Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Thursday, May 15th, 2008


Via Elaine, I discovered that today is Bloggers Unite: Human Rights day…and a bit belatedly, at that btd6 herunterladen. Since it’s almost midnight, and I need to get to bed like 30 minutes ago, I thought I might post three very specific actions you can take on behalf of human rights causes 360 grad app herunterladen. (For more resources, check out my Get Active! page. Keep scrolling for the human rights resources…they’re there, I swear.)

1 netflix serieen computer. Write Yahoo! to protest their aiding and abetting in human rights violations.

Via Amnesty International: “Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist, is serving a ten-year prison sentence for sending an email to the U.S herunterladen. Yahoo! helped put him there. They provided information to the Chinese Government, which led to his unjust imprisonment. Yahoo! needs to hear from people like you and me in droves hungry shark world für pc downloaden. Corporations like Yahoo! are very sensitive to public outcry. We must tell Yahoo! that we won’t stand for violating privacy and ask them to use their influence to secure Shi Tao’s release.”

2 free games on tablet. Save Darfur

Visit to learn more about the conflict in Darfur and take action. Two good places to start: the current initiatives (Urge China to help end genocide; Secure helicopters for the Darfur peacekeepers; and Get peacekeepers get on the ground) and activist resources pages itunes images from iphone.

3. Infiltrate a vegan potluck.

Waste the FBI’s anti-terra funding on TVP chili and chocolate-on-chocolate vegan cupcakes (they’re taking over the world, dontchaknow?), have a terra-ific veg*n time and report back nothing seite zum videos herunterladen. It’s a win-win, my ski-masked friends.