Tell them stories! Also: vegan experts needed, VegListings, and shopping vegan on etsy.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Emma loves her Papa

Emma loves her papa!
CC image via flickr user Vegan Flower (Molly stop schriftart herunterladen!).

Hey there lovely people! I have a homework assignment for the dog people in the audience. Don’t worry, it’s short and kind of sweet and won’t distract from your holiday festivities. Dr. Frank McMillan at Best Friends Animal Society is studying human-nonhuman bonding and, as part of his background research, is soliciting stories of love and devotion from those who share their lives with dogs yahoo. How do you know that your dog friend loves you? The answer can be short or long-form, simple or multifaceted. Just TELL HIM STORIES! (Always quote His Dark Materials. ALWAYS!)

Here’s the call for submissions, which appeared in the November/December 2011 issue of Best Friends magazine:


If you have a dog who expresses love toward you, we would like to hear your story vorschulkinder übungen kostenlos ausdruckenen.

In a very special new study, we are looking in-depth at the emotions of bonding and affection – love – shown by dogs toward their human companions. For background research, we would like to collect stories of dogs’ expressions of love. The story could be about a single incident of your dog’s show of love and devotion, or the ways your dog demonstrates love within your overall relationship herunterladen. It could simply be an answer to the question: How do you know your dog loves you? If you would like to share your story, please email it to Dr. Frank McMillan at

You may recall that I’ve written about Dr. McMillan’s research previously in this here space; see, e.g. Scientists, Poets, Changemakers and Heroes (Volunteer Opportunities & Action Alerts) video von seite herunterladen. (Wow, has it been two years already?) Participating in vegan-friendly research projects such as this is an awesome and fun way to contribute to science. And easy, too!

Dr. McMillan posts notices of current research opportunities in Best Friends magazine, which comes “free” with a $25 donation to Best Friends herunterladen. (We made a donation in Ozzy’s name for their annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony.) In the future, I’ll try to relay new notices as quickly as possible, for those who don’t get the magazine. Forgetting is easy, since a) I tend to let my subscription lapse and b) the notices are somewhat inconspicuous and easy to miss! But I’ll do better, I promise sims 4 mods download kostenlos deutsch. This stuff is important, yo!

While we’re doing the bulletin board thing, joyful vegan goddess Colleen Patrick-Goudreau recently posted this notice on her FB page:

Call for vegan experts: I’m building a directory of everything from vegan wellness practitioners (chiropractors, acupuncturists, dietitians, naturopaths, nutritionists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, veterinarians) to vegan cooking class instructor and chefs. Wherever you are, if you are vegan and fall into any of the first categories, please email so we can include you. If you teach cooking classes or have a catering company or are a personal chef, please email kostenlos midi files downloaden. We need the city and state your in, your name, and your website! PLEASE PASS IT ON!

Also, VegListings is a newish directory for vegetarian and vegan businesses; it might come in handy for shoppers as well as business owners, especially with the holidays fast approaching! In the past I’ve put together social justice-themed buying guides; this year, I briefly considered compiling a list of vegan shops on etsy (love me some etsy!) – and then I stumbled upon the Vegan Etsy Team page, making my idea seem redundant 7 days to die kostenlos herunterladen.


…and I hope you will too!

So go, browse, buy (if you can). If not, maybe you’ll be inspired to give gifts crafted by your own two hands this holiday season. It’s fun herunterladen!

(Image via Herbivore, by way of Vegan Etsy.)

Update, 4/9/12: Due to a recent negative experience on the site, I’m afraid that I can no longer recommend etsy to my friends, family, and readers (and ESPECIALLY not for expensive and/or custom orders!). While the majority of transactions do go smoothly, don’t expect any help from etsy’s customer service on those rare occasions when you have a problem with a seller. Seriously, they were a nightmare to work with – worse even than the seller who never delivered on my custom order, even after six months of haggling.

That said, I still love and support the many vegan storefronts on etsy, and will continue patronizing those that have a presence elsewhere on the web.

Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 16: Breast is Best (and Vegan!)

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

“IMG_1805”: Snout covered in milk, pink tongue flicking from her mouth, a young cow suckles her mother’s teat videoclipsen kostenlos. CC image from destinyuk on Flickr.

Julie Urbanik @ Humanimalia: “Hooters for Neuters”: Sexist or Transgressive Animal Advocacy Campaign rockmusik kostenlosen?

In the inaugural issue of Humanimalia, Julie Urbanik explores animal advocacy campaigns that trade in gender-based stereotypes in order to promote compassion minecraft java edition kostenlos downloaden. These include “Hooters for Neuters” events held by, among others, Best Friends Animal Society (et tu, Best Friends!?); LA-based Friends for Animals’s “Pimp Your Pit”; NYC’s Rescue Ink; and, of course PETA microsoft works gratis downloaden nederlands. (PETA, PETA, PETA!) While I don’t necessarily agree with the author’s conclusions, it’s a thought-provoking analysis nonetheless.

