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June 25th, 2019 2:00 am by mad mags
  • RT @NickKristof: The Trump administration is spending $775 per migrant child per night to keep them in tent cities after taking them from t… ->
  • RT @mattdpearce: Updated story from South Bend kostenlose herunterladen apps. Today, Pete Buttigieg looked a lot like a lot of other white politicians who have been in h… ->
  • RT @EmilyWTHR: Snapped this picture of a rainbow that just appeared in sky near Brebeuf Jesuit HS as parents were leaving an informational… ->
  • RT @rtraister: I'd just point out that it's only been three days herunterladen. There is still time to handle it differently and better, to treat it as n… ->
  • RT @davidsirota: Wall Street: Give us $29 trillion to cancel the debts we created from our grotesque greed
    Also Wall Street: Having to giv… ->
  • RT @heidiheilig: Hey folks how can I download songs from youtube! Authors for Families is putting together an auction to raise money for RAICES to help immigrants and refugees.… ->
  • I just fell out of my seat, no lie. Might have lost consciousness for a second or two there. @ABRAMSbooks ->
  • RT @TexasTribune: 1/ People are buying diapers, wipes, soaps and toys to donate to children in overcrowded migrant detention centers.

    But… ->

  • RT @KFILE: New York Post story on Trump sexual assault allegations removed on orders of Murdoch lieutenant ->
  • RT @LittleLunaLyra: i am Māori

    before white people came, transgender takatāpui people had an important place in society

    now T3RFs march i… ->

  • RT @Amy_Siskind: In other news Trump sanctioned Ayatollah Khomeini today who has been dead since 1989. I think Frederick Douglass told him… ->
  • RT @MichaelBloch15: “National political figures who want to end mass incarceration should follow Warren and Sanders’ lead: support county-l… ->
  • RT @spicy_emma: “could a depressed person do THIS?” she says at 12:15am as she folds her laundry that came out of the dryer six days ago ->
  • RT @reddogsusie: #TN #MEMPHIS
    🆘🆘SENIOR ALERT! Old Yellow 10yo boy hw+ found stray, thin & lame! Desperately needs a kind home & soft bed! P… ->
  • RT @HeerJeet: "Kidnap survivors of Somali pirates & the Taliban trying to shame the USA government" isn't something I would've predicted. h… ->
  • RT @kenklippenstein: RT if you paid off your student debt and are perfectly fine with everyone else’s being canceled ->
  • RT @AOC: DHS ripped 1000s of children from their parents & put them in cages w inhumane conditions.

    They call their cells “dog pounds” & “… ->

  • RT @eccentricmarion: typing an entire rant and deciding not to press tweet ->
  • RT @IlhanMN: Corporations and the wealthiest Americans have repeatedly gotten tax breaks and bailouts. It’s time for a bailout for the 45 m… ->
  • RT @BernieSanders: If we could bail out Wall Street, we sure as hell can #CancelStudentDebt. ->
  • RT @justicedems: "Now people are in their 30s and older that have taken on insurmountable amounts of debt because we have sold them an empt… ->
  • RT @briebriejoy: If we had cancelled all student debt in 2016, we would have shrunk the racial wealth gap between young white and black hou… ->
  • RT @MylesUdland: Schools named after Robert E. Lee are picking new Lee's to be named after to avoid costly signage changes.… ->
  • RT @JaneEBoon: "It’s easier to cling desperately to the belief that Donald Trump is not a rapist than it is to acknowledge how many of our… ->
  • Stand with Rep. @ilhan against student debt via @CREDOMobile #resist ->
  • RT @bradybuzz: About every 16 hours, a woman is shot and killed by a former or current partner.

    Our nation's courts and law enforcement mu… ->

  • RT @ladybookmad: RT+FOLLOW for the chance to win a copy of my new poetry collection, the mermaid’s voice returns in this one, and my new se… ->
  • RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a #SDCC2019 exclusive Mr. Pricklepants Pop! #FunkoSDCC #SDCC50 #ToyStory->
  • RT @Vixen_in_Vegas7: Im giving away this black Iphone 7 128Gb. its my old phone from wayback 2018. it has no issues just a few scratches in… ->
  • A Baby Elephant Collapsed from Exhaustion. These Elephant Rides Must Stop! #care2 ->
  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->
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