Sarah Palin: Christian, Mother, Killer

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Governor Palin is an active promoter of Alaska’s aerial hunting program whereby wolves and bears are shot from the air or chased by airplanes to the point of exhaustion before the pilot lands the plane and a gunner shoots the animals point blank.

* Palin offered a $150 bounty for wolves to entice hunters to kill more wolves in certain parts of the state, with hunters having to present a wolf’s foreleg to collect the bounty.

* She actively opposed a ballot measure campaign seeking to end the aerial hunting of wolves by private hunters and approved a $400,000 state-funded campaign aimed at swaying people’s votes on the issue.

* She also introduced legislation to make it easier to kill wolves and bears and which would have also removed the aerial hunting initiative from the ballot and block the ability of citizens to vote on the issue.

* The Board of Game, which she appoints, has approved the killing of black bear sows with cubs as part of the program and expanded the aerial control programs.

* The media is currently looking into reports that state officials implementing one of the aerial wolf killing programs illegally killed five-week old wolf pups just outside their dens.

Video and talking points via Defenders of Wildlife, who has more.

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Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Action Alerts

DawnWatch: Animal Testing — Three famous deaths and a ray of hope 9/12/07
Alex the parrot, Felix the monkey, and Anita Roddick the Body Shop founder who pioneered the mass marketing of animal friendly cosmetics, have died.

Defenders of Wildlife: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — Forever
Write your elected officials today and urge them to support the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act (H.R. 39), a bill that would permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect Yellowstone and the Greater Rockies
Help block drilling in Colorado wildlife refuge

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Dozens of Allegedly Neglected Dogs in Meigs County, Tennessee, Need Your Voice!
PETA has received allegations of serious neglect of numerous dogs at 1627A Sam Davis Rd. in Decatur, Tennessee.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell University of Illinois to Stop Cruel Dog Lab!
Please urge the university to shut down the dog lab and mandate the adoption of FIDO immediately.

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Action Alerts

Center for Biological Diversity: Save Panama Biosphere Reserve From Dams
Please join the growing international movement to protect this ecological jewel and voice your opposition to the proposed Hydroelectric Projects.

DawnWatch: UK media on meat and global warming 9/9/07
“Activists take Gore to task on his diet”

Defenders of Wildlife: Protect Utah Prairie Dogs and Other Wildlife
Fill out the form below to urge your Representative and Senators to support the Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2007 (H.R. 1422 and S. 700), important legislation that would help private landowners protect Utah prairie dogs and other imperiled wildlife that live on their property.

Earthjustice: Say No to the Blowing Up of Appalachia
Tell the administration to stop trying to diminish the buffer zone rule and start enforcing it!

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Tell the U.S. Navy to Stop Killing Whales!
Ear-splitting military sonar is needlessly killing whales and other marine mammals throughout the world’s oceans. Yet the Navy has refused to put effective safeguards in place during testing and training.

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Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Action Alerts

Defenders of Wildlife: Don’t Let Great Cats & Rare Canines Vanish Forever
Tell Congress to do its part — and join in the effort to protect these creatures world-wide.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): Stop the Spying!
Tell the government to stop surveillance of Americans’ communications without a warrant.

People for the American Way (PFAW): Tell Congress: End Warrantless Spying on Americans!
Tell your members of Congress how you feel about the Bush administration’s warrantless spying on Americans.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): ‘Bambi Butchers’ Horror
On August 26, 2007, a PETA investigator filmed the slaughter of deer at Musicon, Inc., a deer farm and venison sales company in Goshen, New York.

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Urge Congress to Hold Strong on a Clean Energy Bill!
Please tell your senators and representative that America’s new Energy Bill must include a 35 mile per gallon fuel economy standard AND a 15 percent renewable electricity standard.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Action Alerts

Center for Biological Diversity: Kempthorne Awarded Rubber Dodo
On Friday, August 24, we awarded the first annual Rubber Dodo Award to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne in recognition of his one year and 90 days in office without listing a single new species as threatened or endangered. That’s a record.

DawnWatch: NY Times on meat and global warming link 8/29/07
“Trying to Connect the Dinner Plate to Climate Change”

DawnWatch: Bob Barker offers to pay for Maggie’s move to sanctuary — Anchorage Daily News, 8/28/07
“Bob Barker says price is right to move Maggie off to California.”

Defenders of Wildlife: Keep Bald Eagles Soaring!
Tell the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service to keep strong protections in place for bald eagles.

Greenpeace: Say Yes To Cape Wind
We need YOUR help to get Congress on track and make offshore wind a reality.

