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Kinship Circle: Killing Prairie Dogs – Your Tax Dollars At Work

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kinship Circle – kinshipcircle [at]
Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 5:20 PM
Subject: Killing Prairie Dogs – Your Tax Dollars At Work


2/27/08: Killing Prairie Dogs – Your Tax Dollars At Work

Easily modify letter and copy/paste it into an email or print out to fax or mail.


FULL CONTACT INFORMATION. Sample letter follows.


Rick Cables, Regional Forester
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region
P.O. Box 25127; Lakewood, CO 80225-0127
ph: 303-275-5450; fax: 303-275-5482
email: rcables [at]
web mail:

The Honorable Mark Rey
Under Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Room 217E, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250
ph: 202-720-7173; fax 202-720-0632
email: mark.rey [at]

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API: Protect Polar Bears, Prairie Dogs, and more

Friday, June 29th, 2007

UPDATE, 6/30/07:

The World Wildlife Fund also sent out an action alert regarding the prarie dog poisonings on public land in Nebraska and South Dakota:

You have until July 23 to urge the U.S. Forest Service not to loosen its protections on prairie dogs. These cute and amusing creatures also have a serious side. They serve as a key food source for hawks, burrowing owls, badgers, swift foxes, critically endangered black-footed ferrets and other species, and their burrows also provide important shelter for these species.

Without extensive, healthy prairie dog towns, we won’t be able to protect and restore the Northern Great Plains grasslands, an
ecosystem that WWF has identified as one of the highest priorities for conservation worldwide and one of the places that must be saved in the next 50 years.

Act now to safeguard one of the most important ecosystems on Earth.

Past alerts here.


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From: API Newsletters – donotreply [at]
Date: Jun 28, 2007 8:34 PM
Subject: Protect Polar Bears, Prairie Dogs, and more

Support Needed for Polar Bear Protection Act

The Polar Bear Protection Act (H.R. 2327/S. 1406) is currently pending in Congress. If passed, this bill will amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 to strengthen polar bear conservation efforts. Your federal legislators need to hear from you right away in support of this bill.

In the Arctic, polar bears are up against an increasing number of threats, including trophy hunting, and quicker ice melts each year – that threaten food supplies, and also result in drowning of bears who may be forced to swim extreme distances in search of a place to come ashore.

Just last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved an amendment that stops funding for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to issue permits for the importation of sport-hunted polar bear trophies. Unfortunately, late last night this amendment failed to pass the House of Representatives. This means it is more important than ever that H.R. 2327/S. 1406 gain momentum forward toward permanently protecting these magnificent animals.

To be sure polar bears receive the protection they deserve, please contact your federal legislators today and ask that they co-sponsor H.R. 2327/S.1406.

To find out more and take action on this alert, go to

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SDAC ALERT: Save Iditarod dogs from brutality – Write to Sponsors

Monday, March 9th, 2009

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From: – SledDogAC [at]
Date: Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 11:12 AM
Subject: ALERT: Save Iditarod dogs from brutality – WRITE
To: SledDogAC [at]

Please send protest emails and forward this alert widely.

From the Sled Dog Action Coalition,

Imagine the cruelties these cute sled dog pups will eventually experience in the Iditarod.

Contact information, email blocks and sample letter are below.

Please help end the barbaric treatment of dogs by sending protest emails to organizations that support the Iditarod. What happens to the dogs during the Iditarod includes death, paralysis, frostbite (where it hurts the most!), bleeding ulcers, bloody diarrhea, lung damage, pneumonia, ruptured discs, viral diseases, broken bones, torn muscles and tendons and sprains.

Dog beatings and whippings are common. During the 2007 Iditarod, eyewitnesses reported that musher Ramy Brooks kicked, punched and beat his dogs with a ski pole and a chain. Jim Welch says in his book Speed Mushing Manual, “A training device such as a whip is not cruel at all but is effective.” “It is a common training device in use among dog mushers…”

Iditarod dog kennels are puppy mills. Mushers breed large numbers of dogs and routinely kill unwanted ones, including puppies. Many dogs who are permanently disabled in the Iditarod, or who are unwanted for any reason are killed with a shot to the head, dragged, drowned or clubbed to death.

When they’re not hauling people, most Iditarod dogs are forced to live at the end of a chain. It has been reported that dogs who don’t make the main team are never taken off-chain. Chained dogs have been attacked by wolves, bears and other animals. Old and arthritic dogs suffer terrible pain in the blistering cold.