Mylène @ My Face Is On Fire: Fur and

Gary Francione @ The Abolitionist Approach: The State of the Movement

In a much lengthier post about single-issue campaigns (namely, anti-fur campaigns), Mylène refers to Professor Francione’s recent critique of PETA’s racist/sexist State of the Union Undress video videos mit kodi downloaden. Both posts are worth a read, so rather than quoting gratuitously, I’ll just copy the point to which I responded in Mylène’s piece:

But is the fur industry really any more worthy of such ire Age of empire free download? As one advocate recently pointed out Twitter, for instance, ‘fur’ is skin and hair while ‘leather’ is skin. To obsess over people’s wearing of fur while turning a blind eye to others’ wearing of leather (which is much more common and involves so much more loss of life) seems odd and illogical herunterladen. Furthermore, as Prof. Francione often points out when discussing anti-fur campaigns, considering that a large percentage of those who wear fur are women, fur becomes a convenient and sexist target herunterladen. After all, when’s the last time you saw PeTA demonstrators bombard a leather-clad biker with paint-balls?

Pause and savor that image for a moment, if you will, before we move on to less savory stuff xcsoar herunterladen.

(More below the fold…)

Scientists, Poets, Changemakers and Heroes (Volunteer Opportunities & Action Alerts)

Monday, October 26th, 2009

There are several “actionable items” – not quite action alerts, but rather opportunities for participation, if that makes sense – I’ve been meaning to share, but just haven’t had the time to blog about in depth c c alarm level red 2 free download. Rather than neglect these projects altogether, here’s a handy-dandy roundup. Please scan through each item and help out where you can; these virtual volunteer opportunities are perfect for activists who have more extra time than they do money kostenlose bilder zum herunterladen hintergrund!

1. Science

It really chaps my rotund hide when speciesists claim that animal advocates are “anti-science.” Being all diverse and stuff, I’m sure the animal rights and welfare movements are home to a fair share of science-averse humans, but for the most part, we’re hardly anti-science word office 2007 kostenlosen. On the contrary: many of us harness the power of scientific research to demonstrate that veganism is a healthier alternative to “meat” and dairy consumption; that nonhuman animals can experience complex thoughts and emotions; that our exploitation of nonhumans animals is both unnecessary and harmful; etc., etc., etc mafia 3 herunterladen. (you get the idea). On the whole, I don’t think we’re any more anti-science than our omni counterparts.

Personally, I love science; once upon a time, I wanted to be a clinical psychologist, specializing in anthrozoology and world vegan (then vegetarian, but wev) domination herunterladen. I still peruse research articles and scientific journals (of a social nature) on occasion, just for the fun of it. No, it’s not science per se that I take issue with numbers mac kostenlos. Rather, I object to the imprisonment, torture, killing and exploitation of sentient, non-consenting animals, usually for redundant and frivolous research whatsapp downloaden pc windows 10.

So I’ve become increasingly interested in “vegan” science, particularly in supporting such endeavors whenever possible publisher kostenlosen deutsch. For example, I would love to donate my body to science when I die. The thought of spending my “afterlife” rotting away on a body farm somewhere brings a smile to my face; doubly so if my remains can save a nonhuman animal from being birthed, tortured and killed in the name of science panzer spiele demo kostenlos downloaden. Oooh, Dr. Brennan, pick me, pick me!

Anyhow, when I saw an ad for research volunteers in the latest issue of Best Friends magazine, I immediately fired off an email to Dr kostenlose microsoft word programm kostenlos downloaden. Frank McMillan to see how I might help. He pointed me to five open surveys, all of which are related to studies he’s conducting at Best Friends (as described here):

Dr. Franklin McMillan has been the director of well-being studies at Best Friends since October 2007. As director of well-being studies, Dr. Frank assesses and studies the mental health and emotional well-being of animals who have endured hardship, adversity and psychological trauma. Through these studies, he hopes to learn what the effects of trauma are – the psychological injuries and scars – and how best to treat them in order to restore to these animals a life of enjoyment rather than one of fear and emotional distress.

He is currently conducting such studies on cats from the Great Kitty Rescue in Pahrump, Nevada – an institutionalized hoarding situation – and the fighting dogs taken from the estate of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

(More below the fold…)

BSL & the U.S. Military

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Via the latest issue of Dog’s Life e-newsletter, I found a link to this alarming story, by Steve Dale at Dump the Dog is Military’s Message to Families with Targeted ‘Bad’ Breeds netflix serien und filme downloaden.

That’s right, folks: breed specific legislation, coming soon to military housing near you:

Lots of dog breeds will no longer be allowed on military housing property, according to new policy announced in a memo stamped January 5 from the United States Department of the Army wie kann ich einen film herunterladen. According to sources, the directive was approved by the Pentagon just prior to President George W. Bush leaving office.

The subject line of the memo reads: “Pet Policy for Privatized Housing Under the Army’s Residential Communities Initiative Privatization Program herunterladen. Pit Bulls (American Staffordshire Bull Terriers and English Staffordshire Bull Terriers), Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows and wolf hybrids are now banned.” […]

According to the ruling, dogs of any type who currently live on base can be grandfathered in 1and1 private key download. However, Lynde points out that families are frequently being asked to re-locate. When they do, they can no longer bring their banned dogs with them herunterladen. Similarly, new enlistees must leave their dogs at home if they’re indentified as a banned breed.

