This isn’t your grandmother’s Shepherd’s Pie!

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

2012-12-16 - AVK Brewpub Tater Tot Pie - 0006


And the hits just keep on coming! In what’s proven to be yet another winner from American Vegan Kitchen, Tami Noyes gives us her unique spin on a Shepherd’s Pie: the Brewpub Tater Tot Pie.


2012-12-16 - AVK Brewpub Tater Tot Pie - 0010


The traditional bottom “meat” layer is made of tvp reconstituted in veggie broth and flavored with vegan beer (!), among other things. In place of the mashed potato layer that I find so annoying to make: tater tots! It doesn’t get any easier than this, people.

Noyes instructs you to cut the tots in half – probably so you’ll use less and end up with a healthier dish – but that’s just silly! And not nearly as tasty! We like our tots nice and curvy, thanks.

Anyway, superamazingexpialidelicious. Finnick agrees!


2012-12-16 - AVK Brewpub Tater Tot Pie - 0008

Finnick’s fear of the camera seems to disappear when the food comes out. Strange, that.

Friday Random Cuteness: Enviro-Friendly Beer Bellies

Friday, August 11th, 2006

This week’s dose of cuteness will be served with a bonus story!

Beer saves the planet

It may sound like an excuse made up by someone heading off for a night out – but drinking beer is good for the planet.

And, if you feel peckish after downing several pints, there is even more good news because a separate study reveals curry can boost brain power.

It is not the ale itself that has the green credentials, but the stuff brewers throw away as they make it.

One needs only consume curry once in a while for better cognitive performance

The process of brewing from barley creates a waste product called beer bran.

The bran can soak up potentially fatal and cancercausing chemicals, often used in paint and glues, which end up in rivers and lakes.

Up to now, environment agencies have used expensive carbon filters to clean up polluted waterways.

But they are not environmentally friendly to produce. Beer bran occurs naturally in brewing and is cheap, scientists from Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan told New Scientist.

And now, I present Ozzy (Prince of Darkness), who – from the looks of his mushy belly – has clearly had a few too many brewskies.

2002-11-30 - OzzyPest-0011

No big backstory here, just marshmallow and fur.