Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 13: Boobs, bacon & bigotry.

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Burger King's Singing in the Shower 03

Mary Elizabeth Williams @ Salon: Will shower for sausages; She’ll “shake her bits” to whet your appetite

In which Burger King tries to one-up its previous misogynist campaigns (can I interest anyone in a blog job burger?) by covering a naked woman in the dismembered corpses and fried secretions of tortured and murdered animals and making her wiggle her (and the animals’) bits in service of the male gaze wordpress medien herunterladen. Cue: “morning spank routine.” Barf, gargle, repeat.

Tracy Clark-Flory @ Salon: Berlusconi is a boob; The prime minister sells sex for political gain, but many Italians aren’t buying it

While dissecting Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s entrepreneurial endeavors – which largely involve selling women’s sexuality on his television stations – Clark-Flory mentions this gem of a tv stunt:

[T]he popular video “Il Corpo delle Donne,” which translates as “The Body of Women,” compiles some of the most shameless moments of T’n’A from Berlusconi’s stations and state television klondike solitaire download for free. The most egregious example: A woman is shown suspended from the ceiling in skimpy underwear next to a literal piece of meat clad in a matching pair of panties; it’s awfully reminiscent of that infamous meat-grinder Hustler cover pdf herunterladen pc.

After 20 minutes spent perusing boob/burger pimp BK’s website, I’m kind of glad I don’t have a video clip to illustrate this piece herunterladen. Oy.

Stephanie @ Animal Rights: Breaking Unjust Laws: Clarence Darrow and Inherit the Wind and (especially) Breaking Unjust Laws: AETA, Fugitive Slave Acts, and Oppression Connections

Using the 1960 film Inherit the Wind as a jumping-off point, Stephanie briefly discusses a few similarities between the animal rights and U.S surveymonkey umfrage herunterladen. anti-slavery movements. Or rather, similarities in how each movement was (is) countered by corporate powers, with no small amount of help from the government download images from dropbox. (Hint: the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 is to abolitionism as _____ is to the animal liberation movement?)

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Who needs the ACLU when you’ve got the CCR?

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

For reals. The ACLU completely stabbed the animal advocacy community in the throat when it failed to take a stand against the AETA diamond diaries saga kostenlos herunterladen. Even now, 2 1/2 years later, a search of the ACLU’s website turns up one pithy reference to AETA – this despite the government’s use of AETA, as feared, to prosecute First Amendment activities facebook messenger videos. Like, WTF, ACLU?

Luckily, the BORDC has had our backs from the beginning, and since the persecution of the AETA 4, CCR has become increasingly vocal in its opposition to AETA as well (as evidenced by their latest action alert, which I’ve included below) herunterladen.

So, seriously, who needs the ACLU when you’ve got the BORDC and the CCR? Yawn. ACLU, I’m so over you.

If you’ve got any extra money to throw around and would like to make a donation to a civil liberties group, please consider supporting our real allies, namely, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Center for Constitutional Rights – as well as the Civil Liberties Defense Center, which is listed as an ally on – and/or drop them a note to let them know you appreciate their solidarity herunterladen.

Further recommended reading/agitating:

Green is the New Red

Coalition to Abolish the AETA

Support the AETA 4

The Good Time Bill

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PCRM: Call Congress Now About the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: PCRM Legislative Coordinator Kyle Ash – kash [at]
Date: Mar 20, 2007 11:30 AM
Subject: Urgent: Call Congress Now About the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Please call your representative and senators today and urge them to attend a briefing on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) herunterladen. If you recall, this bill passed last November and was signed into law in December.

The briefing will discuss issues of free speech and how the AETA now sets the stage for the criminalization of peaceful forms of advocacy undertaken by citizens and organizations seeking change herunterladen. The briefing is organized by the Equal Justice Alliance and the Office of Rep. Tom Lantos of California. Speaking will be Heidi Boghosian, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild; Odette Wilkens, executive director of Equal Justice Alliance; Will Potter, freelance journalist; and possibly Rep hintergrundbilder herunterladen. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. The briefing will take place on Wednesday, March 21, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. in room 2255 of the Rayburn House Office Building windows outlook kostenlos downloaden.

Please, call your representative and senators today herunterladen. Then, send a follow-up e-mail.

