Mini-Review: Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess, Janet Hill (2016)

February 16th, 2016 7:00 am by mad mags

Whimsical Artwork Paired With Sage Advice

four out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-book for review through NetGalley.)

I don’t usually gravitate to kids’ books, but with a title like Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess I was powerless to resist bilder von internetseiten downloaden. Dog Governess? Hello! That’s only my dream job! That and reading books for a living. Preferably from the bottom of a warm, cozy dog pile. But I digress windows 7 homeen.

I have four rescue dogs (down from seven at the highest point) and also foster, so I’m betting that I’m the target audience for this book minecraft kostenlosen computer. Or one of them anyway. While obviously suitable for kids, Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess is also likely to appeal to adults who love dogs, as well as connoisseurs of irreverent animal art spiel bei steam herunterladen.

Mother to a monkey named Mitford and Petunia the French bulldog, the redheaded Miss Moon is employed as a governess to sixty-seven dogs on an island off the coast of France facebook bild herunterladen sichtbar. In this book, she shares the lessons she’s learned from her canine companions. Twenty pieces of wisdom, each illustrated by a lovely portrait of Miss Moon and her furry charges torrents download op samsung.

While Miss Moon’s guidance is indeed inspired – who can argue with advice like “Friends come in many shapes and sizes” or “A good book will chase away the dark” app store herunterladen pc? – really it’s the artwork that will take your breath away. Each scene resembles a painting on canvas; I would happily hang any one of these images on my walls csi pc spiel kostenlos downloaden deutsch. There are dogs in hats, dogs in Halloween costumes, and dogs dressed as pirates. (So many pirates!) Dogs at the dinner table and dogs riding bicycles gadgets weather windows 7 for free. Big dogs and tiny dogs and every dog in between. I think I even spotted my own dogs: a dachshund (no surprise – everyone loves a wiener dog!) and a fox or Jack Russell terrier of some sort (representations of these being a little harder to find) herunterladen.

Even the book’s layout appears to be carefully considered; the colors and background on the “advice” pages complement the illustrations like whoah. Really, this is one gorgeous children’s book – and I say this having only seen the electronic version. Usually I prefer the print version for books that have a heavy graphic element. I can’t wait to get my hands on a “real” copy.

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Comments (May contain spoilers!)

Diversity: Miss Moon is white; she’s the only human in the book.

Animal-friendly elements: Welp, Miss Moon has my dream job: dog governess. The messages are all inspiring and animal-, human-, and child-friendly. If not for her pet monkey (but maybe he’s a rescue?) and the rack o’ ribs (for the dogs? maybe it’s plant-based?), this book would be inoffensive from a vegan perspective.


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