This Week in Pictures: Camp Branch

August 9th, 2015 2:15 pm by mad mags


Mags’s preferred method of drying off after a swim. I always offer to towel dry her, but apparently that’s just not dramatic enough.


2015-08-03 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0006 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0007 [flickr]

A quick late-morning walk in the park with Peedee and Rennie 360 grad app herunterladen.

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0004 [flickr]

Holy shit you guys, I got all six animals in one shot! THAT’S THE MAGIC OF THE MOVIES. (We were popping corn and packing the van for a trip to the drive-in at the time.)

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0009 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0011 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0027 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0023 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0030 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0038 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0041 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0048 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0053 [flickr]

This week we saw Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and Southpaw, both of which were pretty good netflix serieen computer. Rennie greatly enjoyed watching grown men pummel each other halfway to death. It was either that or all the snacks that got her so hyped up.


2015-08-04 - Jayne Sleeping - 0005 [flickr]

Jayne finds the weirdest sleeping positions, you guys.


2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0047 [flickr]

We’ve walked the Eagle’s View Trailhead, but not in years herunterladen. The last recollection I have is Kaylee and Jayne’s fourth adoption day, in fact. Anyway, this particular trail has been flooded for most of the summer, but now that it’s finally passable again, we decided to give it a spin. Unlike some of the other trails, this one loops back on itself and is a manageable one and a half to two miles long, so we were able to walk the whole thing without doubling back. Turns out there’s not much shade, so it was lucky that we picked an overcast day to go!

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0034 [flickr]

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0014 [flickr]

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0018 [flickr]

The blue algae warning was lifted on August 1st, so the dogs are allowed back in the water! Rennie is waving her butt in the air like she just don’t care.

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0022 [flickr]

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0024 [flickr]

Doh! Just missed Rennie’s shake face by about 30 degrees!

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0025 [flickr]

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0036 [flickr]

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0028 [flickr]

Mags was totes disinterested, of course. Here she is showing off her broken-bone/floppy-limbs gait.

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0030 [flickr]

2015-08-05 - Eagle's View Trailhead - 0032 [flickr]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand SCENE.


2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0008 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0005 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0007 [flickr]

The B Team is SO EXCITE!!! to be going on a walk this evening!

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0015 [flickr]

The other end of Bonebender shares a parking lot with a swimming beach, which is rad. Decidedly un-rad: dogs are not allowed. The beach closes after Labor Day, though, so methinks we might be able to smuggle them in when no one’s around. It’s not like they’re going to take a nice, leisurely swim anyway. If not, the far end becomes a little overgrown as the the lake shallows out into a marsh (and the beach becomes field), so we could also try slipping around the side. WE SHALL SEE.

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0020 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0023 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0037 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0039 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0041 [flickr]

We’re slowly running out of new trails to explore, but the good news is that this one just might be my favorite. At various points Bonebender intersects with the campground roads for Camp Branch, which is hella gorgeous. Probably not the best place to walk when it’s busy, but this week most of the campgrounds were empty, with all the campers concentrated around the sites with immediate lake access. Between the copious wood posts (used to mark the sites), overwhelming food smells, lake access (not the best but okay), abundance of geese (Jayne was out for blood), many drinking faucets, and countless loops of walking trails, it’s a huge score. I just hope we’re able to use it after it closes for the season – it’s be a bummer if they block it off completely!

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0045 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0055 [flickr]

Peedee is trying to figure out where he stands on waves: yay or nay?

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0058 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0059 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0071 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0079 [flickr]

Who has two thumbs and had to sit in dog slobber on the way home? THIS GIRL!

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0082 [flickr]

2015-08-06 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0083 [flickr]


2015-08-07 - Finnick Peed On Mags - 0005 [flickr]

Don’t pee on Mags’s back and tell her it’s raining.
No really, she has an excellent sense of smell. She’s a dog, yo!
(P.S. It was Finnick. Finnick peed on Mags. HER OWN SON. No shame!)


2015-08-08 - Chilly Mags - 0003 [flickr]

The downside to running the air conditioning? Mags and Rennie are always fah-rah-rah-rah-eezing! when they come in from their swim. A tad ironic, since I mostly agree to it for the dogs’ sakes.

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