Forward this e-mail to your family and friends fußball manager 2018 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Thank you, again, for urging your representative and senators to attend this important meeting. Feel free to contact me at kash [at] if you have any questions

Best regards,

Kyle Ash
Legislative Coordinator
kash [at]

Click here to read the text of S offline download youtube. 3880

Subscribe to future PCRM e-mail communications

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Ste usb loader herunterladen. 400
Washington, DC 20016 Phone: 202-686-2210
E-mail: info [at]



Kinship Circle: ACT TODAY / Invite Congress To AETA Briefing On Hill

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
Date: Mar 20, 2007 3:33 PM
Subject: ACT TODAY/ Invite Congress To AETA Briefing On Hill

Kinship Circle Primary – PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST

Equal Justice Alliance Hosts AETA Briefing On The Hill
Wednesday, March 21, 2007 * 2:00 to 3:30pm

Do your elected officials know about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) r herunterladen mac? Do they understand its negative impact on First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly?

1. Copy/paste flyer below into an email to: YOUR federal Representative and Senators images from the internet.

2. Include a brief note about why you want AETA repealed. See talking point in press release below flyer.

3. For a HIGHER RESOLUTION copy of flyer to Congress, email: kinshipcircle [at]

4 sims 4 kostenlose downloads haare. DELETE ALL REFERENCES TO KINSHIP CIRCLE BEFORE SENDING FLYER/COMMENTS TO REP AND SENATORS. The message is from YOU, not Kinship Circle

To identify your federal legislators and find contact info, try: –
USA Senate –
USA House of Representatives –
Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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LCA: Alert your Congressmen about AETA Panel

Monday, March 19th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Last Chance for Animals – campaigns [at]
Date: Mar 19, 2007 5:07 PM
Subject: Alert your Congressmen about AETA Panel


Ask Your Congressmen to Attend Important AETA Panel Wed herunterladen. 3/21

After the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) last November, it became clear that LCA had to make fighting this unconstitutional law a top priority aangifteprogramma 2012. By partnering with the Equal Justice Alliance (EJA), we are now part of a powerful effort to increase public awareness regarding AETA’s potential infringement of First Amendment rights ringtones herunterladen.

The EJA is also increasing awareness in Congress and has scheduled a panel to talk about the AETA this Wednesday in Washington DC. Representative Kucinich, who was the only representative to speak out against the AETA when it was up for vote, will be speaking at the panel, along with Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild and Will Potter, an award-winning journalist who testified in opposition to the AETA during the single House hearing powerpoint download free full version windows 8.

To motivate congressional members and their staff to attend, please call your senators and representatives to voice your opposition to AETA and ask that they attend this important panel vob b kostenlos. Although they have already been notified of the panel, your voice will carry more weight since you are their constituent.

No AETA Banner - 234x60

Take Action

Call your senators and representative and voice your opposition to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act herunterladen. Ask that they attend the meeting this Wednesday. See below for sample phone call/email:

“Hello, I am calling as a constituent of (Sen/Rep name) to voice my opposition to the recently passed Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act lustige memes zum downloaden. I would like to invite (Sen/Rep name) to attend a panel on this very important issue on Wednesday, March 21st from 2-3:30pm in Rayburn 2255. Thank you.”

For the Animals,

Campaigns Department
Last Chance for Animals

Last Chance for Animals | 8033 Sunset Blvd kostenlose spiele zum herunterladen. #835 | Los Angeles | CA | 90046



Kinship Circle: DIGEST – AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
Date: Feb 14, 2007 10:42 PM
Subject: KC DIGEST: AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE


2/14/07: Kinship Circle DIGEST / ALERTS FROM MEMBERS
AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE

Kinship Circle will be offline from:
Friday, February 16 – Friday, February 23
In New Orleans for Katrina Rescue/Feeding


1 plantnet app kostenlosen. Re-sentencing For Boys Who Baked Puppy Alive?
2. Faux Fur Found To Come From Dogs, Cats
3. Shadow’s Legacy: Companions Are Not “Property”
4 herunterladen. What Can We Do About AETA Now?
5. Ask To Stop Selling Animal Fighting Materials
6. Take Action For Carriage Horses
7 kostenlose hintergrundbilderen. Cruel Treatment Of Sled Dogs In Greenland
8. Slovenia To Kill 106 Brown Bears In 2007
9. Pennsylvania Puppy Mills
10. Sea Shepherd Engages Japanese Whalers
11 Combine pdf for free Download. Animal Lovers Win Extra Life For 400 Chinese Cats

