This Week in Pictures: Birthday Blowout Bonanza!

September 6th, 2015 1:30 pm by mad mags


2015-08-30 - Misty Morning - Birthday Poo - 0012 [flickr]

It’s Peedee’s birthday! My baby is a teenager now!
Would it have been too much to stick a candle in that pile of birthday poop
he’s guarding this fine, foggy morning?

2015-08-30 - Morning Routine - 0001 [flickr]

Still not too old to sit on mom’s lap while she plows through the morning rountine.

2015-08-30 - Rennie in the Molasses Bow - 0006 [flickr]

Time to get started on Peedee’s birthday cake!
But first let’s put the bow from the gift jar of molasses
on Rennie and see what happens, mkay?

2015-08-30 - The Cake is Baked - 0008 [flickr]

The cake is baked and frosted and I am entirely too proud of how it came out. The recipe is from Emma’s K-9 Kitchen, with a peanut butter-flavored cake and carob frosting. Humans, it’s totally edible, if you’d like to partake with the dogs; just a little on the bland side (no sugar!), rather like a very granola-y muffin herunterladen. The frosting, on the other hand, rocked my socks off, and I am seriously considering incorporating it into an ice cream. Vanilla Carob Swirl, anyone?

2015-08-30 - The Cake is Baked - 0010 [flickr]

Aaaaaand what we have from this angle is a penis. Okay then.

2015-08-30 - The Cake is Baked - 0015 [flickr]

Penis or no, Peedee is stoked.

2015-08-30 - Peedee Licking the Frosting - 0019 [flickr]

Licking the frosting. I almost made him fight me for it.

2015-08-30 - The Birthday Boy & His Cake - 0005 [flickr]

Before we cut the cake: PICTURES! You didn’t think you were getting off that easy, did you Peedee?

2015-08-30 - The Birthday Boy & His Cake - 0010 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - The Birthday Boy & His Cake - 0042 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Serving Peedee's Cake - 0001 [flickr]

Cutting the cake! I tried to do one of those double-handed wedding-type poses, but it was a complete bust on accounta a) Peedee’s way too big to hold with just one arm and 2) the other dogs started barking at and jumping on him, as they’re apt to do when one dog’s up higher than them zombie spiel kostenlosen. idk, it’s a thing.

2015-08-30 - Serving Peedee's Cake - 0002 [flickr]

Cutting the cake, take deux. Peedee is *this close* to losing his shit.

2015-08-30 - Serving Peedee's Cake - 0007 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Serving Peedee's Cake - 0010 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dogs Everywhere - 0003 [flickr]

Family picture time. Err, just as soon as Peedee’s done picking my pockets clean of tissue.

2015-08-30 - Dogs Everywhere - 0009 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dogs Everywhere - 0013 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dogs Everywhere - 0021 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dogs Everywhere - 0030 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dogs Everywhere - 0034 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Napping in the Sunroom - 0009 [flickr]

Then it’s into the sunroom for a little snuggling and light napping. It’s been an exciting day, people!

2015-08-30 - Napping in the Sunroom - 0013 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Napping in the Sunroom - 0031 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Napping in the Sunroom - 0040 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dinner Time - 0001 [flickr]

Dinner time! This is Mags’s “Immabout to spit my dinner right on the floor” face. Charming, oui?*

2015-08-30 - Dinner Time - 0006 [flickr]

The promise of extra foods is pretty much the only thing that can lure Jayne near a camera. I’LL TAKE IT.

2015-08-30 - Dinner Time - 0004 [flickr]

2015-08-30 - Dinner Time - 0014 [flickr]

Even the cat piktogramme powerpoint herunterladen. Vultures, them all.

2015-08-30 - Peedee Wants Present NOW - 0002 [flickr]

Peedee wants his presents NOW PLEASE.

2015-08-30 - Peedee Wants Present NOW - 0009 [flickr]


2015-08-30 - Peedee Opening Presents - 0078 [flickr]

So I came up with a rather genius idea for Peedee’s presents, if I do say so myself. At first I considered buying him more toys, but we have four toy boxes full (and counting!), and besides, it’s not like I didn’t order him every single toy I thought he might like in the months since his relapse. So toys were out, yet I still wanted to do the traditional unwrapping of the gifts.

2015-08-30 - Peedee Opening Presents - 0016 [flickr]

My light bulb moment came when I realized that he’d probably prefer treats to toys anyway, and so I packed some treats in little used boxes (broken down Beast burger and Heartguard packaging, mostly, along with the odd TP roll), one per so as not to overstuff him, and wrapped them up like “regular” presents.

2015-08-30 - Peedee Opening Presents - 0090 [flickr]

The idea went over like gangbusters skat free download full version windows 7. Peedee went bananas as soon as he smelled the presents, and tore into them the second I’d let him. He loves tearing paper open – I often let him and Rennie unwrap my birthday and Christmas gifts – and the delicious smells just added to the urgency. It was like an extra-special puzzle toy, I tell you what.

2015-08-30 - Peedee Opening Presents - 0068 [flickr]

Since he was already stuffed on cake and dinner, I decided to hold a few back for later. Why have a birthday when you can have a birthday week, y’all?!

2015-08-30 - Goodnight! - 0002 [flickr]

Goodnight, my love. I hope you had a day you won’t soon forget.


