Stacking the Shelves: October in Books

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

2015-10-29 - Book Mail - 0001 [flickr]

Lucinda Riley was nice enough to give away a copy of her latest novel, The Seven Sisters, on her Facebook page, and I won! This book traveled all the way from the UK to be with me, you guys.

2015-10-28 - Banned Books Week Prize Pack - 0003 [flickr]

Check out this awesome Banned Book day prize pack I won from @Simon Teen – a whole set of Ellen Hopkins’s YA titles. Enough to keep me busy for at least a month.

2015-10-24 - You're Never Weird - 0001 [flickr]

Shelf Awareness sent me a copy of You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), signed by Felicia Day herself!

2015-10-23 - LT Spoils - 0001 [flickr]

The latest in Library Thing spoils: an audio version of Devoted, courtesy of Recorded Books. I really enjoyed Jennifer Mathieu’s first book, The Truth About Alice, and have been looking forward to this one as well!

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Stacking the Shelves: September in Books

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

2015-10-01 - Queers Destroy Horror - 0002 [flickr]

The special Queers Destroy Horror! edition of Nightmare Magazine arrived on October 1st – right on the dot! (Rennie is uncharacteristically unimpressed.) Now I’m just waiting for Queers Destroy Fantasy, which comes out in December.

2015-09-29 - September Pre-Orders - 0003 [flickr]

September was a huge month for pre-orders! Amazon “only” messed up 40% of them: The Golden Compass was late (thanks USPS!), so they gave me a free month of Prime; and Amazon packaged Buffy with two other, completely unrelated orders – one of which was a two-pound bag of arrowroot powder – and of course the cover got all scuffed up in transit. Like, who wouldathunkit? One scathing email later and I got a refund on all the three items. Which is pretty rad, I won’t lie, but all I really want is for them to up their packaging game. It seems like I have a problem ever fourth or fifth order at this point. ARGH.

Remember when they shrink-wrapped books to a sturdy cardboard backing? Those were the days…

2015-09-24 - Sleeping Giants - 0003 [flickr]

Soooo excited for this one! I almost requested it on NetGalley, but the crafty-book-is-crafty, interview-style format made me nervous. (I had such awful luck with Illuminae; even on the iPad, the “scanned documents” were nearly unreadable. I ended up just preordering a finished copy.) Luckily Shelf Awareness came through for me!

(By the by, there aren’t any graphics in the ARC, so it looks like it should do okay on an e-reader.)

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HSUS: It’s Your Call – Should Amazon Promote Animal Fighting?

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Humane Society of the United States – humanesociety [at]
Date: Feb 8, 2007 1:22 PM
Subject: It’s Your Call: Should Amazon Promote Animal Fighting?


The Humane Society of the United States
February 8, 2007



Did you know that is peddling materials that are both illegal and cruel to animals? It’s true: is selling materials that promote cockfighting and dogfighting, and The Humane Society of the United States has been pressuring the company to remove these materials for many months.

Yesterday, the online retail giant told us that two dogfighting DVDs would be pulled from the site. This is a win for the dogs abused and killed in dogfights, but in the past has removed similar videos only to offer them for sale again later.


Now, must also cease its unsavory profiteering from The Gamecock and The Feathered Warrior, magazines that sell illegal animal-fighting paraphernalia and call attention to cockfighting venues. These magazines are the glue that holds together the criminal cockfighting industry in this country, and is their main internet subscription tool.

Today, please join us in telling that it’s time for a zero-tolerance policy against the violent spectacle of animal fighting for human amusement. CALL AMAZON.COM RIGHT NOW AT 206-266-1000 and demand that they stop collecting blood money from this exploitation of animals.

This is not an issue of freedom of speech or materials that are merely offensive, although they are that. The facts are clear:

Interstate distribution of materials that promote animal fighting is a violation of federal law. This week, The HSUS filed suit against and its suppliers to uphold that law.


You can also use’s web form to make your point: Then, please
forward this alert to your friends and family so that they can make the call against animal fighting, too:

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Oceana: Amazon – Drop Shark Fin Soup!

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

UPDATE, 1/24/07, via Oceana:

We recently asked for your help to convince online mega-retailer, Amazon, to remove canned shark fin soup from its virtual shelves. Within hours, 14,000 of you had contacted Amazon about this issue and in response, Amazon discontinued the sale of Roland’s shark fin soup.

While the Amazon effort focused on shark finning–cutting off the shark’s fins while it is still alive, and then tossing the body back into to the sea–sharks are also at risk from other fishing practices. Tens of millions of sharks are accidentally caught each year as victims of dirty fishing or bycatch. Despite the mounting evidence of shark overfishing and depletion, few countries restrict shark fishing or bycatch.

We’re working to get the EU to implement fishing laws to protect sharks. Europe is home to some of the world’s largest fishing fleets and its powerful fisheries officials influence international fishing restrictions in many regions of the globe. As a result, poor European shark policies pose threats to sharks not only in European waters but in other parts of the world as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact Amazon and being part of Oceana’s first 2007 victory.


Via Oceana:

Amazon: Drop Shark Fin Soup!

Online megastore, Amazon, sells everything from books to electronics to home decor. But there’s no room in its product line for shark fin soup.

This so-called delicacy exploits a population that is already threatened with extinction. Shark finning involves cutting off the shark’s fins while it is still alive, and then tossing the body back into to the sea, dead or dying. Up to 73 million sharks are killed every year to support the international shark fin market.

Amazon has already discontinued one brand of shark fin soup thanks to consumer response. Now we need to get ALL shark fin products removed from its virtual shelves.

Take action today!