SATYA’s August Issue Now Available: Myth-Busters! Breaking Vegan Stereotypes

Monday, August 7th, 2006

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Date: Aug 7, 2006 5:08 PM
Subject: SATYA’s August Issue Now Available – Myth-Busters! Breaking Vegan Stereotypes

The SATYA August Issue is now available!

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Myth-Busters! Breaking Vegan Stereotypes

Featuring cartoonist Dan Piraro and animal rescuer Ashley Lou Smith, Temptation vegan ice cream makers Ryan Howard and Dan Ziegler, Veg Sex Shop founder Furry Girl and much more!


On the cover: Dan Piraro and Ashley Lou Smith.
Photo by Kevin Lysaght

Vegans aren’t funny. They’re all fanatics. They don’t have sex. And their soy ice cream sucks. These are just a few of the misconceptions people have. And in short, they’re wrong.

Satya’s August issue Myth-Busters! Breaking Vegan Stereotypes presents a humorous, yet serious, look at activists busting all kinds of myths. Michelle Thew debunks the “Not Tested on Animals” label. Shannon Keith and Daniel McGowan show us that all activists are not terrorists, punk rocker Ian MacKaye reminds us not all vegans are fanatics, John Phillips proves politics and animal issues can be friends, and bodybuilder Kenneth Williams flexes his vegan muscle. And if you think pit bulls are monsters, writer and dog rescuer Ken Foster will prove you wrong. Check out our pull-out guide to DC’s vegan eats by Erica Meier, too. All this and more.

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