tweets for 2017-05-04

May 5th, 2017 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @dog_rates: Here we have perhaps the wisest dog of all. Above average with light sabers. Immortal as h*ck. 14/10 dog, or dog not, there… ->
  • RT @dog_rates: Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy. 10/10 for all (by happytailsresort) https://t.c… ->
  • RT @migold: A Texas morgue holds 212 bodies of people who died trying to cross the border. These are the things they carried.… ->
  • RT @freebresha: We demand Bresha's release and that charges against her be DROPPED. #FreeBresha ->
  • RT @Kendall_Kulper: Offred's story starts in a large house on Brattle St, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city… ->
  • RT @spookperson: me: how can they do this

    tiny wise ghost that lives on my shoulder: a government led by a rapist will do all it can to no… ->

  • RT @JessicaValenti: My daughter was born 3 months early -if she had a lifetime limit on her benefits, we would have hit it before she left… ->
  • RT @KrangTNelson: why do my dogs look like they're about to drop the best christian rock album of 2003 ->
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