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Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Action Alerts

What do you think about the SCLC’s plan to honor Falcons player Michael Vick, who has been indicted on dogfighting charges?
Poll and story on, 8/3/07

Environmental Defense (ED): Send Congress Their Global Warming To-Do List
We need your help to keep Congress focused on the need to pass strong global warming legislation this year.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Last Chance–Help Pass a Renewable Electricity Standard in the House Energy Bill
Urge Your Member of Congress to “Vote YES on RES!”

The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS): Help End the Omak Suicide Race
It’s “The Deadliest Horse Race in the World” and it’s right here in Washington

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Action Alerts

Best Friends Animal Society: Selling Bunnies Is Selling Out

Corporate Accountability International: National Day of Action Today! Will Pepsi “Move the Mountain”?

Defenders of Wildlife: Take Action for Wildlife Conservation on Farm and Ranch Lands

Environmental Defense: Take Action for Tougher Air Pollution Standards

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect the Western Arctic Reserve

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc.

Help Get Justice for Bob! (Bob the Tortoise, that is; page last updated 7/19/07)

Bob the Tortoise on MySpace


The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC): Dissent Is Patriotic: July 2007, Vol. 6, No. 6

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): BioGems News: July 2007

The Ocean Conservancy: eNewsletter: July 2007

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Event: Diabetes Video Support Group Weekly Session

The Sierra Club: Club Currents: Volume VI, #74: July 24, 2007

Vegan Outreach: E-Newsletter, July 25, 2007 Recipe of the Week (Thai Vegetarian Chicken With Snow Peas)


Stop using animals in the circus!

Stop Zoos from killing Tigers for collectors

Support Family Farms, NOT Mega-Farms

Environmental Demands

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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Action Alerts

Center for Biological Diversity: Oppose Aerial Herbicide Spraying on Public Lands

The Center for Food Safety: House to Vote on Farm Bill – Take Action Today!

DawnWatch: CNN’s Paula Zahn to cover dogfighting, Thursday 7/26/07

DawnWatch: Dan Mathews “Committed” summer tour — July-August 2007

DawnWatch tip: NBC Nightly news on calls for bullfighting bans 7/23/07

DawnWatch: Extraordinary coverage and commentary from NPR’s Scott Simon, Weekend Edition Saturday, 7/21/07

DawnWatch: Newsday piece on runaway steer and vegetarianism 7/22/07

Defenders of Wildlife: We Can End Aerial Gunning of Wolves: Sign the Petition Today!

Earthjustice: Adopt the Sky

Earthjustice: Restore Balance on Our Public Lands!

Environmental Defense: Tell Congress to Support Conservation Friendly Farming

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): The “Fairness in Farm and Food Policy” amendment to the 2007 Farm Bill

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc.

The Animal Welfare Institute: “Barbaric, Barbaric, Barbaric!” / Vick Dog Fighting Charges Symptomatic of a Larger Problem


Carnival of the Green #87 (July 23 @ Hippy Shopper)


Earthjustice e-Brief: July 2007

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW): Animal Update Online: July 2007

Sierra Club Insider: July 24, 2007


Felony indictment for dog fighting in Georgia

Please help stop brutal murders of dogs in Chernihiv!

The animal welfare in Romania – Street cleansing with poison – Braila 2007

Stop Animal Cruelty Now!


I am not a nugget!

Fight Against Asthma by Adopting the Sky!

Pledge to Live a One Planet Life!

Tim Horton’s – Making the Cups Recyclable!!!

Is God Green?

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Defenders of Wildlife & NRDC: Stop the Latest Assault on Our Wolves

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Two new alerts on proposals that would negatively impact endangered wolf populations in Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

First, from Defenders of Wildlife:

Stop the Latest Assault on Our Wolves

The Bush/Cheney Administration has announced two proposals to jumpstart the killing of hundreds of wolves in the Yellowstone area and elsewhere in the Northern Rockies.

Officials in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are now seeking public comment on the agency’s proposal to accept Wyoming’s disastrous wolf management plan and to give Idaho and Wyoming vast new powers to kill wolves — even while these magnificent animals remain listed under the Endangered Species Act.

The deadline for comments on these two flawed proposals is Monday, August 6th. Please fill out the form [here] to send your message to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service right now.

And the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell the Bush Administration It Has No License to Kill Wolves!

We must stop the Bush Administration’s plan to declare open season on the wolves of Greater Yellowstone and central Idaho. Once approved, Wyoming and Idaho intend to begin exterminating up to half their gray wolves — by aerial gunning and other cruel methods — as early as this fall.

Submit your Official Citizen Comment, opposing this disastrous plan, before August 6.



