0006 [flickr]

I thought that was pretty rad. (But guys, why didn’t you pass any of your craftiness down to me? Meh.)

Aaaand that’s about it. I know you don’t find my dogs nearly as cute as I do, but we both know I can’t leave without posting a few more pictures to round this post out. Stay tuned for the annual Great CriFSMas Food Roundup. Until then – see you next year!

2014-12-25 - X-Mas Morning-ish - 0048 [flickr]

Mags sez, “Let’s this shit show on the road, mkay?”

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0017 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0051 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0053 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0054 [flickr]

Peedee and Finnick, on the verge of that slap and tickle fight I mentioned earlier.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0055 [flickr]

This is how Mags demonstrates her love – by biting me after I do her a solid.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0070 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0079 [flickr]

Lemmy, destroying yet another one of my pretty, shiny ribbons.
My decorations are his playground.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0081 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0083 [flickr] 2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0084 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0085 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0102 [flickr]

“Paper? THANKS MOM!”

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0127 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0163 [flickr]

Rennie, showing off her pokey piggy belly.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0206 [flickr]

Mags, doing her very best roadkill impression.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0268 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0299 [flickr]

There’s Jayne! She stayed so far away from the action that I swear I took maybe seven pictures of her all day. Party pooper.

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0308 [flickr]

2014-12-25 - Opening Presents - 0261 [flickr]


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