Each DIGEST includes:

* NEWS and CALL-TO-ACTION, submitted by Kinship Circle members zeichentrickfilme kostenlos herunterladen.
* CONTACT INFO to reply directly to the activist who supplied the alert.
* Related KINSHIP CIRCLE LINKS for more background information.
* Submissions are from KC members and do NOT originate from Kinship Circle itself download old typo3 versions.
* If emails for letter recipients fail, contact person who supplied alert — NOT KINSHIP CIRCLE.
* Send submissions for KC DIGEST to kinshipcircle [at]
* Please “clean-up” submitted alerts, and do not send chain of forwarded messages bilder fürs handy kostenlos herunterladen.

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PFAW: 2007 Survey

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

People for the American Way, a progressive human rights organization that primarily works to protect and promote religious freedom, civic participation, civil rights, and constitutional liberties, has a new survey available online herunterladen. Even if you’re not a member/supporter of PFAW, please take a moment to fill it out.

Specifically, question #7 asks “With regard to civil liberties and oversight, on what should PFAW work hardest?” flyer to download. The options include “Restoring habeas corpus; Ending the warrantless surveillance of Americans; Protecting free speech; Restoring due process; and Restoring checks and balances/oversight of the executive branch.” Afterwards, participants are urged to share additional comments ard broadcast.

This is an excellent opportunity to encourage another civil liberties group to take a stand against AETA, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. According to the Equal Justice Alliance, PFAW has not yet joined the list of groups opposed to AETA adobe reader x kostenlos herunterladen deutsch. Let PFAW know that the rights of animal rights and eco-activists must be protected too!

Additional information and talking points available in past posts appen op macbook pro.

Spread the word!



ACLU: In 2007, Let’s Move Freedom Forward

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

The ACLU’s got a new petition to Congress up; here’s the full-text:

It’s the beginning of a new year, the beginning of a new Congress and time for us to look ahead at where we want our country to be a year from now warrock german free.

In the coming year, I will ask you to take a number of steps to enhance freedom and fairness for everyone in America. This year, my New Year’s resolutions include working with you to help:

1 herunterladen. Restore habeas corpus and due process
2. End torture in secret prisons
3. Stop warrantless eavesdropping on innocent Americans
4. Fix the Patriot Act and bring it in line with the Constitution

I hope you’ll make these resolutions a priority for 2007 java mac herunterladen. By doing so, you and the Congress can reassert your Constitutional role as a check on the executive branch and ensure oversight of the president and the administration apps downloaden op samsung smart tv 2012.

They also invite signers to “Tell us, and Congress, your own resolutions for moving freedom forward in 2007. What matters most to you?”

Please take a moment to sign itbecause it’s the fun thing to do – and then, in the comments section, leave a polite rant about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) herunterladen. Ask Congress to repeal it post-haste, and chastise the ACLU for their failure to oppose it.

New to Find out more about AETA here herunterladen.



LCA: AETA Update from Chris DeRose

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Campaigns Department – campaigns [at]
Date: Dec 22, 2006 4:37 PM
Subject: AETA Update from Chris DeRose

“I Am Not a Terrorist”

LCA is unwavering in our commitment to challenge the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), no matter how hard or how long it takes amazon film kaufen downloaden.

We are continuing our coalition building with other major animal groups, welfare, protection, rescue and rights organizations, as well as legal organizations and non-animal organizations, to work together so that there is a single message from all of us how to. This is important! Our voices must be strong and unified to gather support for the repeal of the AETA.

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the number of people that want to join the fight sketchup download mac kostenlos. We have been in touch with people all over the county. The public needed someone to carry the torch and to have a main focus.

I want to continue stressing that the AETA has the ability to affect all animal groups; welfare, protection, rescue and rights need for speed world. In LCA fashion, we will stay on it and pursue it until it no longer exists.