Defenders of Wildlife: Howl Out for Governor Richardson’s Southwest Wolf Policy

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

UPDATE, 7/17/07:

See also: Thank Gov. Bill Richardson for Halting the Mexican Wolf Killing!, from the Center for Biological Diversity.


Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Howl Out for Governor Richardson’s Southwest Wolf Policy

Our Southwest wolves have some pretty powerful enemies — from local anti-wolf zealots who try to kill them to the politicians in Washington, who just weeks ago attempted to end federal wolf recovery efforts in New Mexico and Arizona.

Fortunately, our wolves also have some powerful friends….Late last week, our imperiled wolves found another powerful champion: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Governor Richardson has announced an immediate suspension of his state’s involvement in the so-called “three strikes” policy on the removal of wolves accused of killing livestock.

Citing deep concerns about the recent escalation in wolf removals, Richardson suspended state involvement in wolf removals pending further investigation and revision of the rules governing wolf removal.

The governor’s announcement comes on the heels of the killing of AF924, the Alpha Female of the Durango Pack who had been implicated in three livestock deaths. Her removal last week by federal agents resulted in conflict between state and federal officials and left the wolf’s pups without a mother.

With just 58 wolves in New Mexico and Arizona, the loss of AF924 — and the possibility that her pups could be lost as well — comes as a major blow to wolf recovery efforts.

Please take a moment right now to thank Governor Richardson for taking a stand for one of the Southwest’s most beloved and imperiled animals. Send your message to the governor online now!



Defenders of Wildlife: Protect Cook Inlet Belugas!

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Protect Cook Inlet Belugas!

After decades of decline, hope is on the horizon for Alaska’s Cook Inlet belugas. Thanks in part to the support of more than 15,000 Defenders activists like you, federal officials plan to list Alaska’s beleaguered beluga as an endangered species. But they need to hear from you to make these vital protections a reality.

Take action now! Tell the National Marine Fisheries Service that you support their plan to protect Cook Inlet belugas as an endangered species!



Defenders of Wildlife: Counter the Lies and Help Save Southwest Wolves

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Counter the Lies and Help Save Southwest Wolves

Just 59 southwest wolves now remain, and some in Congress want to end federal efforts to save them.

An amendment expected to be offered by Representative Steve Pearce (NM) and would eliminate funding for southwest wolf recovery — completely ending the program and dooming the wolves to extinction.

Help save these rare and beautiful animals. Fill out the form [here] to send an email to your U.S. Representative urging him or her to oppose efforts to end the southwest wolf recovery program.



Defenders of Wildlife: Stop the Poisoning of the American Prairie

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Stop the Poisoning of the American Prairie

Last fall, more than 35,000 activists like you sent comments asking the Forest Service to stop the massacre of tens of thousands of prairie dogs on our National Grasslands.

Prairie dogs provide food for eagles, hawks, badgers, swift fox, endangered black-footed ferrets and other Great Plains predators. Prairie dog burrows provide shelter for burrowing owls, salamanders, black-footed ferrets and many other creatures.

But the Forest Service wants to use your tax dollars to poison and kill tens of thousands of these furry critters and destroy the vital habitat prairie dogs create in our National Grasslands.

Take action now — write the Forest Service and urge them to stop the prairie dog massacre.



Defenders of Wildlife: A Rockin’ Way to Help Wildlife!

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

A Rockin’ Way to Help Wildlife!

It was music to my ears: On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources Committee passed H.R. 2337, legislation that would offer a crucial lifeline to polar bears, monk seals and other wildlife threatened by global warming.

Now we need your help to ensure that this important bill becomes law… and we’re pulling out all the stops to address global warming and save wildlife. Here are two things you can do right now to help…

1. Take Action.

Urge your Representative to support H.R. 2337, vital energy and climate change legislation. This bill would create a much-needed national strategy to help polar bears, monk seals, sea turtles and other wildlife survive and adapt to global warming’s impacts.

2. Spread the Word.

Send our free e-card to 3 friends to encourage them to take action to save wildlife, and you will be entered for a chance to win 2 tickets to see the The Police, Melissa Etheridge, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West and more at the historic July 7th Live Earth concert to raise awareness about global warming. You can learn more about Live Earth on the concert’s website.*

Why are we giving away concert tickets to one lucky winner and a guest? Because global warming is a clear and present danger to our wildlife, and Defenders of Wildlife needs to engage as many wildlife supporters as possible before Congress heads home for its July 4th recess.



Defenders of Wildlife: Help Save Grizzlies and Other Forest Wildlife

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Help Save Grizzlies and Other Forest Wildlife

Grizzly bears, wolverines, lynx, woodland caribou, wolves, and thousands of plants and other wildlife species rely on undisturbed habitat in America’s National Forests. Unfortunately, the Bush-Cheney Administration has enacted policies that favor road construction, logging and energy development, which are threatening the forest homes of these and other creatures.

