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September 16th, 2019 2:00 am by Kelly Garbato
  • RT @iwearaonesie: wife: We just ate, why are you making pancakes?
    me: They’re for the dogs
    wife: Why are you making pancakes for the dogs?… ->
  • RT @rachsyme: hustlers opened to $33mil (huge for an R-rated non-franchise release)+ the audience was 67% female and 69% (nice) were over t… ->
  • RT @adamkotsko: That uniquely American feeling of knowing your human rights depend on the way a committee of nine people, two of whom are u… ->
  • RT @girlsreallyrule: Brett Kavanaugh liked to pull his pants down at Yale and force women to touch him. When Deborah Ramirez gave the FBI a… ->
  • RT @AddyPottle: Hi everyone! My name is Adam Pottle. I’m a writer, and I need your help. I wrote a children’s book, and I need an artist —… ->
  • RT @feministabulous: When you see women defending Brett Kavanaugh this morning it’s a good reminder that this isn’t a gender war, it’s a wa… ->
  • RT @Muttville: In case you missed Muttville on TV yesterday, here's the 5 min piece, stay tuned for the SURPRISE ending! Thank you to he go… ->
  • RT @MotherJones: Johnson & Johnson knew its opioid products were being abused EIGHTEEN years ago. ->
  • RT @DavidFutrelle: Denise, you have heard of the concept of "consent," right? Boxing is a popular form of entertainment but that doesn't me… ->
  • RT @IjeomaOluo: If you heard about Bill Maher's awful fast shaming and saw James Corden's response – I want to add what wasn't said:

    Fat i… ->

  • RT @seldo: Scooby-Doo is a positive show with three key messages for children:
    1. Monsters aren't real
    2. The problem is always greedy capi… ->
  • RT @Rachael_Conrad: Choose your fighter ->
  • RT @JKasperKramer: #GiveawayAlert One month from today, THE STORY THAT CANNOT BE TOLD will be out in the world! To celebrate, here's the fu… ->
  • RT @helloiamabee: words can bee. tiny bundles of joy. do you love someone? are you thinking something kind about them? tell them! the world… ->
  • RT @sadydoyle: Tweets and headlines aside: There is never just one. This happened with Clarence Thomas, too. There is never, ever just one… ->
  • RT @ajplus: An Indigenous, Two-Spirit couple just won The Amazing Race Canada.

    Dr. James Makokis uses Indigenous and Western teachings to… ->

  • RT @pklinkne: GOP Claims Kavanaugh Shouldn’t Lose Appointment For Youthful Indiscretion Of Repeatedly Lying Under Oath… ->
  • RT @keithboykin: Of the 5 conservatives on the Supreme Court:

    4 were appointed by presidents who did not originally win the popular vote (… ->

  • RT @Imamofpeace: We don’t deserve dogs. This Pitbull is trained to protect his owner's head from slamming onto the ground when she’s having… ->
  • RT @ewarren: Last year the Kavanaugh nomination was rammed through the Senate without a thorough examination of the allegations against him… ->
  • RT @latinxbookclub: -No giveaways account
    -You can pick the book but it has to be by a Latinx author
    -No more than $20 USD
    -Open until Oct… ->
  • RT @EstherThePig: I hired a Nap Watchman to make sure my afternoon nap goes uninterrupted today. ->
  • RT @JesusChrysler15: This little girl’s dad was trying to get answers from her after she put lipstick on all by herself.… ->
  • RT @Muttville: 5-4-3-2-1 Muttville opens now, come in, we're ready to meet you!
    We need #foreverhomes See all of our canine comrades at htt… ->
  • RT @BioTurboNick: @ReignJules @laylamarie @Popehat ->
  • RT @laylamarie: Now that The Far Side is coming back it’s a good time to remember that Gary Larson actually predicted Twitter… ->
  • RT @jbendery: Just a reminder of all the lies Brett Kavanaugh told, under oath, in his Senate confirmation hearing.

    These were just the on… ->

  • Tell the Senate to REJECT Steven Menashi for the Second U.S. Court of Appeals – a far-right zealot who has no place… ->
  • Sign if you agree: @StMartinsPress @MacmillanUSA – don't reward liars like Sarah Huckabee Sanders… ->
  • RT @silvanhistorian: "In many ways, one of history’s most prolific serial killers remains a mystery. There are no portraits of Giulia."

    Me… ->

  • RT @owillis: The guys who cover up multiple sexual assaults by Kavanaugh are the guys Biden and Schumer say we can go back to being super p… ->
  • @livreadsalatte So many to choose from, but I'm really looking forward to A Phoenix First Must Burn! in reply to livreadsalatte ->
  • RT @livreadsalatte: ✨ 3k giveaway!! ✨

    i’m doing a $20 amazon/book depository giveaway to ALL my subs (so yes, intl!!!) till 9/15–i’ll anno… ->

  • RT @meligrey: GIVEAWAY TIME! To celebrate the release of RATED, I'm giving away a signed copy of the book to one of you beautiful people! T… ->
  • RT @akkitwts: This is Tatum. He's a rescue dog and this is his first walk after being adopted. See how excited he is ❤️❤️❤️❤️… ->
  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->
  • RT @adamcbest: If Warren’s wealth tax were in place, Jeff Bezos would have $87 billion instead of $160 billion.

    Still more than the combin… ->

  • Tell Sam's Club That Selling SeaWorld Tickets Supports Animal Abuse ->
  • RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Good morning. The Supreme Court of the United States of America is currently 30% female, 70% male, and 22% sexual predat… ->
  • RT @joncoopertweets: It’s a sad sign of the times that the hashtag #ImpeachTheMF could refer to either of TWO lying scumbags: Donald Trump… ->
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