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April 3rd, 2019 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @Texas_Dexter: BREAKING: Greyhound causes zoomie riot at the dog park. 🐕💨💨 ->
  • RT @thinkpiecebot: You Won't Believe What Kids Can Find On "Speed Runs" At The Public Library ->
  • RT @MissDahlELama: 13 YA retellings of the works of Edgar Allan Poe all captured in one nightmare of an anthology – HIS HIDEOUS HEART relea… ->
  • RT @jonnysun: at this point logging onto twitter is basicaly like holding someones hand at the end of the world ->
  • RT @sosadtoday: if you can’t handle me in my acute panic attack then you don’t deserve me in my general sense of persistent underlying doom ->
  • RT @sosadtoday: ever just walk around like how am i not dropping dead right now ->
  • RT @absurdistwords: It's fascinating to me how rigid our boxes are.

    We frequently avoid and reject things that have solid basis to cause p… ->

  • RT @RedAssRazz: Jack: Never let go
    Rose:I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go
    Also Rose: ->
  • RT @nkjemisin: "Doesn't factor race" here being the institutional equivalent of "I don't see race." In a racist world, that just means you… ->
  • RT @amorningsting: My dad is a mailman and he likes to give dogs on his route treats. Today he told us one of the dogs on his route passed… ->
  • RT @AOC: Related: Chelsea Manning has been trapped in solitary confinement for refusing to answer questions before a Grand Jury.

    Solitary… ->

  • RT @spooky_tsalagi: If abortion becomes illegal, women and girls are just gonna start throwing themselves down the stairs again and shoving… ->
  • RT @UndocuBlack: Roughly 80 immigrant from Somalia, Kenya, Sudan reported being pepper-sprayed, beaten, threatened, taunted w/ racial slurs… ->
  • RT @Ebonyteach: Signal boosting this thread with a heavy heart. (Loved one of the two books; didn’t get to read the other. But then I read… ->
  • RT @veronikellymars: Have y'all seen the cover and description for THE STARS AND THE BLACKNESS BETWEEN THEM by @junaudaalma? This looks inc… ->
  • RT @MsPackyetti: *screams for the millionth time* TODAY IS ONLY #EqualPayDay FOR WHITE WOMEN.

    I wrote this two years ago but apparently w… ->

  • RT @DeanAtta: IT’S👏🏾MY👏🏾BOOK👏🏾COVER👏🏾

    GREAT JOB @_aorists ✊🏾🌈❤️

    My debut novel, THE BLACK FLAMINGO, is published by @hodderchildrens on… ->

  • RT @yakfrost: Happy #TransDayOfVisibility ! I'm a non binary black & filipino cosplayer that really loves dressing up as mostly femme-align… ->
  • RT @sunny: Puerto Rico did NOT get 91 billion dollars in hurricane relief. Puerto Rico suffered 91b in damages, appx 3,000 people died, but… ->
  • Sign if you agree: Repeal the Trump Tax Scam via @CREDOMobile #resist ->
  • RT @annabroges: cw: suicidal ideation

    it's unsurprisingly hard to talk about wanting to die, but it's even more difficult to express that… ->

  • RT @peacedumpling: Vegan Caramel & Oreo Easter Eggs via @peacedumpling ->
  • RT @wbshopUK: To celebrate the release of #Aquaman next week, RT & Follow to be in the chance to #Win this tide of goodies.

    Don't forget… ->

  • RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to win a Marvel's Avengers: Endgame Funko Shop exclusive Dorbz prize pack! #Aven->
  • RT @RAGEgame: Follow & RT for a chance to win this #RAGE2 Xbox One X to celebrate #BethesdaGameDays!… ->

  • RT @rachael_emma_89: GIVEAWAY!!
    If you'd like the chance to win a paperback copy of the fantastic Crown of Feathers, just F/RT. One UK winn… ->
  • RT @Jenny_ORegan: RT for a chance to #win @clairecgibson’s honest, deeply felt, and addictive BEYOND THE POINT! Open worldwide. Ends 4/9. h… ->
  • RT @FierceReads: Want to win a stack of March new releases?


    Follow+RT to enter to win 10 brand new books! (US only,… ->

  • RT @Penchant4Words: 📚🎉GIVEAWAY ALERT! 🎉📚
    The 2019 Delacorte Debuts are banding together for a GIANT giveaway! Follow the 6 of us + RT this… ->
  • RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a set of #AvengersEndgame Black Widow & Captain America Pop!s. https://t.… ->
  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->
  • Two Endangered Mexican Wolves Have Been Unjustly Trapped #care2 ->
  • I'm taking action on equal pay, will you join me? ->
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