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In short order: I’m a heathen vegan feminist who *hearts* good vegan eats and blaming the kyriarchy. A native Rochester, New Yorker, I currently live in rural Missouri with my husband and seven furkids (five rescue dogs and two ex-stray cats). My interests include animal and human rights, pop culture, language, and the intersecting nature of oppressions.

I went vegetarian my freshman year of college (1996), and vegan approximately eight years later (it’s a process – animal-based products are everywhere, yo!) minecraft texture pack kostenlos herunterladen.

I also blog at Animal Rights & AntiOppression and POP! goes The Vegan. and spend way too much time farting around on Flickr, Library Thing, Twitter and Facebook.

Full name: Kelly Garbato. Usually I go by “Kelly G.” because, bah, people have a hard enough time pronouncing “Garbato,” let alone remembering it herunterladen. You may substitute in “Garbanzo” if you wish. Hey, at least it’s a vegan food.
…my family

Got married to spb in June of ’06, albeit reluctantly; I would’ve preferred a civil union instead of a quasi-religious “partnership” based on the exchange of property, in which property equals “women.” But, alas! – the government offers no such option. Yet.

Neither the husband nor I plan on replicating our DNA, and it’s doubtful we’ll change our minds: he’s neutered, and we have a “no human kids” clause in the pre-nup, so a pregnancy would mean Big. Trouble. for at least one of the two of us.

We do, however, have plenty of adopted furkids.

In order:

Ozzy, adopted by Shane and his former roommate Chip, as a stray kitten in August 1998 windows media creation tool.

2002-11-13 - Ozzy-019

Ralphie, the first dog Shane and I adopted together, from Dachshund Rescue North America (DRNA) in July of 2001 (dob, October 10, 1997). Ralphie is the product of divorce (neither wife nor husband wanted to take him when they split – so sad, right?!).

2004-01-11 - RalphieTire1-011

Peedee, adopted from LL Dog Rescue in March of 2003 (dob, August 30, 2002). He’s the first, the last, and the only pup we’ll ever adopt (famous last words).

2007-06-25 - Morning Playtime - 0023 [original]

Rennie (full name, O-Ren Ishii), adopted from Animal Haven in March of 2005 (approximate dob, March 11, 2004) mix cloud downloaden. When we found her, Rennie was a wee lil’ street dog with kennel cough; now she’s doubled in size, to an impressive 15 pounds!

2005-08-04 - RPO-PlayingOutside-0015

And then there’s Kaylee and Jayne, who we adopted as a “pair” in September 2006. Kaylee, Jayne and a third dog were abandoned in a rental house when the tenants moved out; the landlord found the starving and neglected trio after a few weeks, and from there the girls made their way to Friends of the Friendless. Paige – the third dog – was adopted quickly, but Kaylee and Jayne stayed with their foster mom for six months before we found ’em.

Supposedly the two are mother-daughter, but I doubt it harry potter audiobook.

2006-09-30 - PM-Kaylee&JayneMake5-0039

(Kaylee, with a guesstimated dob of September 30, 1998, would be the mother to Jayne’s daughter, dob September 30, 2004.)

Short of genetic testing, we’ll never know for sure.

The two are still recovering from their previous neglect: Kaylee has undergone several rounds of dental surgery in order to repair and extract damaged teeth (the last round of extractions seems to have shaved five years off her age!);

2008-04-30 - Dogs, After Kaylee's Surgery - 0038

while Jayne, who was just finishing up heartworm treatment when we met her, is slowly coming out of her shell, but is still somewhat of a nervous, standoffish wreck.

2008-05-23 - Flowers & Dogs - 0021

No complaints here, though; we specifically wanted to adopt “special needs” dogs this last time around, so we knew full well what we were getting into concept map kostenlos download. For the record, rescue dogs, as a group, are no more and no less damaged than “bred” (read: exploited) dogs, produced and sold like property.

But wait! There’s one more! Little Lemmy joined our family in January 2011:

2011-01-22 - Lemmy <a class=videos auf handy herunterladen iphone! - 0001" />

He just showed up on our doorstep and, when I opened the door to his incessant meows, Lemmy strutted in as if he owned the place. A real charmer, that one.

We all currently live on a scrubby twenty acres about an hour north of Kansas City. We hope to fix the property up and one day adopt a few farmed animals; goats or pigs, maybe? Rennie and Kaylee already resemble a piglet and a sow, respectively, so methinks we’re already halfway there.
…the website

Shane, ever the geek, purchased the domain easyvegan.info as a x-mas gift for me eons ago loxone config herunterladen. I liked the domain at the time, but as the blog has evolved, I’ve considered updating the title. Vegan Bitch, which represents both my vegan and feminist sensibilities, is a current favorite. It’ll probably never happen, though, as changing domains is a huge pain in the arse.

Initially, when I started blogging, I merely crossposted action alerts from my Yahoo Group, easyveganalerts. In fact, if you browse through the archives, you’ll see that action alerts make up the bulk of the archived posts. My goal was simply to encourage readers to take action on behalf of the animals ( herunterladen! – whatever that means). When the Mr. and I became consumed with househunting and related chores, I switched from crossposting individual alerts to posting a near-daily roundup of links to actionable items, campaign updates and the like (i.e., the “easyVegan Link Sanctuary” series). This freed up a ton of time, so I stayed with the new format.

Lately, though, I’ve been moving away from posting (or linking to) simple action alerts; frankly, as so many campaigns are welfare oriented, I frequently wonder whether my time might better be spent elsewhere, e.g., on more direct/hands-on activism (like adopting all those goats I just mentioned). For the time being, I’ll continue to post the link roundups, though this is certainly subject to change. As always, reader feedback is welcome – let me know what you find helpful (or not so much) how to download from the zdf mediathek.

In lieu of action alerts, I plan on posting more original material. As of this writing, I’m particularly interested in pop culture, language, movement strategy, ecology, anarchism, and intersecting/parallel oppressions, with an emphasis on feminism and animal liberation.

I know myself well enough to recognize that I’ve neither the patience nor personality for vegan outreach; hence, the purpose of this blog is not to “convert” hard-core meat-eaters, but to engage with fellow vegetarians, vegans and animal advocates. As such, I won’t devote much time to Animal Rights 101 or suffer anti-AR trolls. I’m already forced to do way too much of that shit in the real world as it is.
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