Then what happens to any banned dogs identified and then forcibly relinquished by transferring military Instagram photos download app? Lynde says, “No one seems to have that answer.”

With morale already low on military bases, according to Lynde, she believes the ruling has already begun to further impact morale herunterladen. “What kind of family support is this? I tried to communicate with the Garrison Comander’s Office (at Fort Bragg), but I got nowhere,” she says spotify mobile data.

Military families whose members include so-called “dangerous” dog breeds, such as pit bulls, rottweilers, doberman pinschers, chow chows and wolf hybrids (!?) – or any mutt whose lineage includes or even resembles these breeds – may, under the new housing policy, be forced to relinquish their canines minecraft pe free download iphone. If they’re unable to find a trusted friend or family member to take the animals, presumably they’ll have no choice but to surrender their beloved dogs to animal shelters, where many will be killed for lack of homes herunterladen.

Simply put, this is a travesty. We already demand far too much of our military members and their families – we send them overseas, to fight and die in capricious, pointless wars; we deny them proper physical and psychological care, both in the battlefield and here at home; we ignore the high rates of sexual assault perpetrated against women in the military; we actively discriminate against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons who want nothing more than to serve their country; we fail to provide care for the non-human members of military families when the caregivers are deployed or on active duty; and now, the U.S. government is attempting to eradicate a targeted segment of their non-human family members, based on nothing other than naked prejudice, stereotypes and hysteria. Shameful, just shameful.


(More below the fold…)

f—ing love her!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Via ecorazzi, singer Neko Case of The New Pornographers has persuaded her record label to donate $5 to Best Friends Animal Society every time a blogger links to her new single, ‘People Got a Lotta Nerve.’ So link, people edtime herunterladen!

Of Best Friends, Neko says:

“Best Friends took the Michael Vick dogs,” Case points out. “That’s a big deal because a lot of supposed animal welfare organizations like PETA — who can blow me — said you should euthanize the dogs immediately nen 1414 symbolen downloaden dwg. But it’s not the dogs’ fault that they were fighting dogs — they’ve been abused. Pit bulls are muscular and big, but they’re not man-eaters.”

By the by, of the 49 Vick pit bulls, only one was deemed too vicious to save and was killed microsoft word auf deutsch herunterladen. Subsequently, 25 were placed in foster homes and/or adopted, and 22 found permanent sanctuary at Best Friends dropbox voor mac download. Those 47 lives might be a drop in the ocean to PETA, but their abuse makes them no less deserving of life than the “food” or “fur-bearing” animals PETA typically focuses on netflix to. More so than their “naked ads,” their stance on the Vick dogs, as well as their forays into animal rescue and “adoption,” has been and will likely remain an objection of epic proportions that I have with PETA videos aus facebook herunterladen iphone.

PETA, I might add, is an animal welfare group – not an animal rights group euro truck simulator 2 erweiterung kostenlos downloaden. Yes, there’s a difference – and it’s a biggie.

(At the most fundamental level, they appear to support Peter Singer’s philosophy of utilitarianism, which is a form of “progressive animal welfarism” – not animal rights pdf nicht herunterladen nur öffnen. See also: PETA’s support of breed-specific legislation; their continued insistence that killing the Vick dogs would have been the right thing to do; and their “humane” killing of shelter animals rather than spend the time, money and effort to rehome them.)

And can I just say that I also f—ing love Neko for correctly identifying PETA as a welfare group kostenlose radiosender herunterladen? f—ing love her, I do!

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Papi says, "Don’t breed or buy while rescue Chihuahuas die."

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Seriously. He’s one of those high-falutin’ talking Hollywood Chihuahuas herunterladen. And he’s a rescue dog, to boot. Kind of blows that “shelter dogs are broken dogs” myth of of the water, no?

Via Best Friends, who notes:

We all know what happens when a new “dog movie” comes out—lots of people decide they must have a dog just like the one in the movie herunterladen. But what people might not realize is that shelters and groups across the country have plenty of Chihuahuas, for ADOPTION. In fact, Chihuahuas are the 5th most-posted breed of dog for adoption on Petfinder (after Labs, Shepherds, Pit bulls and mixes of those breeds) microsoft office powerpoint 2010 gratisen.

Check out our star-studded PSA video (with actors from the movie) that encourages adoption instead of buying.

Watch on the Best Friends website (higher quality)

Watch on YouTube

We wanted to share a poster made by Best Friends that can be easily printed and hung up around your town to let people know that they can rescue a Chihuahua on Petfinder instead of buying one from a pet store, newspaper ad or the Internet ccleaner chip kostenlos 64 bit. In fact, the star Chihuahua of the movie was rescued from a Moreno Valley shelter, outside of L.A. just days before his “time was up.”

Download poster by clicking this link schlumpf videos kostenlos herunterladen.

For more information visit our web page:

Feel free to use link to the video on your own websites.