Please continue contacting your senators and representatives firefox browser herunterladen. Let them know that you support the repeal of the AETA and you want them to support the repeal also! Call back frequently; become familiar with the staff…you can make a difference auto spielen kostenlosen.

For those of you near Washington D.C. – members of Congress will be sworn in on Thursday, January 4th, and most will hold receptions for their constituents dinner for one downloaden. This is a great opportunity to approach your representatives (and others) about repealing the AETA. They usually require an RSVP, but they may not be too strict about barring unannounced visitors inkscape for mac.

Check in with LCA and Equal Justice Alliance often for updated information on the fight against the AETA kann 888poker nicht downloaden.

We’re going to kick ass and stop this damn thing!

For the animals,

Chris DeRose
President and Founder
Last Chance for Animals

email: campaigns [at]
phone: (310) 271-6096 x30

Last Chance for Animals | 8033 Sunset Blvd super bubbles kostenlos herunterladen. #835 | Los Angeles | CA | 90046



DCCC 100 Hours Survey – Tell the Dems to repeal AETA immediately!

Thursday, December 14th, 2006 kostenlos herunterladen

I just completed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) “100 Hours Legislative Survey.” Though only one question deals with environmental issues – and NO questions address animal advocacy concerns – there is a box where participants are invited to share the “other issues [you would like] like the 110th Congress to take up in the first 100 Hours?” Please take a moment to complete the survey and ask the 110th Congress to repeal the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) immediately herunterladen.

Other suggestions you can include are for Congress to act on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act and the Animal Fighting Prohibition Act hubschrauber flugsimulator kostenlos downloaden.



AETA News Roundup

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Given the disheartening lack of coverage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) in the mainstream media, I thought a roundup of recent news coverage might be helpful garmin express voor mac. (Of course, there’s always Green Is the New Red for breaking updates!) Though AETA never should have passed through the House OR the Senate, the good news seems to be that opposition is growing btd6 herunterladen.

Prior to the House vote, the Institute for Humanist Studies included an anti-AETA article in their newsletter, Humanist Network News 360 grad app herunterladen. It’s a great piece, and the fact that it doesn’t come from the “animal terrorist” sector makes it that much more impressive.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

(More below the fold…)

Now *that’s* rich.

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

A little holiday ditty via the ACLU. You know – the so-called “defenders of civil liberties” who, shall we say, “tacitly” supported the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) herunterladen.

An Overdue Visit

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the nation
Friends of Freedom knew it was a special occasion new font.
Lady Liberty stood taller just off the shore
Her torch shining brighter than a few weeks before

But it wasn’t the flame turning her cheeks all rosy
It was thoughts of Snowe, Feingold and Nancy Pelosi
And leaders from every side of the aisle
Who would soon bring the Bill of Rights back into style herunterladen.

The Amendments had all hurried out of their beds –
Which was no easy task, they were nearly in shreds –
And they rushed to the window on papery feet
As a jolly old man flew right over their street netflix filme herunterladen legal.

“Could it be!?” they inquired as the roof shook and trembled
And they crept toward the mantle, peaceably assembled,
Just as someone emerged from the chimney with flair
In a shiny red suit, with a shock of white hair

And a top hat, and pants all in red, white and blue –
“Wait a minute,” the Amendments exclaimed, “Who are you?”
“Don’t be frightened my children,” he said, “it’s no scam herunterladen.
“You can’t have forgotten your old Uncle Sam!”

“Holy crap!” said Free Speech. “Stop right there!” yelled Bear Arms
And Privacy cried “Who shut off the alarms?!”
The Fifth remained silent, but Uncle Sam said
“We’ve been having some trouble, but Freedom’s not dead.”

The Amendments were cautious downloaden. “It’s just been so long
“We’ve seen Liberty lost, we’ve seen so much go wrong.
“The President’s trying to mangle and warp us,
“The Fourth is in tatters, so’s Habeas Corpus!”

The old man sat down – he had had quite a ride –
But he told them “Don’t worry, the Law’s on our side,
“‘Cause the nation’s fed up and more people are crying
“For Justice and an end to illegal spying,

“And secret abductions by the CIA,
“And laws that would take women’s choices away,
“And Gitmo tribunals and secret detention,
“And other intrusions too numerous to mention – ”

“Not so fast,” said a grinchity voice from above
And Don Rumsfeld pushed past the Fourteenth with a shove apps für smartphones kostenlos downloaden.
He was covered in soot and he looked kind of scary.
It seemed like his Christmas had not been so merry.

