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Since my bingo cards have started to see some link love, I’ve decided to gather them all on one dedicated page, all pretty-like and sans commentary, for your game-playing pleasure. Each card is hosted on Flickr, so please click through for a larger, high-res version. For those who cannot view the images, I’ve also added a plain-text version of each card, some of which include links to debunkings or refutations of the silly sayings contained within. (I plan on adding links regularly, so check back for updates, mkay?)

With the exception of the original Defensive Omnivore Bingo card, all of the cards shown below were created and are shared by moi under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to download, link, embed, FB, tweet, blog, and otherwise share.
Defensive Omnivore Bingo

Defensive Omnivore Bingo


“If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?” Begins to wax sentimental over some variety of meat that they could never give up. Asks where you get your protein. Brings up PETA. “I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat plants.”
Explains how they tried vegetarianism once and it didn’t work out. Argues that humans are different than other animals, and therefore eating them is morally justified outlook news in full. Argues that humans are no different than other animals, and therefore eating them…Lions eat zebras, right? Asks what would happen to the cows if we didn’t eat them. Feigns concern. Expresses concern for plant suffering.
Preaches to you about how preachy vegans are. Wonders how we’d grow enough food to feed us all if everyone went vegetarian overnight. Bingo! Asks why you care more about animals than human beings. Describes some highly unlikely hypothetical scenario in which you’d be forced to eat meat to survive.
Points out that some object you own contains some infinitesimal amount of animal product Play roblox for free without downloading. “Do you eat fish?” Tells you all about the vegan somewhere who once did something wrong. Concludes all vegans are hypocrites. Mentions canine teeth. “Vegetarian: Indian word for ‘bad hunter'”
Describes the happy farm animal they once saw somewhere. Expresses a completely unrelated concern for starving children somewhere. Something irrelevant about cavemen. Wonders why you don’t make better use of all that time you waste not eating animals. Describes a vegan they once knew who suffered from some random ailment. Concludes it was caused by lack of meat.

Defensive Omnivore Bingo was conceived by Brian VanderVeen (aka Hoveringdog) and posted on the original PPK forums (all I have is the broken link, sorry!). You can find an artsier version here. Just for reference, I initially blogged about the card here kodi herunterladen fire tv.
Defensive Omnivore Bingo II

Defensive Omnivore Bingo 2


“If humans didn’t milk cows, their udders would explode.” Threatens to eat two animals for every one you save. Then calls you an asshole. Changes the subject to abortion. Claims that all/most vegans are skinny / pale / sickly / malnourished / on death’s doorstep. Claims that all/most vegans are fat / ugly / miserable / unfuckable / on death’s doorstep.
Animal rights = trucking licenses for dogs, monkeys who vote, etc. Insists that vegans cause more deaths than omni’s. Repeats the word “collateral” ad nauseam. “Hitler was a vegetarian.” For green cred, points to diet of local / organic/ free range / ‘sustainable’ / grass-fed beef. Also: fish. Dismisses veganism as “elitist.”
“A vegan rechnungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden? Is that like a gay vegetarian?” Proudly describes his lacto-ovo-vegetarian-before-6 diet. Thinks this makes you BFFs. Free square: People Eating Tasty Animals (nyuck, nyuck!) Says that animals are treated better than humans. Points to rich aunt’s Pekingese. “We protect farm animals from starvation / disease / predation. They owe us.”
“You city slickers are all the same. Have you ever even visited a farm!?” Mysteriously develops a soy allergy. Equates meat with masculinity: “salad is for girls and sissy boys.” Describes veganism as a religion / fundamentalist religion / cult. Wonders whether you expect Bushmen / Eskimos / vampires to eat Tofu Pups.
HONEY! Swears that vegans are always cold. Has never heard of sweaters. Uses every part of the animal, “just like the Natives.” May also be 1/9th Chickasaw aoe kostenlosen. “PETA’s Vice President has diabetes and injects herself with insulin.” Insists that veganism is a type of eating disorder.


Defensive Omnivore Bingo II is CC Kelly Garbato, 2009 and is shared under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works; originally blogged here.

