Mini-Review: The Geeky Chef Cookbook, Cassandra Reeder (2015)

Monday, June 1st, 2015

(Full disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book for review through Edelweiss.)

Let me start out by saying that, as a vegan, what drew me to The Geeky Chef Cookbook wasn’t so much the recipes as the intersection of food and pop culture spiele erneut herunterladen. Two of my favorite things, made exponentially better when mashed up together!

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a chef, but I do love to play with my food, and I’m no stranger to veganizing and recipie-zing (is that a word app spiele kostenlos downloaden android? can we make it one?) foods from my favorite books and television shows. To wit: last year’s VeganMoFo theme, Carbs & Rec, in which I blogged foods found in and inspired by the always-awesome Parks & Recreation (may she rest in peace) office mac. There were Mac & Cheese Pizzas, Meat Tornadoes, Champion’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Birthday Biscuits, You Just Got JAMMED! Kolaches, and of course waffles galore herunterladen.

One of these years, I’d love to do a His Dark Materials theme, but the pressure! It’s so intense! I want everyone to love Lyra and Will and Mary and Iorek as much as I do lieder herunterladen von youtube! I’d even settle for half as much. I feel like it’s my chance to introduce some vegans and veg-curious peeps to this amazing alternate universe, and I don’t want to screw it up youtube podcast herunterladen.

Anyway. My point is: Pop culture and food? Totally my jam. Even though I thought it unlikely that I’d actually make anything from The Geeky Chef Cookbook – or at least precisely as directed – I suspected I might enjoy it anyway, maybe even come away with some new ideas and a list of recipes to veganize herunterladen.

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