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September 28th, 2018 2:00 am by mad mags
  • RT @nocontextpawnee: ->
  • RT @nocontextpawnee: ->
  • RT @MuslimIQ: Loud Black Man:
    •Angry Thug

    Loud Brown Man:
    •Angry Terrorist

    Loud Latino Man:
    •Angry Immigrant

    Loud Woman:
    •Angry and Emot… ->

  • RT @majtague: “What’s the worst part about this week so far?” ->
  • RT @MARIADAHVANA: Gonna talk for a moment here battle to Middle-Earth legally. Watching these hearings today, flashing back to watching the Clarence Thomas hearings, to w… ->
  • RT @DrPhilGoff: As a Black man…I can’t imagine being permitted to look this angry on my job foto's van google foto's downloaden. ->
  • RT @alanalevinson: Men convincing everyone they are less emotional and unhinged than women is one of the greatest scams ->
  • RT @MoiraDonegan: Watching this hearing—her solicitous, patient, him belligerent, interrupting with nonsequitors—is a crash course in how g… ->
  • RT @RVAwonk: For those who aren't aware: Devils Triangle is not a drinking game herunterladen. Kavanaugh is full of shit. ->
  • RT @RVAwonk: What happens when you mix aggrieved entitlement, unbridled white male privilege, and a heavy dose of right-wing victimhood cul… ->
  • RT @MrFilmkritik: Republicans want to know how Dr. Blasey Ford paid $200 for a polygraph, or who paid for it.

    I and a few million American… ->

  • RT @AndyKroll: Sen. Kamala Harris to a Hill aide who's come up to say hi: "Thank you for all the work you do."

    Aide says to Harris: "Thank… ->

  • RT @vanitaguptaCR: TV in Senate basement showing that Sen. Hatch during this break calls Dr Ford: “an attractive, good witness” and when as… ->
  • RT @NBedera: I'm a sociologist who studies adolescent sexual violence. On this thread, I will be live tweeting the #Kavanaugh hearing, chim… ->
  • RT @NBedera: I'm a sociologist who studies adolescent sexual violence. In this thread, I offer the basic facts everyone should know about s… ->
  • RT @chuuzus: Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels. that's it, that's the whole tweet ->
  • RT @kyalbr: Lost sight of the fact Christine Blasey is no longer a scared, teenager

    and reminds me of Kyle Stephens words to Larry Nassar:… ->

  • RT @IjeomaOluo: Many dudes like 2 say that I hate men, but as feminist & mother of 2 young men I happen to believe that men are more than c… ->
  • RT @RepJoeKennedy: They’re prosecuting a victim. Cross-examining a survivor. Last time I checked she wasn’t the one asking our country for… ->
  • RT @shannonrwatts: In other words, Lindsey Graham thinks women are liars and that he can find more lying women to lie about Democrats. Wher… ->
  • RT @SarahLerner: Lindsey Graham Is Terrible, volume 63849 ->
  • RT @davidfrum: Wasn't Lindsey Graham one of the managers of President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, in which (if I recall correctly) se… ->
  • RT @AbeFroman: Quick reminder about what causes rape.

    #KavanaughHearings ->

  • Tell Christine Blasey Ford directly — I believe you Christine. Take Action with @Roots_Action ->
  • RT @JuddLegum: Third woman, Julie Swetnick, submits sworn affidavit to judiciary committee alleging sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh. Says sh… ->
  • RT @thinkprogress: Trump dismisses, belittles woman reporters at press conference when asked about Kavanaugh https:… ->
  • RT @ACLU: Police supervisors in California instructed officers to use an app that erases message — including for communications about polic… ->
  • RT @GraceSpelman: Hi, it’s me, the attractive girl who says “Whoa, that looks cool, what are you reading?” to men I don’t know on the subwa… ->
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