tweets for 2018-10-10

October 11th, 2018 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @NatashaBertrand: The candidate the @WSJ has enthusiastically endorsed here said "I wouldn’t rape you because you don’t deserve it” to a… ->
  • This Professor Thinks Sexual Violence Victims Should Keep Their Trauma to Themselves ->
  • RT @dangillmor: Rupert Murdoch's increasingly disgusting Wall Street Journal editorial page just endorsed the fascist candidate in Brazil.… ->
  • Only the Trump administration would put a racist in charge of anti-discrimination efforts. It's time for Mick Mulva… ->
  • RT @thinkprogress: Kansas Republican says Democratic Native American candidate should be sent back ‘to the reservation’… ->
  • RT @Taniel: Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp (now running for Gov) has purged voter rolls & is now freezing tens thousands of voter… ->
  • RT @polumechanos: black woman: *creates MeToo movement in 2006*

    white woman: *makes MeToo hashtag go viral in 2017*

    The New Yorker, in 20… ->

  • RT @nycsouthpaw: This is a massive crime. ->
  • RT @The_Animal_Team: Chase & Dora are a bonded pair & must be adopted together. Their happiness is in each other. Would you like to share t… ->
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