Most Internet service providers allow people to send up to 40 email addresses at a time. For your convenience, the addresses have been divided into groups of 40. Please email the first group first. Individual email addresses are given under the sample letter. The groups contain addresses for the Iditarod sponsors, promoters, and the sponsors of the 73 mushers who signed up for the 2009 Iditarod. Email blocks with semicolons are on
http://www.helpsleddogsorg/sponsors.htm .

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API: Help Endangered Dogs and Cats and Take Action for Animals in Pet Shops

Monday, January 28th, 2008

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From: Born Free USA Newsletters – donotreply [at]
Date: Jan 25, 2008 2:15 AM
Subject: Help Endangered Dogs and Cats and Take Action for Animals in Pet Shops

Alerts at a Glance:

* Endangered Cats and Dogs Need Your Help
– Contact your Senators and Representative to encourage funding for the conservation of wild cat and dog species in developing countries.

* Update: African Grey Parrots Get a Second Chance at Freedom
– Find out how your generosity has helped rescue efforts for parrots originally destined for the pet trade.

* PETsMART Again Linked to Mistreated Animals (link)
– In the wake of new allegations against PETsMART, take action to again ask that they cease sales of birds and other live animals.

* Vote to Help Prairie Dogs Today
– Casting your vote today can help provide much needed grant money for prairie dog conservation efforts.

* Born Free USA is now on Facebook!
– If you’re on Facebook, please add us! If you’re not, here’s your excuse to get online and find out what it’s all about.

** Other Ways to Help Animals
* Last Days for Dan Piraro’s National Bird Day Designs: Time is running out to pick up Dan Piraro’s National Bird Day designs, featuring the work of the creator of the popular, nationally syndicated “Bizarro” comic.
* Make a Donation: Please consider a contribution in support of our 2008 campaigns and programs. Your gift will help us make a difference for countless animals this year.

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Defenders of Wildlife: Stop the Poisoning of the American Prairie

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Stop the Poisoning of the American Prairie

Last fall, more than 35,000 activists like you sent comments asking the Forest Service to stop the massacre of tens of thousands of prairie dogs on our National Grasslands.

Prairie dogs provide food for eagles, hawks, badgers, swift fox, endangered black-footed ferrets and other Great Plains predators. Prairie dog burrows provide shelter for burrowing owls, salamanders, black-footed ferrets and many other creatures.

But the Forest Service wants to use your tax dollars to poison and kill tens of thousands of these furry critters and destroy the vital habitat prairie dogs create in our National Grasslands.

Take action now — write the Forest Service and urge them to stop the prairie dog massacre.



API: Stop Prairie Dog Poisoning & more

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

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From: API Newsletters – donotreply [at]
Date: Apr 18, 2007 8:01 PM
Subject: Stop Prairie Dog Poisoning & more

National: Stop Prairie Dog Poisoning on National Grassland

The National Forest Service is currently seeking input on a prairie dog management plan for the Thunder Basin National Grassland. The current management plan allows the extermination of prairie dogs only in cases where the animals are overrunning cemeteries and buildings. The proposed amendment would expand the use of poisoning and other lethal means of control to the entire National Grassland — even in areas designated for the reintroduction of the endangered black-footed ferret.

Over the last 150 years, prairie dog populations have declined by more than 95%. Scientists say that if this downward trend continues burrowing owls, black-footed ferrets, and other wildlife will disappear along with the prairie dog.

Please send comments to the National Forest Service in opposition to this amendment by April 30, 2007.

To find out more and take action on this alert, go to

Thank you for protecting prairie dogs and other prairie wildlife!

California Residents: Improve Conditions for Captive Elephants

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HSUS: Kansas: Stop the Logan County Prairie Dog Poisoning

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Via the Humane Society of the United States:

Kansas: Stop the Logan County Prairie Dog Poisoning

The commissioners of Logan County, Kansas, have decided to poison the largest prairie dog town in Kansas. A 1901 state law permits county governments to go onto private property, despite the owner’s objection, and exterminate prairie dogs. Last week, one Logan ranching family was given the option of killing the prairie dogs on their land or paying for county employees to do so, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So far, the family has protested, saying that prairie dogs play an important role in the health of native grassland ecosystems. They also don’t want poisons, which kill many species besides prairie dogs, on their land. Furthermore, they have proposed their land as potential reintroduction sites for the most endangered mammal in North America, the black-footed ferret, a species completely dependent on prairie dog colonies for its survival.