On behalf of the ‘Puppies Aren’t Products’ Campaign Team, thank you for helping us spread word herunterladen!

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Book Review: The Marriage of True Minds (Stephen Evans, 2008)

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The Marriage of True Minds by Stephen Evans (2008)

Save the Lobsters, Save the World


(Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review.)

In his debut novel, Stephen Evans has created a quirky – yet touching – story about love, loss and our moral responsibility to our fellow earthlings, human and non herunterladen.

Lawyers Nick and Lena are the titular couple in THE MARRIAGE OF TRUE MINDS. On a whim, law school student Lena enrolled in Nick’s environmental law course, and by term’s end, the two had fallen head-over-heels in love karaoke herunterladen kostenlos. After they married, Lena joined Nick’s law firm, and the two became crusaders for human and environmental rights. In time, Nick’s seemingly tenuous grasp on reality unraveled, as did his marriage to Lena songs mobile phone. When Nick’s increasingly erratic behavior became too much for Lena to bear, the two divorced; she bought out his half of the house and firm, and set up a bank account for his living expenses…which he promptly squandered on a “guerilla activist” prank involving 144 lobsters, the mayor’s swimming pool and the Minnesota Zoo wetteronline kostenlos herunterladen.

In addition to costing him upwards of $250,000, Nick’s latest eco-prank is also threatening his very freedom. Enter Lena, who agrees to defend him in court – against her new beau, one Preston Winter herunterladen. (Awkward!) Without revealing too much of the plot, suffice to say that the brilliant Lena succeeds in saving Nick from both jail and psychiatric commitment – that is, if he can manage to complete his court-ordered community service and mandatory counseling without incident youtube videos ubuntu. Given that the volunteer work is to take place at the local animal shelter, Nick’s chances don’t look good.

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easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 09-13-07

Thursday, September 13th, 2007
nachricht und bilder herunterladen

Action Alerts

DawnWatch: Animal Testing — Three famous deaths and a ray of hope 9/12/07
Alex the parrot, Felix the monkey, and Anita Roddick the Body Shop founder who pioneered the mass marketing of animal friendly cosmetics, have died schriftart bauhaus 93 download kostenlos.

Defenders of Wildlife: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — Forever
Write your elected officials today and urge them to support the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act (H.R herunterladen. 39), a bill that would permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect Yellowstone and the Greater Rockies
Help block drilling in Colorado wildlife refuge

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Dozens of Allegedly Neglected Dogs in Meigs County, Tennessee, Need Your Voice free music samsung!
PETA has received allegations of serious neglect of numerous dogs at 1627A Sam Davis Rd. in Decatur, Tennessee.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell University of Illinois to Stop Cruel Dog Lab herunterladen!
Please urge the university to shut down the dog lab and mandate the adoption of FIDO immediately.

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 09-08-07

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Action Alerts

Defenders of Wildlife: Don’t Let Great Cats & Rare Canines Vanish Forever
Tell Congress to do its part — and join in the effort to protect these creatures world-wide otto rechnung herunterladen.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): Stop the Spying!
Tell the government to stop surveillance of Americans’ communications without a warrant mijn uwv verzekeringsdownloadreport.

People for the American Way (PFAW): Tell Congress: End Warrantless Spying on Americans download the rest of the message!
Tell your members of Congress how you feel about the Bush administration’s warrantless spying on Americans.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): ‘Bambi Butchers’ Horror
On August 26, 2007, a PETA investigator filmed the slaughter of deer at Musicon, Inc., a deer farm and venison sales company in Goshen, New York ds photo videos.

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Urge Congress to Hold Strong on a Clean Energy Bill herunterladen!
Please tell your senators and representative that America’s new Energy Bill must include a 35 mile per gallon fuel economy standard AND a 15 percent renewable electricity standard rainbow downloaden.

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 09-06-07

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Action Alerts

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE): Help Us Stop Primate Experiments voucher template for free. For Good.
We currently have a real opportunity to get a ban on all primate experiments across Europe – but we need your help.

The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FTCR) / OilWatchdog: Stick It to Big Oil
Send a free fax to your U.S gute nacht bilder zum herunterladen. Senator by clicking here, and ask him or her to support McCaskill’s “Fair Fuel” bill, S. 1997!

Four Paws: Join us in a protest against the ruthless dog mafia in Europe
FOUR PAWS wants to thwart the unscrupulous trade in puppies music illegally download penalty. Take part! Support our protest and sign our online petition.

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Get Tina and Jewel Out of the Circus
Urge USDA to send suffering elephants to a sanctuary now

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Ask Prosecutor to seek maximum sentencing for animal hoarders
Over 100 Animals Removed from Animal Hoarders’ Home; Supplies needed to care for 68 surviving dogs and cats

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 09-02-07

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Action Alerts

Ecological Internet / The Rainforest Portal: Protest Destruction of Colombian Rainforests and Livelihoods to Feed Automobiles
It is gravely unethical and ecologically devastating to expand production of biofuels at the expense of ancient primary rainforests, biodiverse grasslands, local communities and their food sovereignty new adobe reader for free.