2015-08-31 - Going to the Drive-In - 0002 [flickr]

Movie night! We saw No Escape (kinda racist, as expected) and The Gift (bonkers, but not always in a good way). The dogs didn’t care because we got a free medium bag of movie theater popcorn (vegan!) and they were transfixed fh dortmund excel. I had Shane snap a few pics of us while we were parked in our driveway, and the light was still good. Score. As much as you can with rat terriers, anyway. THEY NEVER STOP MOVING.

2015-08-31 - Going to the Drive-In - 0022 [flickr]

2015-08-31 - Going to the Drive-In - 0017 [flickr]

2015-08-31 - Going to the Drive-In - 0034 [flickr]

2015-08-31 - Going to the Drive-In - 0023 [flickr]


2015-09-01 - O-Ren - 0004 [flickr]

Rennie’s tryna help me win some books!


2015-09-02 - Leftover Birthday Cake - 0005 [flickr]

Enjoying some leftover birthday cake in between naps. Movie night takes a lot out of us, okay!


2015-09-03 - Barking at the Tree Guys - 0007 [flickr]

The tree guys had an opening, so they were able to squeeze us in. They removed a ton of broken branches, along with an entire tree, to the tune of around two grand. At least the leftover stump will make a nifty bench?

The dogs weren’t nearly as awful as I thought they’d be. They settled down after the first hour or two, but from 9 to 11? It got a little dicey there tax program for free. As in mom nearly lost her shit and checked into a hotel, never to return dicey.

2015-09-03 - Mags & Finnick, B-day Dogs - 0003 [flickr]

September 3rd is one of the two days we celebrate Mags and Finnick’s Gotcha Day/birthday. We met them on the 3rd, but couldn’t bring them home until the 7th, since they needed to be spayed and vetted first, and it was a holiday weekend, so it took pretty much forever. Anyway, this makes it slightly less of a bummer that their first go-round was kind of a bust, between the tree work and soul-crushing heat. I have all weekend to make it up to them, yo!

2015-09-03 - Finnick is Nesting - 0007 [flickr]


2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0006 [flickr]

More presents! I divided them into three piles to make them last. Also because Peedee’s looking a little thick around the middle and maybe it’s time to ease up on all the treats we’re spoiling him with?

2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0007 [flickr]

2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0024 [flickr]

2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0037 [flickr]

2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0032 [flickr]

Rennie and Mags were FURIOUS that I locked them out of the bedroom muster 52 herunterladen. They stood at the door barking pretty much the entire time. Also scratching, though those paw marks do not belong to them. (Foster Pony did that the one time – ONE! – we left him home alone during his three-month stay with us. Damn I miss that big goon.)

2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0060 [flickr]

Coming down from a treat high.

2015-09-04 - More B-Day Gifts for Peedee - 0056 [flickr]

You got something stuck to your feetsies, Peeds.

2015-09-04 - Camping Out - 0025 [flickr]

Friday night we FINALLY got around to “camping out” in the backyard. It was supposed to be Peedee, Rennie, Jayne, Mags, and I (with Finnick and Shane taking Saturday night), but we never were able to coax Jayne into the tent, and Peedee bailed on me at 1AM; he followed me into the house for a bathroom break and refused to come back out. Jayne I expected, but idk what Peedee’s reasons were: too hot and stuffy? too close to Mags for comfort? just not a glamping fan?
So probably that’s the last time we’ll do that this summer.

The nighttime pics were nothing to look at, but I got a few good ones the next morning…


2015-09-05 - G'Morning Mags & Rennie - 0016 [flickr]

Did I mention that we dragged a twin mattress out there?

2015-09-05 - G'Morning Mags & Rennie - 0018 [flickr]

2015-09-05 - G'Morning Mags & Rennie - 0017 [flickr]

2015-09-05 - G'Morning Mags & Rennie - 0001 [flickr]

This is Rennie’s “duh” face. New since having all those teeth removed!

2015-09-05 - G'Morning Mags & Rennie - 0012 [flickr]

2015-09-05 - G'Morning Mags & Rennie - 0014 [flickr]

2015-09-05 - B-Day Biscuits 4 Mags & Finnick - 0008 [flickr]

I made Mags & Finnick some birthday biscuits – the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins (biscuits) from Emma’s K9 Kitchen. I added some carob powder (1/4 cup?) because the dogs dig it, and used the rest of the canned pumpkin in their food, which I had to whip up a new batch of anyway. I did a ton of cooking today, y’all!

2015-09-05 - B-Day Biscuits 4 Mags & Finnick - 0014 [flickr]

Mags isn’t really into the whole birthday pictures thing. But hey, at least I was able to capture her on camera, unlike Finnick.

2015-09-05 - AVK Apple Pie - 0002 [flickr]

After doing all this baking for the dogs, I was feeling a wee bit jealous, so I made an apple pie for myself. (Shane, I guess you can have a slice. IF YOU REALLY WANT.) Both the crust and pie recipes are from American Vegan Kitchen: I made Mom’s Apple Pie, but swapped out the filling for that of the Apple Butterscotch Pie. Since the dough has proven problematic in the past, I started off with just one tablespoon of water – instead of the recommended five – and found that it worked just fine. I still had problems rolling the dough into an appropriately-sized disc – it kept breaking apart – but at least it didn’t stick to the pin or counter. I ended up just rolling it out halfway and then pressing it into shape once it was in the pan. The top half didn’t quite cover the pie, but the sticky juices mostly bonded it into place.

Now if I only had some vanilla ice cream. All that’s left in the freezer is green tea, and that sound like a gross pairing, non?*

* I read The Weight of Feathers this week, okay.

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