You’ve got to be kidding me.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Or, to paraphrase the ginormous comment thread over at Shakesville, :: RAGE! ::

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jim Dean, Democracy for America –
Date: Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 12:40 PM
Subject: Coming together to win

Kelly –

I remember very well what it felt like when my brother Howard didn’t win the Democratic nomination in 2004. It hurt. I was angry. I found myself wondering how I could turn around and support a candidate who I had just spent over a year trying to defeat.

I can tell you, it wasn’t easy.

But as a community, we did it together. We reached out and inspired each other. We didn’t forget the past; we wore it as a badge of honor, and we never stopped working to take back America.

Last night, Barack Obama won the delegates necessary to become the Democratic Nominee. This historic victory is a testament to your hard work and dedication. We’re moving America forward into a new era of progressive leadership. And today, there are supporters of eight other Democratic presidential candidates who need our leadership to help them heal.

We must reach out. We must inspire and respect each other. We will bring the Democratic Party together for a unified victory in November.

Click here to sign the Unity Action Pledge with me. [ed: Will. Not. Link.]

The general election campaign starts today.

I challenge you to find 5 people, who supported a different candidate for the nomination, and bring them into our campaign.

John McCain does not represent the future of our country. He is business as usual in Washington DC. He is guided by special interests over the voters’ interests. He thinks diplomacy is a weakness and military might alone is a sound foreign policy. He stands against health care for all and he wants to continue George Bush’s economic policies.

John McCain will stay the course — the wrong course — in Iraq. That’s not change. That’s more of the same.

This election is bigger than one candidate or one campaign. There is too much at stake to fight against ourselves. Together, we’ll take our country back from failed leadership and insider politics.

Click here to sign the Unity Action Pledge.

Don’t wait another day to take action. We will win in November by working together now.

Thank you for everything you are doing to take our country back.


Jim Dean
Democracy for America

Isn’t that special? Shorter Jim Dean: “We know you ladiez are pissy because your candidate didn’t win (or maybe you’re just all on the rag this week, who knows what wimmin are thinking, it’s not like God sticks instruction manuals in your vaginas!?!), but get in line, bitches!”

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What Barack said.

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Campaigning in Durham, North Carolina this morning, Obama p0wned Hillary re: her parroting of McCain’s supercilious “gas tax holiday” idea:

Senator McCain was the first one to propose a gas tax holiday. And then Senator Clinton immediately said, “Me, too.” And most of you probably have been reading the reports, if we suspended the gas tax for three months, as they propose, the most you could hope for would be a 30-cent-a-day savings for a grand total of $28 for the entire summer. That would be the savings best case scenario that you would get. But the fact is we tried this back in Illinois, back in 2000, and it’s been proposed in the past. And other states have done it. And typically, what happens is you eliminate the gas tax, and the oil companies simply make up the difference. They fill the gap. They stop up whatever perceived savings the consumers might have.

You’re paying the same amount of gas except now we no longer have the money going into the highway trust fund that builds our roads and our bridges, keeps us safe and puts thousands of people here in North Carolina to work. It’s a shell game.

Seriously, Hills, wtf are you thinking?!

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Just STFU,

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I mean really. Am I seriously supposed to care that 70% of an unspecified number of people in your address book prefer Obama over Clinton? I got the poll too, but there wasn’t a little check box for Edwards or Kucinich – or even one for Gravel who, last I checked, is still a Dem and is still in the race – so I trashed your email without voting. And now I’m supposed to give two shits that the suckers who did respond like Obama? Meh.

And shame on the msm, what with their misleading headlines and hack reporting:

Powerful Political Action Group Backs Barack’s 3.2 Million Members Vote Obama

Try again. While 3.2 million people might belong to’s email list, only a fraction of those – hundreds of thousands, according to – actually cared enough to vote. Of those, 70.4% voted to endorse Obama, while 29.6% went for Clinton.

So no, “’s 3.2 Million Members did not all Vote Obama.” A few hundred thousand people just like me (i.e., regular schlubs) voted for him – and most members did not even bother to reply to such a stoopoid poll in the first place.

I pity the fool who’s swayed by such a non-issue. Do your own f’in research.