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Police Officer Accused of Killing K-9 Partner
“Take Action” to ask State Attorney to seek maximum sentence

In Defense of Animals (IDA): New York Passes Fur Labeling Legislation
“Take Action” to ask Congress to pass federal fur labeling bill


Best Friends Animal Society: eNews: August 31, 2007
Cats from hoarding situation safe at Best Friends

Dr download the game mill. Greger’s Pandemic Update: August 2007
World Health Organization Calls Attention to Poultry Intensification; What Are the Odds a Pandemic Will Strike Within the Next Year capital bra allein herunterladen?

In Defense of Animals (IDA): eNews: August 29, 2007
IDA Action Alerts, Campaign News & Updates

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download work programs for free

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 08-25-07

Saturday, August 25th, 2007
probleme beimen

Action Alerts

Animal Protection Institute (API): Urge USDA to Get Luna and Tonka off the Road
Please contact the USDA today and urge it to step in and require that Ringling Bros n-id zertifikat herunterladen. retire Luna and Tonka from travel — for the elephants’ own health and well-being, and for the safety of the public.

Ecological Internet / Climate Ark: Protest Australia’s Ancient Forest Logging and Climate Change Eco-Hypocrisy
Dramatic efforts required to stop the expansion of Tasmanian old-growth forest logging by construction of a massive new paper pulp mill by Gunns Ltd

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell the NFL to Recognize Animal Abuse as an Offense Warranting Suspension–and More
PETA is calling on the NFL to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its personal conduct policy ringtones for free nokia.


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): News Alert: August 24, 2007
ASPCA Applauds Investigation of Vick Case/Pet Food Recall Update

Best Friends Animal Society: eNews, August 24, 2007
Hundreds of orphan pets rescued by Best Friends Network

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downloaden deutsch

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 08-21-07

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Action Alerts

DawnWatch: Los Angeles Times front page on animal cruelty — 8/17/07
The article by John M 187. Glionna is headed, “A beastly kind of cruelty” and sub-headed, “Drive-by shooters, often youths, are killing farm animals in a growing wave of violence klingeltöne kostenlos downloaden pippi langstrumpf. The culprits may face only vandalism charges.”

Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): Thank the U.S musik herunterladen ohne app. Attorneys in the Vick Case!
Sign our virtual thank you card for the U.S. Attorneys in the Vick case

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): An End to Animal Tests football manager 2019 for free?
It could be a reality, but the agency charged with approving non-animal test methods—including many that are already in use in Europe—refuses to take action fifa ps4.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Help Remove Tonka and Luna From Travel With Ringling the sims 4 herunterladen!
PETA is asking the USDA to immediately and permanently remove from travel two reportedly “dangerous” elephants traveling with the Ringling Bros etiketten drucken kostenlos herunterladen. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): URGENT: Ohio Judge Awards Custody of Abused Dog to Dog’s Convicted Abuser
Please ask Judge Robert Lyons to reconsider his decision to return China to Clark, which could put an animal who has already suffered so much in a grave situation herunterladen.

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 08-13-07

Monday, August 13th, 2007
sims 3 klamotten kostenlosen

Action Alerts

DawnWatch: Cage-free eggs on NY Times front page 8/12/07
“Suddenly, the Hunt Is on for Cage-Free Eggs”

The Wilderness Society: Help the Spotted Owl and Northwest Forests
The Bush Administration is now attempting to revise the Plan to undermine key wildlife protections, including habitat reserves for the northern spotted owl and other at-risk species tax return solothurn 2017.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Push for an Ocean Protection Treaty
WWF has launched a campaign to urge Sen herunterladen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.), chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to hold a hearing on U.S. ratification of the Law of the Sea Convention.


Carnival of Open Records #2 (August 13, 2007 @ State Sunshine and Open Records)

Vegetarian Carnival #5 (August 13, 2007 @ Country Kitchen Pantry)

(More below the fold…)

fairytale free mp3 download

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 08-04-07

Saturday, August 4th, 2007
audible herunterladen pc

Action Alerts

What do you think about the SCLC’s plan to honor Falcons player Michael Vick, who has been indicted on dogfighting charges bestes bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlosen deutsch?
Poll and story on, 8/3/07

Environmental Defense (ED): Send Congress Their Global Warming To-Do List
We need your help to keep Congress focused on the need to pass strong global warming legislation this year kostenlose kriegsspieleen.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Last Chance–Help Pass a Renewable Electricity Standard in the House Energy Bill
Urge Your Member of Congress to “Vote YES on RES!”

The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS): Help End the Omak Suicide Race
It’s “The Deadliest Horse Race in the World” and it’s right here in Washington

(More below the fold…)

herunterladen silvester bilder herunterladen

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 7-29-07

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Action Alerts

Ecological Internet / The Rainforest Portal: Action Alert: FSC and Big Green “Certified” Ancient Forest Logging Tragedy Worsens

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Make the call for global warming solutions

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Undercover at Rubashkin’s… Again

Found on Flickr: Help “Bobo” (“Scruffy”) the Bear, via DonBaird

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc tv now app serien downloaden.

