The Rat Terrier Review: Furry Road Edition!

June 6th, 2015 4:04 pm by mad mags

2015-05-31 - Evening Outside - 0008 [flickr]

This week we’ve managed to tick a few more items off The Peedee-Do List, despite the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve been getting. I really shouldn’t complain, though; the worst that’s happened is our pond overflowed into our yard (just the teeniest bit!), and we’re getting eaten alive due to the influx of mosquitoes. Annoying but hardly the end of the world.

2015-05-30 - Kelly & Peedee - 0001 [flickr]

Naturally, there was quite a bit of couch potato-ing and teevee-watching magix 17 download kostenlos. iZombie, mostly. Binging on GRAAAIIIINS!

2015-05-31 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0003 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Walking Jayne & Finnick - 0003 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Walking Jayne & Finnick - 0012 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Walking Jayne & Finnick - 0020 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Walking Rennie & Mags - 0003 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Walking Rennie & Mags - 0012 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Walking Rennie & Mags - 0013 [flickr]

Last Sunday we took everyone walking in the AM; Jayne and Finnick, who finally got to explore our road, walked as much as as the other two pairs o’ dogs combined. (Rennie got to go twice. That’s what happens when you have an odd number of dogs – you double up!)

2015-05-31 - Peedee on a Boat - 0003 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Peedee on a Boat - 0018 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Peedee on a Boat - 0021 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Peedee on a Boat - 0022 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Peedee on a Boat - 0033 [flickr]

2015-05-31 - Peedee on a Boat - 0041 [flickr]

Later that day Shane and I took Peedee out on the boat – another first! I know the phrase “out on the boat” sounds all fancy-pantsy, hoity-toity, but really it’s just an old rowboat that came with the house – nothing outrageous or anything sql 2012. Plus I think it has a leak, so.

Anyway, Peedee’s reaction went something like this: 90 seconds of brain essplosion (“LOOK! WE’RE ON TEH WATER! BUT WE’RE NOT GETTING WET! WHAT KIND OF WITCHCRAFT IS THIS!?!?”), followed by 20 minutes of hot, nervous panting (“MY GOD WE’RE ON THE WATER WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIEEEEEEE!”), and finally ten minutes of guarded enjoyment (“BUT DAT BREEZE THO.”). idk, I call that a success. He didn’t fall in, anyway.

2015-06-04 - Peedee & Rennie's Pawprints - 0002 [flickr]

After we’d tired everyone out, we decided to cap off the day by trying ink pawprints wo kann ich die google play store app downloaden.

Just Rennie (whose ink prints are on the left, along with the clay pawprints we did earlier) and Peedee (right) though; the ink was so messy that I didn’t dare try it with the others. Jayne doesn’t like being touched and turns into a sack of potatoes when you pick her up; trying to roll her paws in ink would have been a disaster. And Mags and Finnick are even worse; they’re apt to bite when their paws are handled.

But Rennie? She makes the perfect test subject: tiny (easy to hold) and mellow (submissive) häuser downloaden sims 4 ps4. Peedee’s a bit harder on account of he’s heavier and has gangly legs jutting out all over the place, but he’s do-able. (Plus we’re kind of on a deadline with him, so.)

So the good news is we managed to avoid getting black ink all over the floors and furniture. I had the genius idea of doing all four paws on one sheet of paper, which is super-difficult to coordinate. I think Rennie’s came out well; I’m even happy with Peedee’s, though we did try for a redo and failed miserably. I kept it anyway though. For the other guys I think we’ll switch to washable, non-toxic paint. The ink was just too hard to scrub off their paws g power.

(Rennie looked like a cat trying to avoid going in the soapy water. I NEVER HAVE A CAMERA WHEN I NEED ONE.)

Shane had a great idea, actually: let them walk through paint and then across a roll of butcher paper. No hand-to-paw contact necessary! Perfect for Mags and Finnick in particular.

(Incidentally, I have dropped a small fortunate on craft supplies this past month. Egads!)

2015-06-01 - Swim Season Has Begun - 0014 [flickr]

2015-06-01 - Swim Season Has Begun - 0015 [flickr]

2015-06-01 - Swim Season Has Begun - 0022 [flickr]

2015-06-01 - Swim Season Has Begun - 0021 [flickr]

2015-06-01 - Swim Season Has Begun - 0033 [flickr]

2015-06-01 - Swim Season Has Begun - 0037 [flickr]

Monday the swim season officially began herunterladen. Mags and Rennie were predictably thrilled, if by thrilled you mean disgusted and put out.

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0005 [flickr]

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0007 [flickr]

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0013 [flickr]

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0017 [flickr]

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0019 [flickr]

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0036 [flickr]

Tuesday we went to see San Andreas (a solid popcorn flick) and Mad Max (EFFING AMAZABALLS!!!) with Peedee, Rennie & Mags. This time I came equipped with a ton of pillows for nesting with the dogs, and we covered up the windows with towels so Peedee couldn’t see outside. He was THE BEST – didn’t bark at anyone, including the other dogs in our lot, and even stayed quiet when they started barking at each other tetris handy kostenlosen ohne anmeldung. So much win!

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0042 [flickr]

2015-06-02 - Going to the Drive-In - 0050 [flickr]

Seriously though, can we just take a moment to appreciate my awesome drive-in staging skills?

Now that we’ve got the formula down we’re planning on going every week until Peedee’s no longer feeling up to it. (sad face)

2015-06-03 - Cinnamon Rolls from Meesh - 0008 [flickr]

Wednesday morning Peedee and I woke up to a box o’ cinnamon rolls from Cinnaholic, courtesy of my awesome little sister. There are twelve rolls, along with four toppings: vanilla, maple, cream cheese, and caramel. You heat up the cinnamon roll, then smother on a topping, and it gets nice and melty wie kann ich serien bei netflix downloaden. So far I’ve tried the vanilla, which is awesome.

I meant to share it with Peedee, but before the thought registered, I’d already scarfed the entire roll. (Next time!) I let him lick the icing off the plate and he loved it. I keep meaning to take a picture of the actual roll, but priorities.

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0061 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0004 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0009 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0001 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0024 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0029 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0036 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0056 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0060 [flickr]

2015-06-04 - Flooding at the Park - 0062 [flickr]

Last but not least, Thursday night Shane and I took Peedee, Rennie, and Mags to the park to check out the flooding. There are a lot of low-lying areas – not to mention a river running through it – so it doesn’t take much rain to turn things swampy herunterladen. (Not the best park planning, that. Where is Leslie Knope when you need her?)

We were pretty surprised to find it closed, with a tractor blocking the entrance. By then the dogs were all worked up, so we weren’t about to turn back. We just parked next to the tractor and walked on in. We literally had the park to ourselves.

It was buggy, but fun. Peedee and Rennie cooled off in some of the newly formed pools and creeks. Mags wasn’t having any of it, though. (I’m pretty sure the water therapy has ruined her for swimming 5EVAH.)

2015-06-03 - Waiting Out the Vacuum Cleaner -0009 [flickr]

& that’s about it galaxy s9 bilder herunterladen. On tap this weekend: potato salad (for the humans), gingerbread muffins (for the dogs), St. Vincent (for the Melissa McCarthy fans), and roughly a quart of insect repellent (for everyone). Have a great weekend, y’all. Pet ’em if you got ’em.

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