Speciesist Feminist Bingo

Speciesist Feminist Bingo


Purchases a purebred dog from a breeder. Can’t find a rescue dog to her liking. Approvingly quotes Carol Adams while scarfing down a BLT. Always uses “no-harm wool” in her subversive, patriarchy-smashing craft projects! Is incensed by Whoopi Goldberg’s defense of Roman Polanski; Michael Vick, not so much. Claims that pregnant women need meat. Is not expecting / is childfree.
Treats her mom to a plate of five-star veal on Mother’s Day. Purchases a purebred dog from a breeder. Can’t be bothered to search Petfinder. Equates the butchering of animals with unconventional sex. “Bill Maher is a vegetarian.” Recycles traditional justifications for sexism (etc.) in defense of speciesism spiele kostenlos herunterladen durak.
Eagerly engages in rape apologism when the victims are nonhuman animals. Refers to retrogressive menfolk as “sexist pigs.” Free square: An attractive lady with a hamburger for a head. Claims veganism will divert time / attention / energy away from her feminist activism. Denies that exploitation in animal agriculture is gendered; “we eat males, too.”
Dismisses veganism as “oppressive” b/c it requires further “sacrifices” from women. Does not blame the kyriarchy. Considers veganism an eating disorder. Thinks you’re a misogynist for even suggesting it! Thinks animal exploitation is empowering for women and girls; a real opportunity / achievement! Invokes own marginalized status to excuse her marginalization of animals.
Appropriates animal suffering to make a feminist point. Angrily accuses vegans who compare the suffering of women and animals of being misogynists. Reclaims “bitch” for women – but not for actual bitches. Secretly wants to revoke your feminist card. PETA!,

Speciesist Feminist Bingo is CC Kelly Garbato, 2009 and is shared under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works; originally blogged here herunterladen.

Anti-Feminist Vegetarian Bingo

Anti-Feminist Vegetarian Bingo


“Sex sells.” Uses “rape” to describe a situation wherein a sexual assault did not occur. Likens fat vegans to mythical creatures such as unicorns and compassionate conservatives. Is ‘pro-life’ – for everyone. “You’re just fat / ugly / jealous / humorless / can’t get a date / in need of a good lay.”
Idolizes the Suicide Girls – for their compassion and kindness, of course. Volunteers to leaflet the funeral of a murdered abortion provider. Mocks a woman’s body, when it’s her actions that are ugly. Points to the outrage elicited by an offensive campaign as evidence of its success. Is an active member of the PETA2 Street Team.
“Breasts, not animal tests!” Makes violence against women look sexy. Free square: PETA’s Kimberley Hefner “Uncle Sam” ad “PETA objectifies / sexualizes / exploits men, too!” Responds to criticism w/: Why can’t we all just get along?; We’re on the same side here.; etc.
Thinks campaigns involving female nudity are “original” and “creative.” Asks vegans, “Why do you hate animals?” Dismisses angry women as “mentally ill,” “hysterical,” “in need of professional help.” Launches into an impromptu rant about that “she-devil” Sarah Palin lebenslauf muster zumen kostenlos. Accuses vegan feminists of trying to control / oppress / veil other women.
Uses the oppression of animals to excuse the marginalization of humans. Employs the words bitch, cow, pig, dog, etc. as insults. Denies they’re sexist and speciesist. Blogs at ecorazzi. Appropriates women’s history; has only a passing knowledge of / interest in the issue(s). Considers Skinny Bitch an animal rights classic.

Anti-Feminist Vegetarian Bingo is CC Kelly Garbato, 2009 and is shared under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works; originally blogged here.
Privileged White Vegetarian Bingo

Privileged White Vegetarian Bingo


Dons a white sheet and hood in protest of the AKC. Is more vocal about the consumption of cats & dogs than that of cows & pigs. “Morrissey is dreamy!” Believes all vegans should attend public demos and leaflet college campuses herunterladen. Holds a fur drive for the homelessnot to clothe people, but to reduce fur’s cachet.
Advocates ‘mainstreaming’ the movement so as not to ‘scare off’ others. Conflates Western beauty standards with physical health. Bemoans the political repression of activists; supports racial profiling. “Factory farming is genocide!” Thinks a ‘food desert’ is a new method of cultivating crops in the sand.
Thinks AR advertising on the U.S.-Mexico border wall is a nifty idea! “New vegans must replace all their leather shoes and jackets immediately.” Free square: An anti-fur ad from PETA, featuring Senegalese musician Mola – naked and wearing black animal stripes – imprisoned in a cage. Asks POC communities, “Why don’t you join us?” vs. “How can we help you?” “Why must you be so divisive?!?”
Would rather shame than empower. Describes non-Western foods and cultures as ‘exotic,’ ‘strange,’ & ‘unusual.’ Protests fur; owns blood diamonds herunterladen galerie. “Keep your identity politics out of my Veganism!” Condemns all of Japan for the country’s ‘scientific’ whaling program.
“PETA is inclusive/diverse; it featured a black woman in its 2010 SOTU Undress!” Engages in breedism; supports BSL. Celebrates Thankslivingw/out acknowledging the holiday’s colonialist & racist roots. Denounces non-Western forms of animal exploitation as ‘uncivilized’ & ‘barbaric.’ MICHAEL VICK!

Privileged White Vegetarian Bingo is CC Kelly Garbato, 2011 and is shared under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works; originally blogged here.

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