Click here to take action on this issue.

More information is available here.



Defenders of Wildlife: Don’t Let Them Poison the Kansas Prairie

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

UPDATE, 1/31/07, via Defenders of Wildlife:

I’ve just learned that the court hearing on whether or not to force wildlife-friendly landowners to destroy prairie dog towns on their property has been postponed.

Originally scheduled for this Friday, the hearing will now take place in late March.

This is great news for the prairie dogs and the wildlife that depends on them, since the main poison that the county wanted to use can’t be applied between March 15th and October 1st.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the new court date will be so that you can show your support by attending.


UPDATE, 1/29/07, via Defenders of Wildlife:

Wildlife heroes — and the wildlife they’re trying to save — need your help!

The Logan County Commission has filed suit to force ranchers Bette and Larry Haverfield and other wildlife-friendly landowners to destroy several prairie dog towns in the county, including Kansas’s largest. A court hearing will be held this Friday.

Please attend and show your support for prairie wildlife and the landowners who want to preserve it.

What: Court Hearing for Prairie Dogs
Where: Logan County Courthouse, 710 W 2nd St, Oakley, Kansas
When: Friday, February 2nd (Groundhog Day!) at 9:00 AM (Central Time)

The Haverfields and their fellow wildlife-friendly landowners have seen firsthand the diversity of wildlife that prairie dog towns bring. From hawks to swift foxes, badgers to burrowing owls, plenty of wildlife finds safe harbor on the ranch.

Now you can show your support for these landowners who are standing up for the wildlife on their lands. Attend the court hearing at the Logan County Courthouse — but please be respectful; make no noise, clapping or outbursts.

It is important for wildlife supporters to show our presence in the courthouse to counter the all-out effort by the Farm Bureau to pack the courtroom with an anti-wildlife crowd. We can send a powerful message to the County Commissioners and state legislators that Kansans care about their state’s wildlife.

Arrive early if you can — we will have stickers available for you to show that you support the landowners and wildlife.

If you would like more information, please email me at jproctor [at] or call (303) 825-0918.


UPDATE, 12/14/06: The HSUS also released an action alert on this item; you can view it here.


UPDATE, 12/13/06:

The NY Times ran a piece on this story recently; looks like the prairie dogs have won a reprieve, at least for the time being.

On Tuesday, the day before the deadline, Mr. Haverfield’s lawyer sent the commission a letter threatening legal action. All Wednesday, the Haverfields and Mr. Barnhardt’s daughter and son-in-law, three neighbors and two environmentalists kept watch. No poisoners came.

They later learned why: the county commissioners were waiting to hear from their insurers’ lawyers. “We won’t do anything unless our lawyers tell us we can,” Mr. Scott said.

Go read the whole piece.


Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Don’t Let Them Poison the Kansas Prairie

Logan County has it in for prairie wildlife and the ranchers who want to protect it.

Last week, Logan County Commissioners put ranchers like Larry and Betty Haverfield on notice to remove their cattle from land they own and lease — so the county can destroy the state’s largest prairie dog town.

If the ranchers don’t comply, the county will forcefully poison the prairie dogs for them — and stick the ranchers with the $200,000 bill! The slaughter is scheduled to begin tomorrow, December 6th.

Help save the prairie dogs — take action now!

More info here.



WWF: Stop Massive Prairie Dog Poisoning

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Via the World Wildlife Fund:

Stop Massive Prairie Dog Poisoning

The U.S. Forest Service wants to poison potentially tens of thousands of prairie dogs living within three national grasslands in Nebraska and South Dakota.

Under a previous plan hurriedly pushed through last year, the Forest Service spread poison across 7,000 acres of prairie dog colonies near private lands, killing an estimated 70,000 prairie dogs. The new proposal goes much further and would allow prairie dog poisoning anywhere on the three national grasslands. This would include land within an area that holds the largest concentration of prairie dogs on public lands in the Great Plains, and is home to about half of the world’s approximately 700 remaining black-footed ferrets.