Campaign to Sack Michael Vick


Michael Vick Blog Carnival #1 (July 28, 2007 @ Campaign to Sack Michael Vick)


Best Friends Animal Society: Miracles at “Area 51” herunterladen!


Officers Find Dead, Sick Horses In N movies for tablet. Texas Field

Tell the Alameda Animal Shelter there MUST be a dog volunteer program teamviewer 14 kostenlos!

Kill the 90-day policy at the Bergen County Animal Shelter (BCAS)

Citizens Against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)

(More below the fold…)

easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 7-25-07

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Action Alerts

Best Friends Animal Society: Selling Bunnies Is Selling Out

Corporate Accountability International: National Day of Action Today youtube video untertitel herunterladen! Will Pepsi “Move the Mountain”?

Defenders of Wildlife: Take Action for Wildlife Conservation on Farm and Ranch Lands

Environmental Defense: Take Action for Tougher Air Pollution Standards

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect the Western Arctic Reserve

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc itunes downloaden android.

Help Get Justice for Bob! (Bob the Tortoise, that is; page last updated 7/19/07)

Bob the Tortoise on MySpace


The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC): Dissent Is Patriotic: July 2007, Vol netflix movies jdownloader. 6, No. 6

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): BioGems News: July 2007

The Ocean Conservancy: eNewsletter: July 2007

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Event: Diabetes Video Support Group Weekly Session

The Sierra Club: Club Currents: Volume VI, #74: July 24, 2007

Vegan Outreach: E-Newsletter, July 25, 2007 Recipe of the Week (Thai Vegetarian Chicken With Snow Peas)


Stop using animals in the circus windows xp kostenlos deutsch!

Stop Zoos from killing Tigers for collectors

Support Family Farms, NOT Mega-Farms

Environmental Demands

(More below the fold…)

True justice for Michael Vick would involve his own pit bulls ripping him limb from limb…

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

UPDATE, 10/5/07:

Still adding to the post…


UPDATE, 7/27/07:

I’ve been updating this post almost daily; newest links at the top of the link dump herunterladen. Feel free to add to the roundup via the comments section.


Unfortunately, the justice system don’t work thataway, so let’s hope for life six years (Six years herunterladen! WTF!?!) behind bars.

Anywho, a number of animal rights/welfare groups have sent out alerts on this subject, so I’ve included a link roundup below hörbuch download kostenlos. Links shall be updated as necessary. Also, after the jump, forwarded alerts that are not otherwise available online. (Keep up to date with the latest news via teh Google.)

* DawnWatch: Vick dogs on NY Times front page, and Los Angeles votes for spay-neuter 2/2/08

* Best Friends Animal Society: eNews: December 14, 2007 (Preparing for the Michael Vick dogs)

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Vick Received Federal Sentence–Demand Tough State Prosecution Now ms dos 6.22 download kostenlos!

* DawnWatch: Michael Vick sentence on AJC front page and in many other papers 12/11/07

* Last Chance for Animals (LCA): Michael Vick Sentenced Today, Mon 12/10

* The Petition Site: Keep Michael Vick Out of the NFL avg for free!

* Best Friends: Vick dogs cleared to come to Best Friends

* Kinship Circle: Vick’s Dogs/ YOU Helped Save Their Lives

* Kinship Circle: OCT wie fortnite herunterladen. KC DIGEST – Killing JFK Cats, Shot Iraq Dog, Petitions… (Parts 1 & 2) [Section 9, “Ensure Vick’s Dogs Are Spared, As Promised”]

* Kinship Circle: UPDATE/ Vick’s Dogs: Clemency For All But One

* American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): eNews Alert: October 5, 2007 (Update on Michael Vick Case/Dog Health Chat Today!)

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Michael Vick Takes Empathy Course at PETA HQ

* Kinship Circle: LETTER/ Vick Teammate Faces Unrelated Cruelty Charges

* The Petition Site: Stop Dogfighting Now ringtones for free!

* The Petition Site: To the NFL: Help Pitt Bulls while Punishing Michael Vick kostenlos playstation spieleen!

* In Defense of Animals (IDA): Give Vick Dogs a Fighting Chance at Life

* Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF): Congressman Garrett sides with dogfighters — speak out at rally next Wednesday

* Dogs Deserve Better (DDB): “Falling Star, Rising Son: The Football Player and the Pit bull” Art containing Actual NFL Football Tickets from Steeler/Eagles Game

* ROAR: Donate your VICK jerseys – you’ll never wear them again wie kann ich videos mit iphone herunterladen!

* Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare: Michael Vick: Now the Hypocrisy Begins

* Kinship Circle: [GULF COAST] Two Years And Still Counting (Section #9, Michael Vick Did NOT Adopt 14 Katrina Pit Bulls)

* Kinship Circle: LETTER/ Salvation For Vick’s Dogs you can whatsapp messages?

* The Petition Site: Please help get Michael Vick’s fines donated to Pit Bull and other animal rescues

* Now if only Vick’s sentence was meted out in dog years… (easyVegan blog post, 8/27/07)

* In Defense of Animals (IDA): Urge Atlanta Falcons to Kick Vick Off of the Team

* Last Chance for Animals (LCA): 8/27 Michael Vick Update!

