VEGAN CHOCOLATE BONBONS! (Also: five very cold goggies.)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

2011-01-29 - Coconut BonBons - 0009

Totally awesome sister that I am, I decided to make a batch of vegan peanut butter cups to send to my younger sis for Valentine’s Day. One batch turned into three, and once the kitchen was covered in melted chocolate and other gooey goodness, I thought I may as well keep going. Still in search of the perfect coconut-filled candy, I had a go at these vegan chocolate bonbons from, and holy guacamole are they delectable!

Much, much yummier and easier to assemble (though still a bit sticky) than the Coconut Cream Patties and Almond Delights I made over the crifsmas holiday. I think the secret is in the coconut: in order to get a smoother, creamier filling, I ran the shredded coconut through a food processor for a few minutes to break it up into smaller pieces. Yum! It’s been less than a week, and the batch I made is almost gone…though I suspect that Shane has been sneaking candy here and there and blaming it on Lemmy.

And yes, I still have yet to take down my holiday decorations! (My book pile, does it look familiar?) Thanks for asking! What with the dreary winter weather we’ve been having ’round here, I need the extra sparkle of gold tinsel and red pom poms, lest I retire to bed until April.

Speaking of, it’s about zero degrees out right now, and our house and patio (not to mention cars, shrubbery, lawn furniture, and basically any stationary object of significant size) is covered in 2-3′ snow drifts. To make matters worse, the back patio is surrounded on three sides, thus creating a wind tunnel effect. I do believe that all the snow on the roof was blown onto the patio. Yuck.

2011-02-02 - Snow Pile! - 0007

I don’t mind all that much – I’ve nowhere to go, and can wait the snow out for months, need be – but oh, the poor doggies! The snow drifts on the patio are up to their necks, twice over!

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