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April 21st, 2019 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @BasilBing: @VictoriaDahl @thesyc66 I can 100% tell this was written by men because I know for a fact a lot of women were defecting from… ->
  • RT @VictoriaDahl: Just IMAGINE that tall Viking walking by with his shiny hair in an elaborate plait and no ass smell lingering behind him… ->
  • RT @erik_kaars: "We had to kill the Vikings, bc they bathed and brushed their hair and our wives couldn't resist such sophistication" is a… ->
  • RT @AdamSerwer: This story about dentists making people get serious, expensive procedures they dont need was…traumatizing… ->
  • RT @jelani9: The Constitution does not prescribe elections as the response to treason, high crimes and misdemeanors. They created impeachme… ->
  • RT @Emmymac1999: Maam, lower your voice. I'm doing everything I can. ->
  • RT @Gr33nFairy: When you ask what it's like living in a small town in the bible belt, I give you exhibit A: ->
  • RT @meganromer: I think a lot of us down here in the hundredaire class are unable to even grasp what being a billionaire means, but I think… ->
  • RT @meganromer: 2 French billionaires snapped their fingers and raised $300,000,000 for the rebuilding of Notre Dame.

    38,000 of us pledged… ->

  • RT @EFF: You should be concerned. ->
  • RT @MarisaKabas: This thread between a passenger and airline should terrify you. DHS is using facial recognition software at airports witho… ->
  • RT @benandjerrys: It’s hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot. We have to do better. Learn mo… ->
  • RT @andizeisler: It’s wild that this dude loathes women yet consistently makes them sound extremely badass ->
  • RT @philafelines: 🚨EXTREMELY URGENT! Late addition LILI has only until 2pm (1 hour) to physically exit ACCT Philly building! Please share A… ->
  • RT @tlkateart: #mentalhealth reminders for your Saturday ♥ ->
  • RT @WaysideWaifs: Our pet adoption center is open 10-5 today! Learn more about these cuties and all of our adoptable pets at… ->
  • RT @say_shannon: That’s why I love this generation. We know that there are many ways to live, many ways to be fulfilled, and many ways to b… ->
  • RT @_SJPeace_: Feds will seek 4 months jail time for Felicity Huffman for bribing her daughter into college

    Tanya McDowell got 12 yrs for… ->

  • RT @TalbertSwan: 15 yr old Black boy, Lucca picked up a cell phone that fell out of the pocket of a Black boy who was being arrested. In re… ->
  • Sign if you agree: @CabreraAngel @GeorgeMasonNews @MasonAdmissions must not hire Brett Kavanaugh… ->
  • RT @withoutaplain: @guardian Oh, is it that time of the hour again ->
  • RT @ReproRights: 99.9% of medication abortions are complication-free, making it safer than Tylenol, Asprin, and Viagra. Laws that restrict… ->
  • RT @AJentleson: A person who is “sickened” by something and has the power to do something about it but does not is called a coward. https:… ->
  • RT @infamousmargot: Rebel Wilson using her law degree to overturn a sexist R rating for a film she produced is the best thing I’ve heard to… ->
  • Protect Remaining Sumatran Rhinos from Extinction ->
  • RT @sttepodcast: To celebrate the release of our new #Hellboy episode let’s giveaway this @OriginalFunko POP

    Just follow @sttepodcast and… ->

  • RT @bad_robot: Follow & RT for a chance to win a UV-printed coin purse – made at the Bad Robot Workshop! Congrats to last week’s winner of… ->
  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->
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