tweets for 2018-10-05

October 6th, 2018 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @GiuliaRozzi: ps. just got the suggestion that postcards might be a better idea in case her mail is being screened. ->
  • RT @GiuliaRozzi: I remember Anita Hill saying how all the cards she received meant so much to her, let’s do the same for Dr Ford. 💛 https:/… ->
  • RT @ohikuare: “During the operations, one undercover officer was caught on camera declining to buy drugs from an Asian woman and waiting to… ->
  • RT @kcroninfurman: Senator Collins, basically personifying this quote from @rtraister:
    "White women, who enjoy proximal power from their… ->
  • RT @crampell: friend texts me: If Susan Collins had my back in a knife fight, I’d save time and stab myself in the front ->
  • RT @nhannahjones: While all eyes are on SCOTUS, there are other decisions out here showing what it means to be a citizen or half citizen of… ->
  • RT @JordanUhl: It's been a rough few weeks politically, but a murderous cop being brought to justice is a bright spot.
    Here's the moment h… ->
  • RT @erinoverbey: Twenty-seven years ago this month, Adam Gopnik wrote these words in a 1991 @NewYorker comment on the Clarence Thomas-Anita… ->
  • RT @monaeltahawy: For decades, I’ve been asked by white people:
    – What is wrong with Muslim women?
    – Why do they put up with all that patr… ->
  • RT @AngryBlackLady: Tarana Burke started #MeToo in 2006.

    Can we stop erasing Black women ffs ->

  • RT @PPAdvocatesINKY: The Senate vote is 51-49 for cloture on the Kavanaugh nomination.

    This is NOT a final vote. KEEP CALLING THESE SENAT… ->

  • RT @thehill: #BREAKING: Kavanaugh advances in key Senate vote, gets last-minute boost when Jeff Flake, Joe Manchin, Susan Collins vote to e… ->
  • RT @BookOutletcom: 🍂 GIVEAWAY ALERT🍂

    To kick-off Booktoberfest we’re giving away a Box of Books worth $100 to 3 sets of friends!! To ente… ->

  • RT @MotherJones: Prison profiteering has gone digital. ->
  • RT @wamandajd: While @ChuckGrassley wails about paid protestors, I just spotted the folks that were camped outside his office holding “I St… ->
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