Book Review: Brain Freeze Journal, Potterstyle (2016)

June 22nd, 2016 7:00 am by mad mags

Makes me crave a Tofutti Cutie every time I journal shieldwall herunterladen!

four out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free book for review through Blogging for Books.)

So here’s the deal: I kind of love this journal in spite of myself herunterladen.

Like many of Potterstyle’s journals, Brain Freeze is small: 4.1″ wide by 6.1″ tall, and a whopping 1.4″ thick herunterladen. The teeny tiny pages + the thickness of the book makes it quite difficult to write in: my hand starts to fall off the bottom of the page a mere 1/3 of the way down, and it’s such a long drop that it’s a struggle to continue instagram stories herunterladen app. My handwriting’s bad enough without the extra help, thanks!

It’s a mystery why they design the books this way. So they can easily fit in your pocket or a purse msn herunterladen kostenlos deutsch? But who wants to carry their journal into the world, where it can get lost or stolen? I’d much rather have a journal that’s comfortable to use, you know app herunterladen windows 8?

2016-05-10 - Brain Freeze Journal - 0001 [flickr]

2016-05-10 - Brain Freeze Journal - 0007 [flickr]

2016-05-10 - Brain Freeze Journal - 0002 [flickr]

Even though I knew I’d end up loathing the dimensions, I just had to have this journal Sims 4 pc game download for free. Ice cream is literally my favorite, and this book looks so much like a Neapolitan ice cream sammie that I salivate a little every time I look at it. The outer edges of the pages are colored chocolate, white, and pink wortsuchspiele kostenlos downloaden. While the pages themselves are white (obvs), the lines inside are dyed to match the theme. Weirdly, this means that the middle section is one huge blank space (white on white = all-white) audials one 2019 herunterladen. I guess you could use it to highlight much-loved quotes or important thoughts? Either way, the lines are spaced 1/4″ apart (similar to college ruled), with a 2″ gap in the middle white area when can you download disney plus.

2016-05-10 - Brain Freeze Journal - 0008 [flickr]

The brown cover is stamped with dots, similar to the cookies in an ice cream sandwich, to complete the look. Before ordering I worried that it might be made of leather – I’m a vegan – but now that I have it in my ends, I’m pretty sure it’s a high-end, fancy-pants cardboard. It has a luxurious, smooth feel. The journal’s title is also embossed on the cover in a yellow-gold, all-caps font. The whole thing feels quite rich, much like a sundae, or maybe some homemade cookie butter ice cream.

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