Book Review: Don’t Panic!: How to Manage Your Finances—and Financial Anxieties—During and After Coronavirus by Christine Ibbotson (2020)

Friday, April 10th, 2020

Not Terribly Helpful – or Reassuring

two out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)

I hate to start a review – any review – on such a negative note, BUT. Let me just say that it’s incredibly difficult to take someone seriously when they spout dumbfuck shit like this.

I am pleased to see that governments are stepping up in this crisis to protect workers as well as business owners prime video folgen herunterladen.

The last thing anyone wants is to have families become homeless.

And, my personal favorite:

This pandemic is not being taken lightly by anyone.

I’m pretty sure that Ibbotson is Canadian, which – let’s be honest – makes her lumping the Canadian, UK, and US governments together all the worse downloaden präteritum. Trudeau might be taking this pandemic seriously, but you don’t exactly have to be a news junkie to see that the same can’t be said of 45, who has continued to ignore, minimize, and deny the threat of COVID-19; held ventilators and PPE hostage in a petty vendetta against the Democratic governors of blue states; and used this global tragedy to enrich himself and his cronies.

Just three days ago he was bragging about smashing models at a coronavirus briefing.

So, yeah video youtube online herunterladen. I understand that you’re trying to stay upbeat and positive so as to not further stoke the flames, but could we just dispense with the niceties for the foreseeable future? Pretending like politicians or bankers give a flying fuck about the homeless or working poor does nothing for your credibility, okay.

With that out of the way, I wish I could say that the advice offered in Don’t Panic!: How to Manage Your Finances—and Financial Anxieties—During and After Coronavirus proved helpful – especially given the foul mood it put me in – but alas, it’s kind of a mixed bag herunterladen.

My meager investments, inherited from my late husband*, have taken a beating in the last six weeks, and I was hoping for some advice on protecting (and growing) what I have left in a volatile market. While there are a few general suggestions for managing your portfolio (Ibbotson seems partial to real estate, and there’s a solid emphasis on reorganizing your debt while interest rates are low), very little seems specially tailored to the current situation herunterladen.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the unique situation unfolding even now, there’s a lot of general advice: on budgeting and saving money; planning for your retirement; and estate planning. It feels like she’s trying to cover way too much in so few pages – really, what amounts to a booklet – and so she doesn’t really do justice to any of the topics she addresses top 100 charts download kostenlos legal.

For example, the section on reducing costs is laughably brief; Ibbotson suggests cutting back on what we spend on our pets by not buying them expensive toys. Idk about you, but one of my biggest – and most unpredictable – monthly expenditures is vet bills. An easy way to save some money is by purchasing medications online (Chewy is my favorite, but Allivet is good too) or at human pharmacies; the markup at a veterinarian’s office is mind-boggling windows live movie makeren gratis. Additionally, you can often – but not always! – save a ton by opting for the human versions of OTC supplements. The Costco brand glucosamine/chondroitin costs me about $25 for a one-year supply – a fraction of what just one bag of glucosamine/chondroitin dog chews will run you. (Always have your vet review the ingredients, and double check that they haven’t changed when replenishing your supply!)

2020-02-20 - Lemmy the asthmatic - 0003 [Original]

Inhalers are expensive, y’all herunterladen! Months of searching, and the cheapest I’ve been able to source Lemmy’s Flovent inhaler in the US is $275. I found the exact same inhaler going for ~$500 on my old veterinarian’s online store.

Returning to an earlier point, it’s probably unfair to expect a book to adequately address a crisis that’s still developing herunterladen something. By their very nature, books are usually static and not easily updated. To that end, I’d recommend finding one or two reliable investment sites and following them religiously. (You can find Ibbotson at Ask the Money Lady, Don’t Panic! just isn’t worth the $4.95 investment.

* Yeah, you read that right: inherited. When he set up the accounts, he neglected to add my name as a joint owner or even a beneficiary, so the assets had to go through his estate before I could claim them. Minus the 6% MO state law mandated I pay the lawyer that I was legally required to hire. Fun, right! Pro tip: always list a beneficiary (TOD) on your accounts, if possible.

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