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August 30th, 2015 2:00 pm by mad mags


2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0043 [flickr]

We spent a little time driving around the largest park/trail system at Smithville Lake
(which I’ve previously just referred to as “Smithville Lake,” but it actually has a name, which is either “Little Platte Bauman Park” – according to the signage – or either “Camp Branch Bauman Park” or “Little Platte Park,” if you believe the various .gov websites. CONFUSING! Life sure was easier before I started trying to keep track.)
and were surprised to find a section of trails that we haven’t walked yet (!).

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0022 [flickr]

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0012 [flickr]

This trail loops around a second public swimming beach that also prohibits dogs (I am beginning to detect a very offensive pattern here). Luckily, there’s a boat launch right next door, so the dogs were able to get their bellies wet. I think they prefer the concrete ramp over both rocky shorelines (duh!) and sandy beaches (WTF!). It’s just down and in.

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0010 [flickr]

Shake Face, Part 2,192

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0044 [flickr]

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0052 [flickr]

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0053 [flickr]

The trail circles the lake, and we were able to find an access point near one of the frisbee golf stops. Score!
(Notice how Mags is always conspicuously absent from these aquatic-themed photos.)



2015-08-24 - Peedee Just Peed On Me! - 0005 [flickr]

So I was outside, taking pics of my latest batch o’ book mail, when I feel something warm and wet on my leg. My first thought was that I stepped in some fresh, runny poop, or maybe a slimy animal was ascending my leg. Then it hit me: I look down, and Peedee is indeed peeing on my leg. Now it’s well-established that my dogs think nothing of peeing on one another – or being the recipients of said pee – BUT I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME.

He looked so smug and proud of himself, too. Like “Hey lady, just try and yell at me. OH THAT’S RIGHT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE CANCER! I DO WHAT A WAAAAAANT!”

2015-08-24 - Outside During The Vacuuming - 0011 [flickr]

2015-08-24 - Outside During The Vacuuming - 0023 [flickr]

2015-08-24 - Outside During The Vacuuming - 0028 [flickr]

2015-08-24 - Outside During The Vacuuming - 0015 [flickr]

2015-08-24 - Outside During The Vacuuming - 0013 [flickr]

That evening I took everyone outside while Shane vacuumed the house. Usually we head into the bedroom, but I hadn’t showered and was still bathed in Off!, so I figured why let it go to waste? Plus the setting sun provided some lovely light for photographing the dogs.


2015-08-25 - Smoke & Davey to Sailboat Cove - 0006 [flickr]

This isn’t our first time walking the Smoke & Davey Trailheads – but the system is filled with twists and turns and crossroads, and we’ve yet to explore them all. This time we took the trail toward Sailboat Cove, which is like a three-mile trip one way – entirely too long for our little buggers to manage (MAN we need a little red wagon or a dog stroller or something!). A mile down the trail you come up right behind the marina, though, which I thought was pretty cool. It’s a rather hilly trail, so the dogs got quite a workout.

2015-08-25 - Smoke & Davey to Sailboat Cove - 0012 [flickr]

2015-08-25 - Smoke & Davey to Sailboat Cove - 0031 [flickr]

Hey, you try to get three rat terriers to sit still at once!
Also, WTF is going on with my pants here? Blurg.

2015-08-25 - Smoke & Davey to Sailboat Cove - 0036 [flickr]

Mags demonstrates her loose-limbed, wet noodle walk.

2015-08-25 - Smoke & Davey to Sailboat Cove - 0039 [flickr]

The Terrible Trio is officially Pooped. Capital P because it’s that serial.


2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0069 [flickr]

Movie night! We saw The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and then hightailed it outta there. It was paired with Vacation and no thanks to a second viewing of that.
Now that the sun’s setting earlier and earlier (boo!), the light for taking pictures once we’ve settled in is HORRIBLE. So yeah, a little forgiveness.

2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0047 [flickr]

2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0005 [flickr]

Rennie is like 99% certain she can drive this rig better than Shane.

2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0053 [flickr]

2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0056 [flickr]

In other news, Peedee looks like a total goober when he’s deep in concentration.

2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0008 [flickr]


2015-08-26 - Going to the Drive-In - 0059 [pink tongue]

I did a thing.


2015-08-27 - Storm Damage - 0001 [flickr]

We got a pretty wicked thunder/wind storm which lasted all of ten minutes but caused a fair amount of damage. All fixable, luckily, and none of it to the house. Mostly just downed branches, a few panels ripped off the barn, and oh yeah, our entire shed was torn from the foundation and flipped over. (That’s okay, it was a piece of junk anyway!) It was so intense that Shane thought we caught the outside edge of a tornado, I was momentarily convinced that the debris whipping our windows was actually hail.

2015-08-27 - Peedee in Hiding - 0001 [flickr]

Peedee never used to be affected by loud noises – that was Kaylee and Jayne’s thing – but as he’s gotten older, he’s become increasingly sensitive. Since our ranch house is laid out in such a way that there is no true interior room, he usually heads for the next best thing – the laundry room. When I noticed him huddled in the corner, I brought him a comforter to lay on, which he promptly burrowed inside despite the humidity.

2015-08-27 - Peedee in Hiding - 0009 [flickr]

Mommy’s big baby.


2015-08-28 - Walking Smoke & Davey - 0013 [flickr]

Despite the threat of rain (not to mention all the extra yard work we got saddled with!), we were able to squeeze in a quick walk after dinner. We went to Smoke & Davey and stuck to a familiar trail, just in case. It didn’t make for terribly exciting pictures, but the dogs did get a good mile and a half in. Spoiler alert: it never did rain after all.

2015-08-28 - Walking Smoke & Davey - 0020 [flickr]

2015-08-28 - Walking Smoke & Davey - 0014 [flickr]

2015-08-28 - Walking Smoke & Davey - 0003 [flickr]

2015-08-28 - Walking Smoke & Davey - 0006 [flickr]


2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0017 [flickr]

On our way to Smithville Lake, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some mushrooms for dinner, and the dogs flipped their shit while waiting for Shane’s return. Whaddya expect from The B Team though?

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0020 [flickr]

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0076 [flickr]

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0025 [flickr]

Jayney got back.

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0034 [flickr]

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0041 [flickr]

Like a network of pulleys.

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0058 [flickr]

Peedee does not wish to be embarrassed in front of those cute retrievers we just passed.

2015-08-29 - P-J-F at Smithville Lake - 0071 [flickr]

Always in a hurry to go home and do NUTHIN’.

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