Friday Veggie Vlogging ("3fer" ed.)

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Wow. I managed to keep this thing going for two whole weeks before I sputtered out. Now I’m 2 for 5, having spent one more Friday procrastinating than I have vlogging. Ah well.

Here’s a punk rawk 3fer straight off of PETA’s Liberation album*, then I’m off to do some packing. Happy Friday, y’all.

First up, Goldfinger singing Fuck Ted Nugent. Live. So forgive the poor quality, is what I’m saying. And try to ignore the sexist slurs about J. Lo. She’s something bad for wearing fur, but a “twat” it ain’t.

Next we have Bring Out Your Dead, via Anti-Flag. Maybe it’s just the times, but it sounds like an AETA protest to these ears.

Finally, Good Charlotte with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Not explicitly animal rights – more like anti-celebutante – but it’ll do. Plus, they’re into the whole veg*n scene.

* Holy bajebus, was it hard to find vids for these songs on the You Tube.