Fill out the form [here] to send a message to your U.S. Representative and Senators urging them to support the Roadless Area Conservation Act of 2007, a bill to protect 58.5 million acres of roadless National Forest land in states stretching from Alaska to Florida.



Defenders of Wildlife: Help Close a Deadly Loophole for Polar Bears

Friday, May 18th, 2007

UPDATE, 6/14/07:

See also: Protect Polar Bears From Trophy Hunters, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, for a similar alert and sample letter.


Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Help Close a Deadly Loophole for Polar Bears

Even as global warming and Big Oil’s drills threaten North American polar bears, a loophole in the Marine Mammal Protection Act allows U.S. trophy hunters to kill Canadian polar bears and bring them back to this country. This adds additional pressure to Canada’s vanishing polar bear populations, which — like those in the U.S. — are already declining.

The Polar Bear Protection Act would put an end to imports of polar bears taken as trophies from Canada — and help safeguard the world’s remaining polar bears.

Tell your Senators & Representative to support the Polar Bear Protection Act today!



Defenders of Wildlife: Oppose Harmful New Drilling

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Oppose Harmful New Drilling Off the Coasts of Alaska, Florida, and Virginia

Officials in the Bush/Cheney Interior Department intend to allow harmful new drilling in more than 84 million acres off the coast of Alaska, including an area closed to drilling after the disastrous Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. Federal officials have also proposed new drilling leases off the coasts of Virginia and Florida.

These areas are teeming with wildlife, including imperiled whales, sea otters and sea turtles. New drilling could destroy these sensitive coastal ecosystems and the wildlife and tourist economies that depend on them.

Congress has just 60 days to oppose this proposal! Please fill out the form [here] to urge your Representative and Senators to oppose the Bush/Cheney proposal. We’ve provided some talking points to get you started.



Defenders of Wildlife: Belugas on the Brink!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

UPDATE, 5/23/07:

See also: Tell the Bush Administration to Protect the Last 300 Beluga Whales in Alaska’s Cook Inlet!, via the Natural Resources Defense Council.


UPDATE, 5/18/07:

See also: Take Action – Beluga Whales Need Your Help to Survive, via the Ocean Conservancy.


UPDATE, 4/22/07:

See also: Protect Alaska’s Beluga Whales by the Center for Biological Diversity. FYI: the action alert was released 4/20, so it appears that a decision was not yet reached as of Friday. Additionally, CBD gives an Campaign Expiration Date of June 19, 2007 – so get to it!


Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Belugas on the Brink!

The Cook Inlet once teemed with up to 1300 beluga whales — a genetically distinct population of these white whales. But sadly, their numbers have dropped to around 300 — and they could vanish forever within our lifetime unless we act now!

Federal officials will decide soon whether to list the Cook Inlet belugas as an endangered species. But they need to hear from you.

Urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to list Cook Inlet belugas as “endangered” and protect these creatures for future generations. A decision could come as early as April 18th — so please take action today!



Defenders of Wildlife: Turn Up the Heat!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Turn Up the Heat!

From Alaska’s polar bears to the rich ecosystems that rely on the world’s coral reefs, the signs are clear that global warming poses a major threat to wildlife. In fact, thousands of species could be lost unless we act now!

Under the leadership of Rep. Henry Waxman in the House and Sens. Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders in the Senate, Congress could finally set us on the path for real action on one of the most important issues facing our wildlife — and ourselves. But your elected officials need to hear from you!

Tell Congress to take meaningful action on global warming — before it’s too late!



Mighty Morphin Bush Babies

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife, a really cute but totally time-wasting, errr, time waster:

Visit and transform yourself — or a friend, family member, or pet — into a wolf pup, panda, sea otter, or one of our other adorable, majestic, or scary-looking critters!

Just create your personal animal morph page, and then share it with friends, family, co-workers and others to help us raise awareness about the plight of our imperiled wildlife. is simple to use — you start by choosing one of twenty one different imperiled animals. Then, upload a photo of your own or choose a sample photo from our gallery of people and animals.

Finally, watch as the face you chose gradually transforms into your chosen animal. And if you like the results, you can save your morph and send it to your friends and family (and even post it on your website, blog or MySpace page)!

Here’s Baby Kelly morphing into a chimp. You can see the original photo on Flickr, where it was uploaded as part of my Bush Babies series (“Wow! Brazil is big!”).

Speaking of GW, here’s the obligatory Bush-or-Chimp? morph. Dunno how long the good Defenders will leave that one up, so you might have to create your own.