The Amendments said they weren’t happy to see him:
“You tried to throw all of us in the museum amazon music title!
“You’ve done so much the Constitution forbids!”
“And I would have gone on, but for you meddling kids!”

Uncle Sam told him “Rummy, your plans just won’t do,
“So we’ve got a brand new timetable for you!”
And as Rumsfeld retired and crept into the night
The Amendments cried out “Have a good secret flight!”

From the distance they heard him reply with a snort vypr vpnen.
“Bye-bye, Rummy!” they answered, “we’ll see you in court!”
Uncle Sam rode the chimney up out of the room
And, like Frosty, he said “I’ll be back again soon.”

But they heard him exclaim “Oh, and just one more thing netflix movies howmuch gb!
“This year, when the holiday bells start to ring,
“Try to honor religion. Honest faith can’t be wrong.
“It’s America, can’t we all just get along?

“So, on Christian,” he cried, “Muslim, Hindu, and Jew!
“On Quaker! On Shaker! And Atheist too!
“On Buddhist! On Taoist! And to show we’re not chickens
“We’ll file a few lawsuits defending the Wiccans!

“Your belief is your right, so get out there and savor it.
“Uncle Sam’s not a preacher, and he doesn’t play favorites!”
So this holiday season, whatever you do,
Warmest wishes for Freedom, from the ACLU.

Just as long as you don’t – *gasp* – agitate for animals.
In that case, g’luck at Gitmo, sucka.



Kinship Circle: AETA UPDATE / Hope For Repeal?

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
Date: Dec 8, 2006 10:21 PM
Subject: AETA UPDATE/ Hope For Repeal netflix serieen computer?

KINSHIP CIRCLE PRIMARY – permission to crosspost

12/8/06: AETA UPDATE / Hope For Repeal herunterladen?


1. President Signs Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Into Law
2. Keep Fighting, The Animals Need Us – A message from Chris DeRose
3 hungry shark world für pc downloaden. Equal Justice Alliance Enacts Strategy In Wake Of AETA’s Passage
4. McGovern Pledges To Help Overturn Animal Terrorism Law
5. Sunday 12/17: Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Seminar
6 free games on tablet. Judge Strikes Down Bush On Terror Groups
7. AETA In Reverse? Portland Fur Dealer “Terrorizes” Protesters
8. Levity – Dubya’s “Letter” To An Animal Rights Activist


(More below the fold…)

SATYA’s December ’06 / January ’07 Issue Available!

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

You know, I’ve been considering subscribing to Satya for a few months now, but this issue convinced me. I can’t wait to receive my copy next week dropbox herunterladen!

I bet it would also make a great holiday giftandroid sms herunterladen.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Satya Magazine – satya [at]
Date: Dec 6, 2006 2:16 AM
Subject: SATYA’s December/January Double Issue Now Available — The New Face of Terrorism

The SATYA December/January Special Double Issue is Now Available children's series legally!

See highlights at:

The New Face of Terrorism Could be yours.

With Lynne Stewart, The SHAC7, Rod Coronado, AETA Update and more

Satya - December 2006

On the Cover: Image © Nonstock/Jupiter Images

This double issue examines the current federal crackdown on activists and the implications of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act my craft play free. Kick off with a guest editorial by Will Potter examining the chilling effect this “Green Scare” could have on free speech.

Featured interviews include human rights attorney Lynne Stewart, the SHAC7, and activists Peter Young and Rod Coronado imovie 9 kostenlos.

Robert Shetterly’s moving portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth and photographs of human rights activists from Speak Truth to Power offer inspiration in this troubling time wie kann man ein gifen.

Start the New Year off right with Bryant Terry’s New Millennium Soul Food and Monica Engebretson’s resolutions for helping animals herunterladen.

Plus bird flu updates, film reviews, Satya’s vegan bakery guide and tips for supporting political prisoners. All this and more!

