Because stirring is too much effin work.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Speaking of commercials that raise my hackles:

Obviously, that’s a not the real ad, but rather a version made by a film student. (Betty Crocker features the real spot on their website, but with no option to embed; you can view it here.) I’ve yet to decide whether said film student is poking fun at the product, or if this is a genuine attempt at marketing useless merchandise to lazy, wasteful Americans.

Because that plastic? Um, it’s not really reusable like the bowl and utensils you’d normally use to mix your pancake ingredients. Even if you recycle it (assuming it’s recyclable; I wouldn’t have any idea, since I’ve never so much as handled the bottle in the grocery store), the recycling process itself consumes energy.

So take the extra five minutes to mix your own damn pancake batter. And if you happen to use Bisquick, recycle the box please.