VeganMoFo, Day 21: Veg KC – Vegan Eats in the City of Fountains

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Though the “City of Fountains” may be Kansas City’s official nickname, Kansas Citians are also fond of boasting that they live in the “Steak Capital” of the world. Indeed, Kansas City’s Wiki entry claims that the city is home to over 90 BBQ joints – and that’s just on the Missouri side (!).

So it was with much trepidation that the Mr. and I relocated from Rochester, NY to Kansas City in 2002. While it’s not exactly NYC, Rochester is a relatively liberal area, with some decent options for veg*ns: Wegmans, a popular grocer, has a large natural foods department (and, ugh, cruel egg farming practices); there’s also Lori’s Natural Foods, located by the MCC Henrietta campus; the Natural Oasis Cafe, which is all-veg, all-the-time; Organic Alley Cafe, which is bills itself as both green and veg-friendly; Dogtown Hots, which offers a multitude of vegan options; as well as a whole host of restaurants and markets that hawk veg*n wares. “Whatever will we eat!?” we fretted up till moving day.

Happily, Kansas City is much more veg-friendly than you’d think. Instead of a natural foods department, Kansas City boasts two natural foods storesWhole Foods and Wild Oats (which have since merged, thus reducing the total number of stores in the area). There’s also a thriving farmer’s market community, as well as more than a few vegetarian cafes and restaurants.

Since Shane and I live in the sticks, we haven’t yet had a chance to sample all the local veg*n businesses. Hopefully this roundup will give us a much-needed kick in our lazy veg*n asses, eh?

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