The poisoning would put at risk the many other wildlife species that depend on the prairie dogs, including burrowing owls, hawks, badgers, swift foxes and critically endangered black-footed ferrets. The loss of so many prairie dogs would cripple recovery of the ferrets, which rely on prairie dogs as prey species and live in prairie dog burrows. Thought to be extinct until rediscovered in 1981, the black-footed ferret was saved from extinction thanks to the work of thousands of individuals and a public investment of millions of dollars over the last 25 years. The ferret’s future looks bright, unless the new poisoning plan goes forward. […]

U.S. activists, help oppose plans to poison tens of thousands of prairie dogs. Black-footed ferrets, burrowing owls, badgers, swift foxes, and many other species rely on prairie dogs as a food source or use their burrows.

Action deadline: October 28, 2006



Defenders of Wildlife: Don’t Poison the American Prairie

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Don’t Poison the American Prairie

The Forest Service wants to make it easier to poison and kill prairie dogs on the American plains — risking creatures like burrowing owls, hawks, swift fox and the critically endangered black-footed ferret.

Take action now — use the bullets below [here] to write the Forest Service and urge them to withdraw this harmful proposal.



Lafayette, CO Wal-Mart kills prairie dog colony

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

The following news report was recently reprinted on the Ethological Ethics Yahoo Group:

Wal-Mart kills prairie dog colony
Company says it looked at options before fumigating

By Kate Larsen, Camera Staff Writer
August 30, 2006

LAFAYETTE — Construction started this week on a Wal-Mart Supercenter along U.S. 287, and some local residents are unhappy with the company’s decision to kill a small prairie dog colony on the site.

Earlier this year, Boulder County asked Wal-Mart to contribute to local land preservation to offset the impact its new store will have on local prairie habitat. Additionally, one local resident offered to help the company relocate the animals to city open space.

The company rejected both offers and fumigated the colony after researching relocation and other options.

“We did look into relocation options and were just having too much difficulty with the movement of them across county lines and having a site available in the given time frame,” said Gray McGinnis, a spokesman for Wal-Mart.

The retail giant is building a 207,000-square-foot store on 31 acres on the west side of U.S. 287 between Arapahoe and Baseline roads, expected to open in the summer of 2007. The project was approved by the Lafayette City Council nearly 11 months ago. The Supercenter will replace the 20-year-old Wal-Mart on South Boulder Road in the city.

The company submitted a prairie dog mitigation plan to the city, and followed every step of it, McGinnis said. Attempts to relocate the animals, as well as efforts to give the animals as prey to programs that help raptors and black-footed ferrets, were unsuccessful, he said.

Although Lafayette has open space dedicated for prairie dog relocation, it is intended to serve animals from public properties within the city.

Resident Karen Norback said she offered to approach the city’s Open Space Advisory Committee for Wal-Mart in hopes of relocating the colony to the city-owned land.

“I thought if they were willing to contribute money to the open space program, and with the small number of dogs on the site, that it could have been a win-win situation for everyone,” Norback said. “But they didn’t respond to me.”

Norback called Wal-Mart’s actions “unacceptable.”

You can read the entire article here.

The Daily Camera is based in Boulder, Colorado, and the construction is taking place in Lafayette, Colorado.

Please take a moment to contact Wal-Mart and let them know that you find their actions unnecessary and reprehensible. Wal-Mart could have reloacted the prairie dog colony, but instead decided to exterminate the animals because it was the most convenient option. Express your displeasure with their decision, and let them know that a company’s environmental and animal welfare policies influence your purchasing decisions.

You can submit feedback to Wal-Mart’s corporate offices using their online form (click here and be sure to enter in the correct location information);

Send them snail mail at the following address:

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611

Or call them at 1-800-WAL-MART (1-800-925-6278).

Finally, you can contact local Lafayette Wal-Mart at the following address/number:

300 Waneka Parkway
Lafayette, CO 80026
(303) 666-0340

Please forward and cross-post where appropriate!

tweets for 2017-04-28

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

tweets for 2013-12-22

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Got those red state blues.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Blue Girl

More like “Green Girl, Red State.” CC image via DieselDemon on Flickr.

Perhaps the greatest downside to living in a rural area, and particularly a rural area in an already red state? Knowing that you’ve not a snowball’s chance in hell of electing a politician who even approximates your values and beliefs. “Approximates,” not “shares” – I hold enough unpopular opinions to know that I’ll never live to see a politician on the state or federal level with whom I see eye to on most issues, not even if I up and move to San Francisco. That said, I don’t expect to be outright insulted for my beliefs when contacting an elected representative, in a polite and respectful manner, about pending legislation.

