Corporate Accountability International: Bottle Up Corporate Power, Not a Community’s Water

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Via Corporate Accountability International:

Bottle Up Nestlé’s Power, Not a Community’s Water

For nearly three years, the small community of McCloud, situated at the foot of Mount Shasta in northern California, has kept a Nestlé water bottling plant and distribution center at bay. But the Swiss-based food and beverage giant continues to push forward its plans for a 1-million square foot plant that would drain nearly 2 million gallons of water every day for less than 1/64 of a cent per gallon!

Now, the Draft Environmental Impact Review of the project is open for comment. This report downplays the serious impact of Nestlé’s plant on the community and region. You have an opportunity to speak out before the comment period ends on September 12.

Tell the Siskiyou County Planning Department that you want all the impacts of this project thoroughly analyzed in order to protect the environment and water resources. They must do everything they can to protect McCloud’s water–not turn it over to Nestlé to exploit for profit.