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June 19th, 2019 2:00 am by mad mags
  • RT @warsnotover: This is my son Sgt. Dan Keegan. He served 8 yrs in the 82nd Airborne and was in Afghanistan twice. He was never the same… ->
  • RT @TheOnion: Holocaust Survivors Recall Exact Day Holocaust Started Right Out Of The Blue ->
  • RT @maggieNYT: “At the airport, he refused to board without the baby. The immigration officers, he said, told him that Constantin would be… ->
  • RT @schwartzbCNBC: NEW: Joe Biden asked GOP financier John Catsimatidis to support his 2020 campaign at a recent fundraiser. Catsimatidis t… ->
  • I just signed a @theactionnet petition: Sign the petition: Demand the DNC to discuss racial justice policies in the… ->
  • RT @SarahBurris: Liz Cheney ignites a ferocious backlash with her ‘sickening’ attack on @AOC over Trump’s ‘concentration camps’

    https://t.… ->

  • RT @PawsitiveAllian: It's #WhyNotME Wednesday! Find out more about these wonderful #woofs and #meows, and more available pets, on our websi… ->
  • RT @MaxKennerly: @Lollardfish @Liz_Cheney @AOC The Trump Admin concentrates people in "unsafe and unhealthy conditions" and denies them due… ->
  • RT @Lollardfish: @Liz_Cheney @AOC Hi! Jewish historian here. The history of concentration camps is actually not the same as the history of… ->
  • RT @abesilbe: I am Jewish and fully in favor of calling concentration camps by their name – whether they're in Texas, Hungary, or Xinjiang.… ->
  • RT @WriteinBK: There are thousands of black kids sitting in prisons due to systemic adultification for what white kids can classify as “you… ->
  • RT @Muttville: Coming soon, march of the Bostons! Over 20 Boston Terriers are coming next week from a hoarding case and from a shelter tha… ->
  • Sign the petition calling on the @epa to ban #glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto's toxic Roundup:… ->
  • RT @ZackBornstein: Us: Please impeach Trump before we go to war with Iran

    Democrats: Text “Yass Kween” to DNC2020 to get a discount on a b… ->

  • RT @djolder: The same people whining about lil whatshisname being only 16 when he was racist were totally cool with the murder of Tamir Ric… ->
  • RT @ParkerMolloy: A conservative's idea of being "destroyed":

    ✅Being held to the same exact standards Harvard has held other students to r… ->

  • RT @courtneymilan: Just a reminder that the thing that REALLY DOES restrict your ability to attend college is having a minor drug-related c… ->
  • RT @NatashaBardon: LOOK AT THESE COVERS 🚨

    Beautiful new Katharine Kerr reissues by the wonderfully talented @micaelaalcaino

    RT to win a… ->

  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->
  • Don't Let Animals Die When US Government Tests End #care2 ->
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