Dog Deserve Better’s 6th Annual Chain-Off – Freedom for Chained Dogs

Monday, June 15th, 2009


The anti-chaining group Dog Deserve Better has been holding an an annual Chain-Off, on or around July 4th, since 2004. This year, the Chain-Off will take place June 27 through July 12.

Just what is a “Chain-Off,” you ask?

Chain Off has been held annually around the 4th of July since 2003, highlighting the reality that while Americans are celebrating their own freedom, there are tens of thousands of Man’s Best Friends in every state who are still not free: America’s chained and penned dogs. These dogs are found in backyards stretching from Delaware to Alaska, from Maine to Hawaii, throughout the provinces of Canada, and in countries around the world.

Chain Off has evolved from one woman chaining herself to a doghouse in 2003 for 33 hours, to 85 people chaining themselves in 23 states during last year’s 2008 Chain Off to raise awareness for chained dogs.

This year help us blow last year’s 85 total out of the water by chaining yourself in your own backyard, your neighborhood, a local park, or with us in South Carolina! Join up ‘in packs’ to make a local event of it, or take it low-key in a one-woman or one-man show in your own backyard. However it works for you, it’s ok by us! We’ve got more excitement than ever, with a large event in S. Carolina where activists will be chained, and new ways to fundraise in groups or on your own. We’d like to see over 100 people, and at least one from EVERY SINGLE STATE, living chained to doghouses sometime during the week from June 27th through July 7th. We can do it! You can do it!

In addition to being our biggest awareness campaign of the year, this is also our biggest fundraising event of the year, last year raising over $33,000 for our work with chained and penned dogs. $33,000? Let’s blow that out of the water this year too, with a goal of $60,000 raised during Chain Off! Be part of it! You can fundraise even if you’re not going to live chained to the doghouse…join an online fundraising ‘team’ in your state, start your own fundraising page, and make it happen.

We intended to do Chain Off in Denver, Colorado this year, but were asked by Denver Kills Dogs to stand in solidarity with them in a boycott of Denver. While we had been planning to use the opportunity to protest their pit bill ban, we decided it would be right for us to pull out of Denver. Hence a time crunch to find another location!

Given that we had so little time and needed on the ground help, we approached friend and founder of local anti-chaining organization Pawsitive Effects Mikael Hardy, and are chaining off in her neck of the woods so we can collaborate. Mikael was one of the 11 participantes in our 2006 Chain Off who spent days chained to doghouses hoping to win a new car, and took her passion for the cause to new levels!

We’d like to invite all the up and coming local Anti-Chaining organizations to Chain Off with us; this show of coordination and solidarity will take our cause even further!

Whether you are part of an organization or an individual animal advocate, we’d love for you to travel there to be chained with us, or set yourself up in your neighborhood, town, or your own backyard! We accommodate all participants, in whatever way works for you.

Make sure to visit our Chain Off Home Page and fill out the registration form to get you started. Special thanks to Susan Hartland, DDB Seattle Rep, for her diligent work in obtaining not only one but two Chain Off locations this year!

Chain Off Attire, with this gorgeous logo donated by, will make the perfect 4th of July shirt this year! Gets yours at our cafepress store.

If the idea of chaining yourself to a dog house in the heat of July doesn’t appeal to you (and here, I should stop to note that it isn’t exactly a party for dogs similarly chained, either), you can make a donation to DDB, or sign on as a Team Sponsor for $100. And, naturally, there’s all that cool Chain-Off 2009 gear to be had!

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DDB Special Announcement: Chain Off 2007-Unchain the 50!

Friday, May 4th, 2007

You can also read this press release online at

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tammy Grimes
Date: May 2, 2007 10:39 PM
Subject: Special Announcement: Chain Off 2007-Unchain the 50!

Announcing Chain Off 2007 · Unchain the 50!
Freedom for America’s Chained Dogs
4th of July · Events to be held June 30th through July 7th


This Years 4th of July marks our 5th Annual Chain Off Event, and this Year we’re going Even Bigger than EVER, with a Goal of at least ONE PERSON per state living chained to a Doghouse for 8-24 hours in our Fabulous Unchain the 50 Campaign!

The Dogs Deserve Better Chain Off, held every July 4th for the past 5 years, has evolved from one woman chaining herself to a doghouse for 33 hours in Pennsylvania in 2004, to 11 contestants chaining themselves for as long as 13 days in 2006 to win a new car.

Along the way others have joined in the crusade, with last year separate events being held in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Maine.

This year we want to make it even easier to participate, and we need at least 50 people to join us! That’s right, at least ONE from every state. And here’s how we’ve made it easy for you…

Last year’s participant, Erin Blais of Maine, BLAZED a trail for you…She lived chained to a doghouse for 24 hours IN HER VERY OWN YARD! That’s right, no event to plan, location to get permission for, funds to raise…nothing. And the media STILL CAME.

Many of you have been telling us you want to do this for years, but when it came to planning the event, it proved to be too much for you. (We understand, it can be VERY daunting.) So this year, DON’T PLAN. Just get yourself a doghouse, let us know where and when you will be joining us, get a few friends to sponsor you on this hourly ‘sponsor sheet’ (like a walk-a-thon), and be done with it.

We will alert your local media and include your details on our website. Each person who chains her/himself for 8 hours or more will receive a FREE CHAIN OFF 2007 T-shirt, as well as brochures to hand out to any interested passers-by.

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