(More below the fold…)

LCA: An Important Message from Chris DeRose

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Campaigns Department – campaigns [at]
Date: Dec 4, 2006 8:58 PM
Subject: An Important Message from Chris DeRose

Keep Fighting, the Animals Need Us imovie downloaden lukt niet!


The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) has been signed into law…now what herunterladen?

The government can call constitutionally protected freedom of speech and the act of helping animals “terrorism,” but that doesn’t change the fact that millions of animals are needlessly suffering for vanity, appetite, entertainment and sport schöne schriftenen kostenlos. The animals still need us, regardless of how the animal abusers portray us in the media and the halls of Congress.

LCA’s team of lawyers and lobbyists have been pouring over the language of the bill to figure out exactly what this means for activists and are strategizing on how to fight this absurd bill apps sony TV.

The LCA team has two suggestions for animal rights activists, thus far:

1) Attempt to repeal the law (LCA is working on this critical repeal) kann man bei amazon prime filme herunterladen.

2) AETA court challenge. What this means; if an activist is accused of a crime in the process of helping an animal under the AETA, we will have the opportunity to challenge each and every case in court herunterladen.

Animal abusers would love to see activists spend all their time and money defending themselves in court instead of speaking up for the animals audio von websiteen mac. We won’t let that happen. We have found several lawyers who will handle specific cases pro-bono and help minimalize our valuable time and resources ballerspiele kostenlos herunterladen.

This is a PR war and we can’t give them an inch. Animal activists and this whole movement must take a step up and be savvier in how they approach the struggle; negative and threatening remarks accomplish nothing for our cause herunterladen. THE RIGHT KIND OF ACTION WILL GET RESULTS!

I encourage activists everywhere NOT to be swayed: but to continue and increase your non-violent activities (non-violent does not always mean laws are not broken) advocating for the animals microsoft word kostenlosen vollversion. If we don’t, who will?

LCA was the first national organization to take this issue head on. We will keep fighting. I will lead the charge. I PERSONALLY WILL CONTINUE TO BE ON THE FRONT LINE. We must never ever back off! This is the time we work and fight harder and smarter.

For the animals,

Chris DeRose
President and Founder
Last Chance for Animals

email: campaigns [at]
phone: (310) 271-6096 x30

Last Chance for Animals | 8033 Sunset Blvd. #835 | Los Angeles | CA | 90046



Dennis Kucinich, Rock Star

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Representative Dennis Kucinich – you know, the only guy in all of Congress with enough gravitas to vote against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) – emailed me in regards to said bill yesterday converter herunterladen. Well, OK, he didn’t email me, his office did. Cool beans either way. I’m a C-list blogger, so when a Rep’s rep emails me outta the blue, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling zoom für pc kostenlos download. At least I know someone out there’s listening.

Anyway, here’s what the man had to say about AETA:

(More below the fold…)

Kucinich on AETA

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
usb treiber windows 98 kostenlos

Representative Dennis Kucinich – you know, the only guy in all of Congress with enough gravitas to vote against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) – emailed me in regards to said bill yesterday itunes images from iphone. Well, OK, he didn’t email me, his office did. Cool beans either way. I’m a C-list blogger, so when a Rep’s rep emails me outta the blue, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling seite zum videos herunterladen. At least I know someone out there’s listening.

Anyway, here’s what the man had to say about AETA:

(More below the fold…)

Farm Sanctuary: Additional Actions Against AETA & More

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Even though AETA was signed into law by GW yesterday, Farm Sanctuary has further suggestions for opposing the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

The following is excerpted from their website:

You Can Still Help herunterladen!

Thank you to all who previously took action against the AETA by demanding that First Amendment activities such as demonstrations, leafleting and boycotts, should not be criminalized by calling such legal activities “disruptive” to business lego virtuell bauen kostenlosen. However, rest assured that animal advocates shall persevere undaunted. Also, remember that that there is language in the sloppily-drafted bill which would make it difficult for prosecutors to overreach and chastise First Amendment-protected activities herunterladen.

* Let House Judiciary Chairman Sensenbrenner, who spoke in favor of AETA, know how you feel about his attempts to criminalize animal advocates myvodafone app.

* Thank Rep. Dennis Kucinich for being the sole voice on 11-13-06 by speaking out that HR 4239 was voted on without more representation by the House herunterladen. Urge others to do so as well.

