tweets for 2018-10-27

October 28th, 2018 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @_SJPeace_: "Numerous terrorist attacks in America this week…
    Not from people in a caravan
    Not from people from Mexico
    Not from peopl… ->
  • RT @bryanbehar: Eleven completely innocent people were massacred today because Robert Bowers was convinced "a caravan was coming to invade… ->
  • RT @only_heather: @AmericanAir you have two flight attendants who don't know when to stop with passengers. Main cabin agrees, this was blow… ->
  • RT @transscribe: Fuck you transphobes ->
  • RT @JuddLegum: 1. Perhaps the anti-Semitic gunman who murdered 11 people in a synagogue should cause us to rethink our casual acceptance of… ->
  • RT @ElizabethTammi: Can you believe??? ONE MONTH from today, Outrun the Wind will be out in the world! How about one last ARC giveaway from… ->
  • RT @ilangoldenberg: A man who yelled “all Jews must die” & railed against a synagogue’s effort to support refugees goes on a killing spree.… ->
  • RT @DavidNir: Republicans are fomenting hatred against Jews by running ads laden with anti-Semitic tropes, like this one portraying George… ->
  • RT @shaunking: America this week.
    KY: "Whites don't shoot whites"
    FL: "If I had complete autonomy the gays, the Blacks and the Jews woul… ->
  • Let's End the War on #Yemen. Take Action with @Roots_Action Without U.S. participation and… ->
  • Dogs Reportedly Hung From Tree and Beaten to Death Deserve Justice ->
  • Megan the Elephant Has High Blood Pressure From Stress of Captivity #care2 ->
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