tweets for 2017-01-28

January 29th, 2017 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @EGonzaba: Let's be honest : The refugees being detained at JFK Airport have gone through more vetting than Donald Trump's cabinet. #Mus->
  • RT @JeremyLRedmon: Rep. John Lewis waits it out at the Atl airport as the feds continue to detain at least one green card-holder returning… ->
  • RT @JeremyLRedmon: Rep. John Lewis after an immigration official declined to say how many are being detained: "Why don't we just sit down a… ->
  • RT @M_Breen: Iraq vet w/ 4 Purple Hearts, drove two hours to Dulles w/ his son.
    Nobody called him. He just came. Why?
    "Not what I fought… ->
  • RT @IcecreamGenius: one day i wanna be so jacked that my professional bodyguards look like minibosses you have to beat before you can fight… ->
  • Urge Ringling Brothers to retire all their animals to sanctuaries ->
  • RT @FROOTYLOU: Funny how y'all call feminists feminazis and the grammar police grammar nazis but call real nazis alt-rights… ->
  • RT @BlairImani: We must acknowledge that America has never been better than this.

    Maybe we can fight for the America we have been told of… ->

  • RT @THR: Guests are welcome to visit the final resting place of the late mother-daughter duo directly following the service… ->
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