Contacting Kelly
Contact Info

You can contact me any of the following ways, though email is my preferred method of communication herunterladen.

email: easyvegan [at]

twitter: @vegandaemon

facebook: kelly.garbato

mailing address:

Kelly Garbato
225 Brower Road
Rochester, NY 14622
United States
A note on gifts for review

Though I love free stuff, due to time constraints I can no longer guarantee reviews of any unsolicited items (books, movies, food, etc.) that I receive youtube videos downloaden freemake. All vegan goods will be rewarded with an on-blog shout out – but if a review is what you desire, please shoot me a request via email first.

I’m also happy to host contests and giveaways – just email me with the deets youtube videos downloaden 2018.

Please don’t send me anything that isn’t vegan. Nor do I wish to receive items that engage in other “isms.” In other words, no copies of Meat is for Pussies or Skinny Bitch, mkay herunterladen?
Last updated 8/30/18

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