PETA: Do You Know About the Animal Abuse at Butterball?

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

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From: PETA – newsmanager [at]
Date: Oct 25, 2006 6:51 PM
Subject: Do You Know About the Animal Abuse at Butterball?

I want to share with you a shocking report from our undercover investigation team. In a recent investigation of a Butterball plant in Arkansas, PETA documented horrific abuse of live turkeys. I warn you, what we found was extremely disturbing.

At the Butterball plant, PETA investigators delivered firsthand accounts and video evidence of extreme abuse of turkeys—deliberate defilement, incidents in which workers gleefully tortured birds for “fun,” and other indecencies almost too horrible to mention:

* On April 13, one worker showed how he could paralyze birds by repeatedly punching their necks.

* On May 3, another worker swung a live turkey like a baseball bat against a metal bar, smashing the bird’s head and spraying blood everywhere.

* On May 8, one worker laughed out loud as he crushed a turkey’s skull with the heel of his boot.

* On July 13, two workers attempted to decapitate a live turkey by twisting her neck and pulling her head through a hole in her enclosure.

No animal should be subjected to such cruel treatment. That is why PETA’s unique undercover investigations are so important: They help us expose—and hopefully stop—animals from suffering such horrible pain and abuse.

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