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Book Review: Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill (2018)

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Oh, the mixed feelings!

three out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)

After her mother perished in a tragic boating accident, Lana’s father moved them out of the idyllic seaside town they called home and into the city. Now they’re back, if only for a few days, to help the community recover from an especially devastating storm. Yet when she rescues a sick young aquicorn (think: a cross between a seahorse and a unicorn) from a tide pool and nurses her back to health, Lana’s mission ripples outward until it becomes monumental in scope. Not only must she confront the unacknowledged grief and depression that assailed her after the loss of her mother – indeed, everything she’d ever known – she must also save the aquicorn’s home, under assault from climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

So there are lots of things I loved about Aquicorn Cove: The artwork is super-adorable, the aquicorns especially (and unsurprisingly). I appreciate the breadth of diversity when it comes to Aquicorn Cove’s citizens: not only do we see a variety of skin tones, but there’s a refreshing range of body types too, from tiny little old ladies (who are still getting it done, okay), to aunt Mae, who is big and beefy and has the kind of biceps I’d kill for. There’s even an implied same-sex romance between Mae and Aure, the queen (keeper? guardian?) of Aquicorn Cove. I ship it.

While I liked the environmentally friendly vibe, as well as the message that not a single one of us is too small to make a difference, the story lost me in its treatment of its smallest creatures: the fishes. There’s a clear divide between the aquicorns (flashy, majestic, kind, unique) and the fishes (food, natural resource), even though both are someones, not somethings. Whereas I doubt Lana would even dream of killing and eating an aquicorn, somehow it’s just fine to do this to someone who’s “just” a salmon (or whatever). In a word, it’s speciesist.

Granted, Lana’s people are perhaps indigenous to the island, and that’s a conversation worth having. That said, I don’t think it’s helpful to feed kids self-serving pap about how food animals “sacrifice” themselves for you. Most animals, when faced with death, fight to survive – just like human animals. So please just don’t try to romanticize their deaths, or make them appear complicit. They do not exist for your pleasure or convenience.

In summary, Aquicorn Cove is a pretty adorable book, though vegan parents might be better off skipping it entirely. There’s just too much to unpack.

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2018
  • RT @HoneyDemForce: It’s official: Trump’s asylum crisis is driven by people coming legally
    New stats make clear that the Trump administrat… ->
  • RT @Ocasio2018: Memo to humanity that NOT 👏🏽ONE 👏🏽DIME 👏🏽 should go towards funding the human rights abuses of this administration.
    If any… ->
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  • RT @BrendanNyhan: Orrin Hatch 2018: I don't care if the President's own DOJ has implicated him in felonies. What is a "crime" anyway?
    Orr… ->
  • RT @chick_in_kiev: ->
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Book Review: Claw the System: Poems from the Cat Uprising by Francesco Marciuliano (2018)

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Welcome to the Catnip Cabal

three out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)


There is nothing more important
Than the press
There is nothing more indispensable
Than the press
There is nothing we need more right now
Than the press
Of my paw
Against the lips
Of anyone spewing hatred
Right after that paw has been in the litter box


When you can’t lift your head up
When you can’t raise your hopes up
When you can’t get yourself up
To face another day
You can still bring your leg up
And lick yourself down there
For like hours if you want
Because you have to take care of yourself
Before you can take on this world

The cats are fed up with our bullshit – and, in addition to silly Halloween costumes, tasteless kibble, and sleeping past 3AM, I’ve got to believe that the 2016 election has a little something to do with it. Normally felines would not deign to involve themselves in something as crass as human politics, but come on! The death of democracy and all that jazz. Plus where are they going to get their cat dancers and laser pointers if Drumpf starts a trade war with China, hmmm?

The clues are sometimes subtle, but look closely and you’ll see ’em. With chapter headings like Recognize, Resist, Revolt, and Rebuild, and poems celebrating the “press” and advocating for mental health days, these cats are obviously #withher. They dislike voter disenfranchisement almost as much they hate your best friend’s handsy toddler.

So this is a cute idea that gets stale about halfway through the book. Unsurprisingly, my favorites were the more radical poems in the bunch. Some are straight-up meme-worthy; the rest are good for a chuckle or two, hence the middling rating. The cat photos range from adorable to downright fierce.