What follows is an email exchange I had with my state House Representative, Glen Klippenstein (R-MO, 5th District), about Missouri House Bill 1860, our state’s answer to the increasing popularity of “ag gag” bills. (Check out Will Potter’s excellent coverage of this and other forms of activist repression at Green is the New Red.) I was responding to an action alert sent out by PETA; usually I edit form letters, both to personalize them and to scrub them of any speciesism (distressingly common in form letters from enviro groups), but at the state level I’m fairly certain that mine is the only copy my representatives will receive. (Though in retrospect, I really should have replaced the link to with a different resource. No matter how unfair and undeserved the reputation, referring to a website run by what’s widely regarded as a “radical extremist” group really isn’t the best choice. That and I’d rather not be associated with them in any way, shape, or form, thankyouverymuch.)

As a conservative Republican and cattle breeder (GlenKirk Farms “has sold cattle, semen, and embryos across America and worldwide” – so much for protecting the unborn!) who has served as chairman of the National Beef Promotion and Research Board, I wasn’t expecting a particularly sympathetic ear from Rep. Klippenstein. That said.


—–Original Message—–
From: Advocate [] On Behalf Of Kelly Garbato
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:25 AM
To: Glen Klippenstein
Subject: Please Oppose H.B. 1860

Apr 19, 2012

Representative Glen Klippenstein
State Capitol, Room 410A
201 West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Representative Klippenstein,

I am writing as your constituent to urge you to oppose House Bill
(H.B.) 1860. This bill, which would make it a crime to photograph or record video or sound of a farm without the farm owner’s consent, is a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning about the routine cruelty that takes place on factory farms. If signed into law, it would infringe on citizens’ rights to expose cruelty to animals.

Past investigations of factory farms resulted in criminal convictions of farm managers and workers found beating, sexually abusing, stomping on, kicking, and throwing animals. To watch the video footage and see why it is so important that citizens retain their freedom to document crimes against animals on factory farms and relay the evidence to law-enforcement authorities, please visit

Please don’t let the farming industry hide behind closed doors: Oppose H.B. 1860.

Thank you for your attention and for all that you do for Missourians.


Ms. Kelly Garbato
[Address removed]


———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 9:24 AM
Subject: RE: Please Oppose H.B. 1860

To say that this legislation is a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning about the routine cruelty that takes place on factory farms, shows extraordinary contempt for the vast majority of honorable people that actually know the real story and feed you.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Rep. Glen Klippenstein
5th District

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The easyVegan Weekend Activist, No. 28

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Action Alerts: Animal & Environmental Advocacy

1Sky: Step Up on Climate, Obama!

350: Sign the call to save a mountain and choose a new future.

ASPCA: USA: Limit Use of Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics in Food Animals

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI): Letters needed in support of the Pet Safety and Protection Act and the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act


Defenders of Wildlife: Prairie Dogs at Risk: Tell the EPA to Do its Job!

Defenders of Wildlife: Protect Polar Bears and the Places They Live

Farm Sanctuary: “Pardoned” Turkeys Deserve Real Refuge

HSUS: USDA: Protect Veal Calves from Abuse

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Free Billy

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The easyVegan Weekend Activist, No. 27

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

In lieu of my vegan story (it’s World Vegan Day, peoples!), I bring you a week’s worth of vegan links. The day was a gorgeous one, and probably the last of the season, so I spent most of it outside. Please forgive me! I swear, I’ll share my vegetarian/vegan conversion story…I want to say “tomorrow,” but “someday” is a safer bet.

2007-01-06 - Dogs and Cows - 0043

But. If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, this photo more or less sums it up.

Now about those links…

Action Alerts: Animal & Environmental Advocacy

ASPCA: USA: Support the Pet Safety and Protection Act! [Please consider contacting your representative and senators directly, without using the ASPCA’s feedback form. The sample letter provided by the ASPCA is horribly speciesist, and they do not allow users to edit it on their website.]

