DawnWatch: Anderson Cooper on animals — 3/19 — 3/21/07 Please send thanks.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

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Photo via jvoves

Thank heavens for CNN’s Anderson Cooper. As he covered the Tsunami, he included the plight of the animals. He covers the effect of war on animals. And after Katrina hit, more than any other reporter, he kept us abreast of the animal situation. This week, as he covers the horror of trafficking in Thailand, naturally he has not forgotten the animals.

His website promo for tonight’s show, Wednesday, March 21, is:

“See the soft underbelly of an ugly black market where endangered animals and animal parts are illegally purchased. A shocking look through the lens of our hidden camera. We’re live from Southeast Asia tonight, 10 ET.”

He already started to explore the issue on Monday. Here is some of the transcript from that coverage:

“On the weekend, in Bangkok’s Jatujak Market, you can find every kind of animal for sale. Most of the trade is legal. But, among these shops and stalls, there is a far more sinister trade as well: wildlife traffickers buying and selling endangered and threatened species. Using an undercover camera, we discover in one store endangered tortoises smuggled in from Madagascar. Here are rare marmosets and lemurs, in this cage, a slow loris, a primate nearly drive to extinction in Thailand.

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