* American Humane Association Urges Severe Sentence for Michael Vick Appropriate to the Severity and Inhumanity of His Crimes; Historic Organization Seeks Prison Time, Fines, Banishment from NFL

* American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): Michael Vick Pleads Guilty/ASPCA President Invites Letters of Thanks

* Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): Vick goes before judge – now YOU be the judge

* DawnWatch: Michael Vick case spurs comments on other animal cruelty 8/22 — 8/26/07

* Best Friends Animal Society: The dogs in the Michael Vick case

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell the NFL to Recognize Animal Abuse as an Offense Warranting Suspension–and More

* Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSUS): Congressman Graves sides with dogfighters — speak out at rally on Monday (Kansas City)

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): What to Do if You See Animal Abuse

* The Petition Site: Save Vick’s Dogs

* In Defense of Animals (IDA): Urge to stop promoting illegal animal fighting

* In Defense of Animals (IDA): Breaking News: Vick to Plead Guilty to Dog Fighting Charges

* Kinship Circle: No Deal For Sick Vick’s Dogfighting Crimes

* Last Chance for Animals (LCA): Michael Vick Admits Guilt, Plea Deal To Be Announced!

* Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): Thank the U.S. Attorneys in the Vick Case!

* API: End Dog Fighting for Sport, Sign a Petition to Help Wildlife, and much more…

* Kinship Circle: [RELIEF GLOBAL] Flooded NY Shelter/ TX-KS Updates/ Left Behind In War Zone… (Section #5, 63 Kittens Used As Dogfighting Bait Dumped At Shelter)

* DawnWatch: NPR commentary on dog fighting and canned hunting 8/8/07

* DawnWatch: “‘Culture’ Argument Doesn’t Excuse Cruelty” — Richmond Times-Dispatch 8/6/07

* Kinship Circle: ACTION-UPDATES / The Vick Dogfighting Files

* Kinship Circle: LETTER / To NFL: Release Michael Vick Without Pay

* Michael Vick Blog Carnival #2 (August 2, 2007 @ Campaign to Sack Michael Vick)

* What do you think about the SCLC’s plan to honor Falcons player Michael Vick, who has been indicted on dogfighting charges? [Poll and story on, 8/3/07]

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Sign the Statement Against Dogfighting

* The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): Help Pass the Dog Fighting Prohibition Act

* The Petition Site: Ban Michael Vick From The NFL

* DawnWatch: Nike drops Vic plus NY Times spay-neuter column 7/30/07

* Michael Vick Blog Carnival #1 (July 28, 2007 @ Campaign to Sack Michael Vick)

* Campaign to Sack Michael Vick

* In Defense of Animals (IDA): Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Faces Felony Dog Fighting Charges / Urge the NFL to suspend Michael Vick from play under strong suspicion of criminal activity

* Dogs Deserve Better (DDB): Michael Vick & Dogfighting

* Working Assets / Act for Change: Tell Nike to Cancel Michael Vick’s Endorsement Contract

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell Nike to Drop Vick NOW!

* The Petition Site/HSUS: Suspend NFL Quarterback Michael Vick for Dogfighting!

* The Petition Site: Petition to let the NFL know how stupid they look

* DawnWatch: “Warning on red meat and greenhouse gases” Australian, (and Vick update) Friday July 20

* DawnWatch: CBS stories, polls, and other coverage of Vick and dogfighting 7/18/07

* Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) -> NFL, Throw the Book at Michael Vick

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) -> Tell the NFL to Suspend Michael Vick!

(More below the fold…)

The Petition Site: Petition Digest, 6/17/07

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Animal Abuse


PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona authorities arrested a veterinarian Monday on suspicion that he hit a five-pound Chihuahua in the head so hard that he dislodged the dog’s eye. Joshua Winston faces animal cruelty charges in the June 4 incident, according to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Paul Chagolla instagram videosen apple. [Read more…]


Our loving, young pet Mimi, a very small, chi was murdered by a man named Frank on Tuesday afternoon. Frank took our little dog and slit her throat then threw her over his back fence. Thanks to the excellent, diligent work of the Novato Police Department, Frank was arrested and is in jail with a over $100,000 bail. This man took the life of our family member, a dog that gave nothing but love to all that she met. She made our family laugh everyday with her antics kostenlos excel word downloaden. Her best friend was Ty the big black Great Dane, who is now moping around the house looking for his little friend. When I found my dog with her throat cut, ants crawling on her body, blood coming out of her ears, my belief that every human being has some level of basic kindness, died in that moment. Who is this man, whatever reason he has for committing this act, this is a sick person who does not belong in our society. He should be listed as a predator, just like sex offenders. Is any one safe anymore? GIVE THIS MAN THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE. [Read more…]

Animals As Clothing

Tell Burberry that fur is DEAD

Tell burberry that fur is DEAD by telling them to listen to ONE simple demand vereinzelt de musterformulare downloaden. STOP USING FUR! Faux looks better than the real thing. [Read more…]