* Please contact your U.S. (not State) Representative and express your disappointment, especially if they are co-sponsors of the bill micky maus wunderhaus herunterladen.

* Contact your U.S. Senator and express your disappointment with her, or his, vote. Let your Senator know that compassion should not be a crime ios zertifikat herunterladen!

* All legislators may be contacted through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121. To identify your Congressperson, go to or, or simply enter your zip code at stop schriftart herunterladen.

I’d also like to add the following:

* Contact the ACLU and politely express your disappointment/frustration/anger at their last-minute withdrawal of their opposition to the bill yahoo. A history of the ACLU’s stance re: AETA is available here; detailed contact info for the ACLU is listed here (scroll to the bottom of the post) vorschulkinder übungen kostenlos ausdruckenen.

* Contact the BORDC and thank them for opposing AETA (and defending our First Amendment freedoms) when the ACLU would not. More on the BORDC here and here.



LCA: Breaking News – President Bush Signs AETA, 11/27

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Oy. Literally seconds after posting this update re: AETA, I received the following alert from Last Chance for Animals in my inbox herunterladen. What a sham.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Campaigns Department – campaigns [at]
Date: Nov 27, 2006 9:28 PM
Subject: Breaking News – President Bush Signs AETA 11/27

President Bush Signs AETA Today — 11/27/2006

President Bush signed The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA, S.3880 ENR) into law today, Monday, November 27th video von seite herunterladen.

The AETA not only puts our constitution in jeopardy, it puts all of us who speak out against the status quo in jeopardy. Animal rights activists, civil rights activists, the media, entertainers and even the NRA are all in danger of being called “Terrorists.” The broad language in this bill creates a dangerous, slipperly slope that can be used to take away our first amendment rights and put innocent people in jail herunterladen!

The bill was fast-tracked through both the House and the Senate by the biomedical industries — people who have everything to gain by silencing legitimate protests against their cruel animal abuse sims 4 mods download kostenlos deutsch. Click here to see the official language of the bill as it was signed today.

“LCA has been at the forefront of fighting and opposing the AETA on a national level kostenlos midi files downloaden. Former Congressman and lobbyist for LCA, Charlie Rose, has been working feverishly against the AETA,” states LCA President Chris DeRose. “This is not over for LCA, this is just the beginning.”


Fight the AETA

Contact your Senate and House Representatives and let them know you oppose the AETA and their complacency during the passing of the bill 7 days to die kostenlos herunterladen.

Visit and for contact information.

email: campaigns [at]
phone: (310) 271-6096 x30

Last Chance for Animals | 8033 Sunset Blvd herunterladen. #835 | Los Angeles | CA | 90046



Equal Justice Alliance: AETA – Where Do We Go from Here?

Monday, November 27th, 2006

The following letter has been circulating on animal rights/welfare listservs, and is also available on the Equal Justice Alliance’s website free youtube downloaden gratis mp4.


AETA – Where Do We Go from Here?

Source: Equal Justice Alliance

Dear fellow animal activist,

As you are well aware by now, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA, S papers please deutsch kostenlosen. 3880) passed the U.S. Senate by unanimous consent in September. It passed the U.S. House of Representatives on November 13th because we were outmaneuvered by the Republican leadership of the House Judiciary Committee 10 finger system kostenlosen. And now the bill has been signed into law by President Bush. We appreciate your massive outpouring of e-mails and phone calls to Congress. We learned valuable lessons from our lobbying experience pc games kostenlosen deutsch. For us, this is a new beginning.

What We Are Doing

We have resolved that Equal Justice Alliance must continue its mission along three tracks:

* To protect equal justice and freedom of speech for animal and other social justice advocates by working to repeal AETA and to prevent future repressive legislation;

* To provide an alternative Congressional watchdog function;

* To promote an atmosphere of respect for animal advocacy within Congress and Justice Department gratis windows 10en.

We plan to pursue three ways of neutralizing AETA:

* By convincing federal district attorneys not to prosecute under AETA because the law is too broad and vague to make it through the courts;

* By convincing federal courts to dismiss a test case because the law is too broad and vague;

* By convincing Congress that the law is unworkable, unconstitutional, and should be repealed herunterladen.

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