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September 2nd, 2019 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @itsJeffTiedrich: believing that you have a god-given right to military-grade weaponry is probably a good enough reason to take away you… ->
  • RT @clapifyoulikeme: How is this website free ->
  • RT @amalia_chartres: 📚 G I V E A W A Y 📚
    hey! September is my birth month and I figured why not celebrate it with a giveaway?!
    The… ->
  • RT @JamilSmith: The “Red Summer,” a national campaign of racial terrorism that murdered hundreds of black people, happened 100 years ago. F… ->
  • RT @BettyBowers: Meanwhile, back in the real world . . .
    Church Attendance: 47%
    School Shootings (2009-18): 288
    Church Attenda… ->
  • RT @shannonrwatts: This is how Bushmaster marketed the AR-15 in America. It’s no coincidence that men are now using it during mass shooting… ->
  • RT @ashtonpittman: NEW: A Mississippi venue allegedly cancelled a couple's wedding plans after discovering the couple was a black man + a w… ->
  • @RantsandReviews Truly Devious. Thanks for the chance! in reply to RantsandReviews ->
  • RT @RantsandReviews: *GIVEAWAY!*
    To celebrate a year of @rantsandreviews we're giving away one of our favourite reads of 2019 so far. Winne… ->
  • RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 1 September 1939 | German army invaded Poland which began the World War II. 9 months & 14 days later the first Poles b… ->
  • RT @brownblaze: There was no crime committed.

    Reports say the cop was in plainclothes.

    People at the scene are saying he was shot in th… ->

  • RT @GraveyardSister: These films follow an impressive tradition of Black women and girls striving to protect their mortality.… ->
  • @NYMag You mean "The officers admitted to raping a teen in the back of their police van." in reply to NYMag ->
  • RT @AnikaNoniRose: "Officers admitted raping teen in back of police van." Fixed it, @TheCut ->
  • RT @EstherThePig: I fancy myself to be a bit of a trendsetter, so I got my hair done to coincide with the official start of Pumpkin Spice E… ->
  • RT @ManlnTheHoody: its weird that only white men get the type of mental illness that causes people to do mass shootings ->
  • I'm #reading Foul Is Fair by Hannah Capin ->
  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->
  • RT @WaysideWaifs: Woof! I’m Jasper, a senior guy ready for a forever couch. I’m a good leash walker, I like to be brushed, and I know how… ->
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