Best Friends: Sign up for a free Jinni account, and Jinni will donate 10 cents (up to $10,000) to Best Friends

Center for Biological Diversity: Help Save Walrus From Massive Stampede Deaths

Dawnwatch: “Eating Animals” — CNN, Wall Street Journal, NPR with Jonathan Safran Foer — 10/30 — 11/1/09

DawnWatch: Sunday papers on home slaughtering and meat tax 10/25/09

Defenders of Wildlife: Stop the Invasion of the Exotic Wildlife!

Earthjustice: Help Protect Children From Toxic Pesticides

easyvegan: Scientists, Poets, Changemakers and Heroes (Volunteer Opportunities & Action Alerts)

Ecological Internet: Madagascar’s Protected Rainforest Hardwoods Continue to be Selectively Logged

Environment New Mexico: Protect the Grand Canyon!

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The easyVegan Weekend Activist, No. 26

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Action Alerts: Animal & Environmental Advocacy

Born Free USA: Help Stop Trapping on National Wildlife Refuges

CARE: Senate Addresses Climate Change: Voice Your Support Today

Center for Biological Diversity: Help Protect the Grand Canyon From Uranium Mining

Center for Biological Diversity: Protect Polar Bear Critical Habitat

CREDO Action: Tell Senator Kerry: Protect the EPA in the climate bill.

Defenders of Wildlife: Tell the EPA to Protect Imperiled Wildlife from Poisons!

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Obama Administration Proposal Is BAD For Wild Horses

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Tell TLC To Cancel “My Monkey Baby”

Kinship Circle: 10/22/09: Don’t Let EPA Kill More Prairie Dogs; Comments must be received on or before October 23, 2009

Kinship Circle: 10/20/09: Two Dogs Shot At Point Blank Range In New York

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easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 2009-01-31

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Action Alerts

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): Close Torture Loopholes in the Army Field Manual
“President Obama’s three executive orders of January 22, 2009 call for the closing of Guantanamo within one year, the closing of secret CIA ‘black sites,’ and the limiting of interrogation techniques to those allowed in the Army Field Manual (AFM), eliminating the numerous executive orders and opinions issued during the Bush administration that granted official approval for torture, cruel and inhuman treatment, and abuse. These executive orders certainly represent an extraordinary step forward, but we remain concerned about potentially exploitable loopholes. Please take a moment to ask him to close the loopholes.”

Defenders of Wildlife: Speak Out for Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs
“Black-tailed prairie dogs were once abundant across the Great Plains, from Canada to Mexico. But after decades of habitat loss, poisonings and disease, these furry creatures have declined more than 95% in the last 150 years — and are gone completely in large parts of their range. Now, federal officials are considering protection for the black-tailed prairie dog under the Endangered Species Act as a terrible plague continues to wipe out vast numbers of the remaining prairie dog colonies, and as federal agencies continue to poison prairie dog colonies on our public lands.”

Greenpeace: Ask President Obama to end the whaling and dealing
“Holdouts from the Bush Administration are in closed-door talks with Japanese officials at the International Whaling Commission. According to news reports, the two parties are negotiating a deal that would trade a small reduction in the quota of whales that Japan hunts in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary for increased rights to hunt minke whales off the coast of Japan. Some of the minke populations in this area are already designated as endangered. We need your help to stop this bad deal from going through!”

PETA: Tell Obama: Ban on Torture Should Include Animals!
“Days after President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning torture during military interrogations, PETA wrote to the president calling for the ban of another form of military torture: trauma and chemical-casualty training exercises conducted on animals. Thousands of live animals are shot, stabbed, dismembered, burned, and poisoned every year in Department of Defense (DoD) training exercises designed to train medics and infantry in how to treat various human battlefield injuries. PETA is asking President Obama to issue an executive order requiring the DoD to replace animals with non-animal methods.”

PETA: URGENT: Urge Virginia Public Schools to Halt Their Alleged Use of Cruel Glue Traps
“Distraught parents of children attending Norfolk and Chesapeake, Virginia, schools contacted PETA after learning of the alleged use of glue traps to ensnare and kill mice in the schools’ buildings and campuses. PETA contacted school officials, apprising them of the inherent and extreme cruelty of these devices and asking that they remove the traps immediately and instead explore humane pest-control alternatives. Officials suggested that they would look into the matter, but there has been no indication that the traps have been removed. Our follow-up calls are not being returned.”

