N is for Not a Morning Person

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

N is for Not a Morning Person (0001)

You don’t ever want to meet me in the morning herunterladen. Cranky. Ill-tempered. Easily frustrated. Incapable of even the smallest bits of conversation. And hungry: ravenously so after a night of hard sleeping herunterladen. Nestled under a pile of dogs, sleep for me is like mini-hibernation. And I don’t emerge without a fight. (Shane’s probably reading this and thinking “Okay, so how is this different from the rest of the day?” Silencio!)

Breakfast, as you can imagine, is mostly a big pain in the ass for me signal kostenlos. I’ll never understand how people can so easily shake off their sleepiness and hold hunger at bay while they cook a leisurely, labor-intensive breakfast xbox 360 profile again. Pancakes and waffles? As far as I’m concerned, they are strictly dinner foods.

In order to keep things as simple and brainless as possible (seriously ebook herunterladen auf tolino! Morning Kelly is a total zombie! But less fun!), I usually stick with the exact same breakfast until I tire of it. For a long time it was protein shakes; then I did a stretch of bagels with jam and almond butter herunterladen. My longest run – more than a year! – was with cinnamon sugar oatmeal dotted with bits of dried cranberry. That was delicious, but even pizza eventually elicits groans if you eat it at every meal film wil niet downloaden itunes. (Blasphemy!) My latest kick is cereal, specifically bran flakes.

I know what you’re thinking: boring! Why not just eat a flap of cardboard, right disney+ macbook? But there are plenty of ways to dress it up.

For example, the idea of putting nondairy milk in cereal mostly turns my stomach. I’ve had galactosemia my whole life, and just never got into the habit of putting milk in my cereal as a kid gong sound herunterladen. (Soy milk being more of a rarity in the 80s.) Soggy flakes? No thanks! Instead I like to use fruit to add some moisture to an otherwise bone-dry dish herunterladen. In the bowl above you can spot some apple chunks, but when they’re seasonal I prefer blueberries. They make quite a mess in my teeth, but man is it worth it. Also good is apple sauce, especially when paired with some granola. It’s even drier than bran flakes (if that’s possible), so it helps to absorb some of the liquids in the applesauce. And a scoop of banana ice cream is a delicious treat during the summer months.

If there’s a box in the cupboard, I might also toss in a handful of Strawberry Awake cereal – sweetened rice and wheat flakes mixed with dried strawberries. Since it’s more expensive, a quarter cup is a nice compromise. Keeping costs down, yo!

What about you guys? What’s fueling you on this fine September morning?


Don’t toss those expired Dandies! (As if.)

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

2013-08-05 - Rice Crispies With Dandies - 0001

As it turns out, at four months past their expiration date, Dandies vaguely resemble the hard little marshmallows you find in candied cereals youtube video legal und kostenlos. (Let’s not pretend that that stuff is even remotely nutritious, okay? IT’S BASICALLY CANDY.) They’re not quite as dry – there’s still a little fluffiness even four months out – but a lot closer to cereal marshmallows than fresh Dandies kostenlos ebooksen ohne anmeldung. They’re also hella easier to tear up. (Pro tip: twist, don’t pull!)

Marshmallowy cereal is one of the few things I miss since going vegan, so this is a discovery of epic proportions weihnachts e-cards kostenlosen. I’ve been craving it like crazy since Cara of Fork & Beans made her own last May (also using Dandies!) hip hop alben kostenlos downloaden. Let’s face it, though: I’m way too lazy to make a bunch of adorable, miniature marshmallow shapes on my own. Semi-stale Dandies are the next best thing word 2016 kostenloser.

I bet you could hasten the transformation by leaving a few Dandies on the counter but, seeing as I’m all out of fresh Dandies, that’s one experiment I’ll have to save for another day herunterladen.

bran flakes with dried cranberries > bran flakes with raisins

Friday, June 22nd, 2012
mp3 downloaden legal

Suck it, Raisin Bran!

2012-06-06 - Bran Flakes with Cranberries - 0001

Show me someone who doesn’t love cranberries, and I’ll show you someone who’s never suffered the indignities of a urinary tract infection herunterladen. You and cranberries become BFFs from that day forward.

Enjoying this bowl out on the patio, whilst watching some crappy ’90s tv on Netflix, ’cause that’s how I roll listening game children download.