ChicoBag rePETe Messenger 12 Bag: A vegan dog walker’s friend!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

2012-04-16 - Peedee be stylin' - 0002

A few years back, I won a ChicoBag rePETe Messenger 12 bag from VegWeb.

(Here’s a tip: enter enough giveaways, and you WILL win something. My haul to date includes a signed Nine Inch Nails CD; a gift certificate from Rescue Chocolate; a handmade ceramic vegan key chain; more vegan cookbooks than I can count; and this messenger bag, natch.)

For the longest, time, I wasn’t sure what to do with it – it’s too large to use as a “purse” or everyday bag, yet doesn’t seem sturdy enough to carry (heavier) groceries – and so it sat in my closet for a month, a season, possibly more. After I started walking the dogs in the nearby parks instead of around our property (Poison ivy! SO MUCH POISON IVY!), I found that my jacket pockets just weren’t cutting it. I needed something to carry all the supplies essential for an hour-long hike with two dogs in two. (Not the least of which are poo bags. Oh, the poo bag!) Enter: the Messenger 12 bag.

I care for seven dogs and, as you can imagine, spend quite a bit of time walking with them. The Messenger 12 bag is perfect for our excursions: lightweight and (somewhat) water resistant (I’ve only tested it light rain, never a full-on downpour), it holds everything we need. Mostly this means poo bags, which I store in the main portion of the ChicoBag. The front flap is secured closed with magnets, so it’s super-easy to open and close, especially when you’re otherwise distracted and only have one free hand. (Two dogs and a pile of poo – you do the maths!)

2012-04-16 - ChicoBag Messenger Bag - 0014 2012-04-16 - ChicoBag Messenger Bag - 0015

There’s also a smaller, more secure zippered pouch located in the front of the bag, perfect for your valuables: car keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. Open Lycra pockets on either side of the bag allow quick access to other necessities: a water bottle, perhaps, or a pouch of tissue. Even stuffed with biodegradable bags, the ChicoBag is voluminous enough to hold all the litter I inevitably collect along the way. (Don’t litter, people. Garbage can be deadly to nonhuman animals – and besides, the world is not your toilet.)

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