Should you find yourself guffawing at the very idea of feline resistance, you owe it to yourself to read Jason Hribal’s Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance.

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Friday, December 7th, 2018
  • RT @SchomburgCenter: Are you an educator interested in learning how to best teach slavery to your students? Then join us on 12/11 for a spe… ->
  • RT @LECrockett: In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment passing in the US in 2019, I’m giving away 3 paperback editions of… ->
  • RT @LECrockett: To tide you over till #GrantchesterPBS returns in 2019, I’m giving away a finished hardcover copy of @clarissaharwood’s BEA… ->
  • RT @TheDailyShow: Trevor visits his Grandma Koko in Soweto, South Africa, to talk about his childhood, her life under apartheid, and what e… ->
  • RT @ClaraJeffery: “Over the course of nearly three years, BuzzFeed News has spoken with more than 30 people for this story…” bravo ⁦@azee… ->
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Thursday, December 6th, 2018
  • RT @mbrockenbrough: I am incredibly grateful for all of the tweets about my Trump bio, UNPRESIDENTED.
    Thank you for supporting this book.… ->
  • RT @DailyBrooklyn99: ☃️ b99 christmas giveway ☃️
    WINNER gets a choice of phone case or 4 stickers
    RUNNER UP gets 4 stickers
    • rt to en… ->
  • RT @GWillowWilson: Somebody legit had the nerve to suggest that Priyanka Chopra, star of a dozen Bollywood mega-hits, is a social climber f… ->
  • RT @AriBerman: Wisconsin GOP voted in wee hours of morning to brazenly strip power from Dem gov/AG & make it harder to vote
    Similar GOP le… ->
  • RT @wagatwe: If you want to read more about how @tuftsuniversity failed me as a Black woman because they took my report less seriously, che… ->
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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Book Review: The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish by Scott Koblish (2018)

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Not for the chronically anxious.

two out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free book for review through Library Thing’s Early Reviewers program.)

— 2.5 stars —

The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish is exactly what it sounds like: the author’s weird and varied imaginings of how he might meet his end. The scenarios range from the mundane-yet-tragic (being buried in an avalanche; dying in a festive house fire) to the more bizarre and outlandish (being kidnapped by aliens only to die in a fiery wreck when the US government shoots your flying saucer down; being murdered in the night by your daughter’s adorable stuffed teddy bear). My personal favorites are those that involve nonhuman animals getting revenge (such as the kangaroo boxer who stomps his human opponent to death. down with animal fighting!). There are no fewer than five instances of cats sending an unsuspecting Scott Koblish plummeting out a window to his death.

It’s a cute enough idea, if not terribly memorable. Well, unless you’re scared of clowns, alligators, or dying in unclean undies. Then some of these panels just might keep you awake at night. No death by sheer embarrassment, though, so I’m safe! :)

(This review is also available on Amazon, Library Thing, and Goodreads. Please click through and vote it helpful if you’re so inclined!)

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Monday, December 3rd, 2018
  • RT @wamandajd: Now that billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news, it seems like a good time to take a closer lo… ->
  • RT @AlanaMassey: This idiot hates selfies so when he’s being a codependent loser, I force him to take them, and his dead-Christ-in-the-Piet… ->
  • Congress has the power to force adherence to the treaty if it chooses to act. Email your two Senators and your Repr… ->
  • RT @PrisonPolicy: More than 60 of the 95 local jails in Tennessee have eliminated in-person visits in favor of paid video calls. The impact… ->
  • RT @EricHaywood: You had more than enough room left in this tweet to include James Shaw, Jr.’s name. ->
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Sunday, December 2nd, 2018
  • RT @TakedownMRAs: Reminder that consent is ongoing and can be withdrawn at any time.

    And that Fathers for Justice is a trash anti-feminist… ->

  • Dog Sexually Assaulted by Gang Deserves Justice ->
  • RT @awgaffney: Here’s a fact for you this fine Friday: the two economic analyses of Sanders’ single-payer bill now in existence — from econ… ->
  • Trump's Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta helped billionaire Jeffrey Epstein go free after sexually abusing dozen… ->

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