AARF: Fleaworld is a Cruel World

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Via the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (hat tip to the Animals Voice newsletter):

Fleaworld is a Cruel World

Flea World, a flea market in Sanford, Florida (10 miles north of Orlando), regularly features cruel animal acts including big cats, elephants and other animals.

Animals in traveling acts lead a dreary existence of confinement and abuse – carted from one location to another, deprived of normal social relationships and their natural behaviors. Traveling animal acts are notorious for their abusive training techniques.

During the months of February and March 2007, Flea World will host a circus act that includes a solitary elephant named “Dondi”. Dondi is a 34-year-old Asian elephant who was born in the wild in Thailand before being brought to this country to perform. Dondi is also forced to give rides at Flea World. She is kept in a small trailer when not performing.

In April 2007, Flea World will feature performances by Thunderhawk Big Cat Rescue. Despite its name, Thunderhawk is not a sanctuary. Thunderhawk brings some of the dozens of lions, tigers, leopards and cougars it owns to performances at BBQ festivals, tattoo conventions and flea markets across Florida. […]

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