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 2008-12-16

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Action Alerts

DawnWatch: “Replace Animal Experiments” in USA Today — 12/15/08
“USA Today, the most highly circulated newspaper in the US, includes an op-ed piece headed “Replace Animal Experiments.” (pg 11A) The article is by John J. Pippin, a senior medical and research adviser with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. To learn more about that group, which focuses on the dangers to humans inherent in tests on animals, check out”

Green for All: Tell Congress to Green the Stimulus
“Members of Congress are crafting an economic stimulus and recovery plan. Please tell them that the stimulus must help to build an inclusive green economy – not reinforce the pollution-based economy’s status quo – and has to include funding for the Green Jobs Act.”

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Tell the Canadian government that tar sands mining is threatening North America’s birds
“Tar sands mining and drilling in Canada’s boreal forest is destroying critical nesting areas for millions of birds. Tell the Canadian government to halt any expansion of this destructive practice.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell CSPI That More Animal Testing Is NOT in Your Best Interest
“Despite claiming to be an advocate for “sound science,” the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has been promoting some remarkably unscientific approaches to assessing the safety of food ingredients. CSPI has recently been pushing for animal testing on a natural, plant-based sweetener known as stevia. Based on extensive data already collected in animals and hundreds of years of safe use of stevia by humans, the World Health Organization and many countries believe that this sweetener is “Generally Recognized as Safe” and therefore does not need to be tested on any more animals.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Demand an End to Reported Prairie Dog Poisoning in Lawton, Oklahoma
“According to news sources, the city of Lawton, Oklahoma, is using poison to kill unwanted prairie dogs in Elmer Thomas Park. According to news reports, despite already trying unsuccessfully twice before to kill these animals—once by poisoning—the city has decided to use cruel and ineffective lethal methods once again in an effort to control the prairie dog population.”

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 2008-12-10

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Action Alerts

Center for Biological Diversity: Tell Congress to Make Fuel Efficiency Part of the Auto Bailout
Congress is expected to vote any day now on a financial bailout for U.S. automakers Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The first $15 billion are expected to come from a fund set up by Congress last year to encourage investment in fuel-efficiency technologies in the automobile industry. But, with a stunning lack of foresight, the current proposal includes no measures to foster the fuel-efficiency or technology development needed to make the Big Three competitive again in the marketplace.

Defenders of Wildlife: Stop the Death Sentence for Prairie Dogs, Ferrets
Wildlife-friendly ranchers like Larry and Bette Haverfield have worked hard to preserve the American grasslands that they own and lease. That’s why they volunteered their land for the reintroduction of the once-thought-to-be-extinct black-footed ferret. But last week, commissioners in Logan County, Kansas put the ranchers on notice: forced prairie dog poisonings could happen as early as this Monday, December 15th — a move that would destroy the state’s largest prairie dog town and effectively end black-footed ferret recovery in the state.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Stop Bush’s Giveaway of America’s Redrock Wilderness
Tell the Bush Administration to cancel the December 19 auction of Utah’s Redrock wilderness to oil and gas speculators. These natural treasures belong to the American people in perpetuity. They are not Bush and Cheney’s to give away. Once the drilling begins, this majestic wilderness can never be restored. Please send your message opposing this disastrous plan.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell Ross University to Stop Cutting Up Healthy Animals!
Many other veterinary schools around the world—including St. Matthew’s University on St. Kitts’ neighboring Grand Cayman Island—train students without forcing them to perform harmful, invasive, or terminal surgeries on healthy animals. In the U.K., killing healthy animals for veterinary surgical training is illegal. The law in St. Kitts forbids causing the “unnecessary suffering” of animals, yet at Ross University, healthy animals are needlessly suffering from invasive procedures. Your help is urgently needed. Please send a letter to St. Kitts, DeVry, and Ross University officials demanding that they take immediate action to help animals who are being cut open at Ross University.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Exposed: Pigs Are Dying Aboard U.S. Military-Bound Cargo Ships
Recently, PETA exposed outdated trauma training exercises in which pigs were shot, mutilated, and killed at Schofield Barracks Army Base in Hawaii. Now we have learned from government documents how some of these pigs may suffer and die on barren and crowded cargo ships during their more than 2,000-mile, five-day ocean journey to Hawaii. Please send a polite e-mail to Schofield Barracks Army Base, Matson, Alexander & Baldwin, and DMI. Insist that they stop importing pigs to Hawaii where many are used for trauma training exercises.

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