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– You can use the menu in the sidebar to navigate through the “Recommended Reading” lists, or jump to any one list from this page snes romsen.

– The resources are organized by topic:

Animal Abuse &/ Interpersonal Violence (“The Link”)

Animal Abuse Reference List (“P.S.”)

Animal Behavior / Ethology

Animals as… (food, clothing, game, entertainment, pets, pests and research subjects)

Anthrozoology (i.e., the study of human-animal interactions)

Companion Animal Care

For the Kiddos / Books for Children & Young Adults

Intersections / Parallel Oppressions / Intersectionality

(Animal Advocacy) Theory and Practice

Veganism (as a “Lifestyle”)

– The “Recommended Reading” list is comprised of books that I’ve either read and “enjoyed” (as much as you can enjoy a book about slaughterhouses); have heard good things about; and/or are currently sitting in my massive to-read book pile (an older incarnation of which is pictured below) arma kostenlosen.

– Some of the lists are deliberately selective, including only a few key books on the topic (e.g., “Animals as…” and “Theory and Practice”) while others are exhaustive and comprehensive, reflecting my special interest in the subjects (e.g., “Anthrozoology” and “Intersections”) herunterladen.

– The “Animal Abuse Reference List” list includes online resources as well as print books. This reference list is unique in that you can append it to letters addressed to law enforcement officials regarding animal cruelty cases tycoon spiele kostenlosen vollversion.

– I’ve tried group the resources into the most fitting lists, but as some are relevant to multiple topics, a few make appearances in more than one list ls19 dlc kostenlosen.

– By clicking on the link in each book’s title, you can go to that material’s Amazon listing. If you buy it from Amazon, I’ll get a small cut of the profits google earth für macen. But, should you choose to purchase the product, I strongly encourage you to buy it directly from the publisher – especially if it’s an independent publisher such as Lantern Books or AK Press minecraft kostenlos neueste version. Support our independent veg*n media, yo!

– I’ve left the comments section open on each page, so if you’d like to suggest a book, or would like to comment on one of the resources I’ve chosen, please do herunterladen! Share your thoughts in the comments section of the relevant page. If you’re unsure which list best suits your book or comment, leave it here, on the main page netflix filme herunterladen auf mac.

– To see if I own and/or have read, rated or reviewed any of these books, please visit my Library Thing account (you can jump to my profile here; my catalog here; and my reviews here) top 100 charts kostenlos herunterladen. The catalog is currently up to date, and includes all the books I own and have read/reviewed.

– Of course, for lots of flashy widget-y goodness, check out the My (Virtual) Library page. This includes a list of the books I’m currently reading, as well as my most recent delicious entries.

Happy reading!

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3 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. Nina Almo Says:

    i recommend adding the book nature ethics: an ecofeminist perspective by marti kheel as it brings together different elements of animal rights, ecofeminist philosophy, and holistic health.

  2. Kelly Garbato Says:

    Hey Nina – Thanks for the recommendation! Nature Ethics is included in the “intersections” reading list:

  3. Annabelle E Says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I found ‘Veganism’ to be a great read! I also recommend “Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet”

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