Animals As Entertainment

Help Billy the elephant retire from the L.A. Zoo

I recently visited the Los Angeles Zoo and met Billy. I was very saddened by what I saw. He displayed behaviors that of a sick and stressed elephant and this broke my heart. Zoos are just not capable to maintain such an intelligent giant. As of May 15, 2007, he is now the only elephant at the Los Angeles Zoo and on exhibit zug simulator 2017 kostenlos downloaden. He will be moved onto a new expanded exhibit in 2009, but Billy will remain sick and stressed, living a life unfit for an elephant. Because Billy is a male elephant, he will be hard to place and this is why your help is even more important. [Read more…]

Animals As Pests

Stop Oregon Cougar Extermination

Oregon Fish and Wildlife have begun exterminating nearly half of Oregon’s Cougars. They plan to kill 2,500 of them including kittens and their mothers. This violates Oregons laws and Constitution, and was voted down by the state legislature but they don’t care moorfrosch xxl free. Please tell Governor Kulongoski to stop them, firing and fining all involved in the massacure of our wildlife, Oregon’s proud Mountain Lions. [Read more…]

Animals As Research Subjects

Primate Sanctuary Regulations

This petition evolved from a recent case of horrid findings in a Texas primate sanctuary, where years of inadequate care of it’s residence and upkeep resulted in the Attorney General stepping in and placing the facility in receivership. A national movement to establish standards and regulations is needed to stop this kind of nightmare from every happening again. I challenge the USA to take a stand and help start a movement to try and ensure that the remainder of these beings lifes are spent in sanctuaries that are well monitored. We owe it to them. [Read more…]

Save the Monkeys

By signing this petition I strongly urge the government of the USA not to sell the monkeys to universities for study and experimentation ipados 13 herunterladen. [Read more…]

Wildlife Conservation & Environmental Issues


The Chinese, who have had 5,000 years to evolve into an enlightened society, have instead chosen to perpetrate some of the most heinous acts of cruelty know to mankind, against innocent non-human beings. Therefore, we the undersigned, will be boycotting ALL Chinese goods, and asking family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, groups and anyone else who will listen, NOT TO PURCHASE CHINESE PRODUCTS or visit Beijing’s upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics richtigen. [Read more…]

Protect the Most Important Fish in the Sea!

Atlantic herring just need some respect. These small fish are essential to the health of our oceans. But large industrial ships known as herring mid-water trawlers are removing more Atlantic herring from New England’s inshore areas than is sustainable. [Read more…]

Help Save the Florida Panther wo kann ich filme kaufen unden!

There are fewer than 100 Florida panthers left in the wild, and many of them live in Big Cypress National Preserve. Yet the National Park Service is now considering opening up a part of Big Cypress to off-road vehicles (ORVs)! [Read more…]

Stop Out of Control Gas Prices, Increase Fuel Efficiency Standards!

It’s not a secret. Gas prices are out of control and reached a historic high this Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer drive season youtube video legal und kostenlos. It’s time for Congress to do something meaningful to control gas prices by requiring our cars, light trucks and SUVs to go further on a gallon of gasoline. But the powerful auto industry continues to stand in the way of miles per gallon standards. [Read more…]

Protect Our Coasts from Drilling

With the help of powerful Congressional allies, pro-drilling forces are aggressively pushing bills that would undermine the moratorium that protects our coasts. Tell the Administration that you do not want our coasts opened up to destructive oil and gas drilling. [Read more…]

Bonus Petitions kostenlos ebooksen ohne anmeldung!

Best Friends Animal Society: IT’S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL!

It appears that the violent subculture of dog fighting has permeated the world of professional sports and entertainment. Dog fighting is horrifically cruel for the dogs, but also a dangerous, illegal activity that often involves violence, weapons, illegal gambling and drugs. We, the undersigned, urge America’s major sports leagues—the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer to take immediate action to help stop participation and support of dog fighting. [Read more…]

HSUS: Take the pledge to stop puppy mills!

Stop Puppy Mills

I will do my part to help stop puppy mills. I pledge to help end this cycle of cruelty by: 1) Choosing not to buy my next pet from a pet store or Internet site and 2) Refusing to buy supplies from any pet stores or Internet site that sells puppies. [Read more…]



DawnWatch: Vote Saturday for Best Friends on CBS News with Katie Couric — 9/30/06

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DawnWatch – news [at]
Date: Sep 30, 2006 4:16 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: Vote Saturday for Best Friends on CBS News with Katie Couric — 9/30/06

CBS Evening News is asking viewers to vote on stories for next week’s “Assignment America” and Best Friends Sanctuary has sent out the following alert herunterladen. It suggests that votes must be cast by noon Eastern Time on Sunday, however, the CBS website says 12am Sunday, which more commonly refers to midnight, though a website search prove much confusion about that instagram stories herunterladen app. Let’s all vote on Saturday night to be safe!

And please forward this immediately to all your animal loving friends.

The Best Friends alert provides the link to the web information msn herunterladen kostenlos deutsch. The actual voting page can be found here OR at app herunterladen windows 8.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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